Adam Lambert, what the hell are you doing?

October 20th, 2009 // 113 Comments

Great. Awesome. They already love to go shopping and now they’re making out with naked women. I was on your side, gay people! Carrie Prejean warned me about you in her retarded, hypocritical fake-breasted way that, in hindsight, nobody ever should’ve listened to. But still.

NOTE: Pics links to NSFW version.

Photos: Details

  1. Don

    Oh, and I suppose he doesn’t like it because he’s gay? Fucking gross. Figure yourself out, you fucking douche. Also, your singing sucks.

  2. Does this make him a lesbian?


  3. Gaby Martinez.

    The gal is pretty damn attractive.

  4. PostmortemG

    I don´t know a damn thing about this guy (Besides the fact that he is/was a cocksucking faggot), because i never watch T.V. or read magazines. He´s on a show or something, right? Anyway…

    ¨It’s gross! It’s like seeing Ellen Degenerous suck a dick! Who wants to see that? Not me!¨

    Ewww. First of all, I´d say just about everyone agrees this guy is more aesthetically pleasing than *THAT* dyke. As for these pictures, I´d like to think this gay fellow has discovered all the joys inherent to ravaging the female body, but I´m not sure. It´s probably just for publicity, as many of you have already pointed out. Whatever…

  5. Katie

    I think that tounge kissing photo is hot. You can’t even tell he is totally gay there, it actually makes him seem more Bi. I like it.

  6. chopper

    he’s still a lil quiff. nothing different from when he got slapped around as a kid for being a quiff other than the rest of the hollywood set would ruin to his quiffy defense.. he’d still act like a quiff if & when ya had the opportunity to slap him around like the quiff he is

    just sayin

    funny that he’d rather throw rocks at her than eat that pussy

  7. Stating the Obvious

    He has doughy arms.

  8. Stating the Obvious

    He has doughy arms.

  9. Heywood U. Blowme

    I bet he had his finger in her butt.

  10. lola

    He is gay and neither of these people are really attractive, but the pics of them together are fucking hot! Very good photography.

  11. Pete O'file

    He’s Gay, who cares if it’s hot?

  12. ff

    What’s the name of the model in those photos? She’s gorgeous.

  13. Brit Boys Are Hot

    I think guys who wear eyeliner are sexy. The pics of him and the model are sexy. He’s def bi-sexual.

  14. gracey

    It’s like he’s saying “Hey straight guys, look what this hot girl will let me do, and I don’t even want her, hahahaha!” Of course its a photo shoot, but still, tons of girls would let him do whatever he wanted. I had this cute gay guy friend, and we got bored one night and made out a little. It was no big deal to him, I however kind of got a little hung up on him. It was so unfair.

  15. meg

    You are all a bunch of idiots. The article is about fantasies. He’s hotter, more man, and more talented than all of you jealous douchebags combined.

  16. me

    Hot…gay or not…he is hot!

  17. Bing

    Kim Cloutier, from SI. She’s French-Canadian, from Montreal.

  18. Dr Truth

    Details is so hilariously in the the closet. It’s like the Richard Simmons of magazines. Everyone knows it’s queer as hell, but it still keeps putting naked chicks inside trying to fool it’s grandparents or something.

  19. Where’s Anoop Dawg???

  20. Gayboy, slowly remove your hands and step away from the hot chick.

  21. @19 and other stupers

    Jade, if you are a woman, then I’m willing to bet YOUR OWN tongue has been in some very ballsy places. If you are a man, Jade, I bet your woman’s to

  22. @19 and other stupers

    Jade, if you are a woman, then I’m willing to bet YOUR OWN tongue has been in some very ballsy places. If you are a man, Jade, I bet your woman’s tongue has been in some very ballsy places that are not yours.
    Number 2, you can’t get AIDS from kissing. And number 3, just because someone is gay doesn’t mean they automatically have AIDS. Boy, you guys are about the dumbest pack of people I’ve ever seen.

    BTW, I’m a straight woman who loves the pics.

  23. who loves the pics.

  24. Rhialto

    I guess he’s trying to get himself a more straight touch?!

  25. Darth

    You’ll be surprised how many ‘Hollywood’ couples are in the same situation.

  26. Galtacticus

    Let me guess,he’s serious issues because he wasn’t breastfed as a baby?

  27. j BiGGZ

    n0 hOmO ;))

  28. j BiGGZ

    n0 hOmO ;))

  29. qwerty

    Interesting how no one seems to be bothered by Dita von Teese’s lesbian photoshoots even though she’s straight

  30. Mary T

    hey! its just ART!!! its just acting!!! he is not having sex with her. its just an artistic photo shoot! He is still not going to go for fish,, he LIKES BEEF!!! lol

  31. The chick has a spectacular bod…

  32. in the sack

    who is this faggot? the battery of Culture club?

  33. Joseph

    #41 – Hilarious (also incidentally my favorite DMB song)

  34. Cdt

    Get the fag outta the way, he’s blocking the hottie.

  35. Becca

    Straight women do girl on girl pics all the time. Its art. The pics are great. Who cares if he’s gay

  36. Uggghhh….he’s SO unattractive. Honestly, his face and bad skin REALLY bother me. Oh..and this photoshoot would be a lot sexier if I didn’t know he liked Ball Parks in his bum!

  37. Catfight

    He is the sexiest thing ever and what a voice to go along with all that candy. Want him so bad!!!!

  38. Dank

    Yup, still a fag.

  39. Ry

    so what you (“straight”) guys are saying is “EW” because you want to see adam with .. another man then? last time i checked, the “norm” was male/female. i take it you’re disappointed the naked model is female then? =þ

    it’s so easy to be negative you big, buff, internet bullies. you should be delighted that adam lambert is gay. your gfs/wives have no chance with him either way. funny how you macho guys feel so wary of him. laughable.

  40. one girls opinion

    he is hot. I don’t care if he’s gay. I’d do him if he’d let me. He is sexier than most straight guys on this site, anyway.

  41. @@@

    if there’s blood in the saliva, you can get aids from kissing.

    if you kiss like your grandma, you prolly wont get aids from kissing.

  42. realcorker

    What a bunch of scaredy pant puds…….This is Artful, sensual and so sexy . Many SWM are into sport boinking so they wouldn’t understand tendeness, have no imagination or creativeness, and are too scared to paint their nails, even tho they really want to. It seems hes livin la vida loca whether you like it or not, This is great fun and fantasy,

  43. JayZee

    To the comment about his tongue being in ballsy places lol I’m sure her tongue has been in those places too. Would it be different if he was into girls – where would his tongue have been then? DUH

  44. pappy smeary

    in the words of jimmy pop…

    Maybe it’s a stupid theory or maybe just stupidity
    But if I was a queerbee in the fashion industry
    Scoring with a super model would be easy
    Cause ‘super model’ means voluptuous but is also is synonomous with ‘super dumb’
    Ya see I’d be a good listener so she’d treat me like a sister and soon I’d become
    That trusted friend that cares that rubs her back and braids her hair
    No it wouldn’t be a week before I’m in her underwear
    I wish I was queer so I could get chicks
    Chicks dig guys that are
    Queer guys that don’t dig
    Chicks that don’t dig guys like me
    See I’m not queer I’m too ugly ”

    and i dont shave my hinny

  45. Kia

    Gay or not, the photos are pretty hot regardless. Maybe he’s bi?…

  46. cucumber

    wow, what a lot of dumb shits.

    maybe if the article was included, people wouldn’t be so deluded (rhyme! hahaha)

    If about how women want HIM
    not the other way ’round
    hence his eyes being closed
    signifying he’s thinking of something ‘else’
    also showcasing his unpredictable nature he showed on ‘idol’
    also pissing you bitches off

    adam wins.

  47. fame game. Why does he want so much fame?

  48. Brooke

    Women love gay men. Gay men love to touch women. I got sexually harassed/molested more times in high school by my gay friends than by any straight guys.

    Too bad I don’t find Adam Lambert or whatever his name is attractive, or this could have been a hot photo shoot.

  49. Laura

    He looks like he’s trying too hard to look like Elvis in those magazine cover photos. lol

  50. um

    This photo shoot is clearly for women. Because I, along with a bunch of other straight girls on this board, think it’s pretty effing hot.

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