I Don’t Even Know.

June 7th, 2010 // 75 Comments

Here’s Lindsay Lohan on some photo shoot over the weekend that I’ve heard is either for GQ or German Vogue, but let’s assume neither because it’s like I’m looking at shots of Bigfoot trying to use a bow and arrow. “Bigfoot no like man weapons. Bigfoot all sasquatch beeje from here on out. Less Bigfoot coordination.”

Photos: Fame, Splash News

  1. joe blow

    She’s obviously trying to scare oil off the beaches and back into the gulf.

    Unfortunately she’s on the wrong coastline.

  2. cellphone

    What do you get when you cross a poodle with a Neantherthal girl?!

  3. cc

    I won’t profess to being an expert on women’s haircare products, but I’m pretty sure that Javex isn’t on the list.

  4. Bimbamboing

    Why is she wearing these Davy Crockett boots on the beach??

  5. bah

    @ 30 – her SCRAM device ;-)

  6. anonymus

    why are they still trying to keep her relevant?

    just boycott this bitch already…

  7. I went >HORF<

    The Farting Commenter is RIGHT!

    Oh, and can someone light a match please.

  8. netstarman

    Well that is one hanging gut on her, has she given up trying to crap one out just to get a belly like a Ethiopian kid ? just a thought. Did they discover Sasquatch on the beach or is she going for the ” I just let my body go look”.

  9. Glenda

    Who pays to see this girl photos? That’s depressing.

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  11. lisa

    Hooly SHoit, I looked at this picture and assumed it was Pam Anderson…it lookes like an old lady body! ahhaheheheh

  12. John

    Nice beer gut.

  13. Is she LiLo?

    None of the above photo shows her face!

  14. lol, looks plain stupid, sorry :)

  15. I tried to think so, but i found it was not as the same in the actual process. As you mentioned, I still have doubts, but really thank you for sharing!

  16. No longer a career, not just the trash of his body forever. Fool.

  17. captain america

    ……………ROBIN HOOD IS BACK, folks!!

  18. What great pics- never once did we have to look at her face- excellent

  19. mphseason

    Maybe with all that money she might touch up the roots in her Non-blonde hair.

  20. Gria

    Why does she look pregnant?

  21. lynn

    She should at least prove she earned that photo shoot with a workout plan. Don’t pay someone for something they don’t work hard for.

  22. bmose

    It’s GOTTA be for a German mag. Course they”re also big on caca porn.

  23. CC

    How do we even know this is her..there are no face shots… still eww but let’s see some face

  24. bonhomey

    OK, that’s it. This site’s obsession with the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kradashian and Shauna Sand shows that Fish not only is into no-talent nobodies, but also has one screwed-up notion of what passes for attractive. A complete waste of cyberspace. Adios.

  25. Brenda

    OMG, looks like shes in underware!

  26. mary

    Once a skank always a skank. You know whats going to happen, as soon as the SCRAM comes off, it’s off the the nearest bar.

  27. jonisjackingoff

    I’d love to sniff her ass gas, just saying.

  28. Edd

    A professional took these photos ? ? the photography is almost as bad as the subject.

  29. Supposedly, Lindsey takes lousy care of herself, drinks heavilly and sleeps around often. Then why doesn’t her body show it? Most early twenties girls would kill for that body–is it in the genes?

  30. jam24u

    Well, this blows her chance of a career in Porn now.

  31. Lindsay Lohan looks fine, still sexier than most girls her age… so what she’s an addict?! Look at your selves in the mirror before you judge others… What do u get out of writing bad comments? I wish we could post pics of all u negative ones from the back in that same bikini~ now that would be a sight to behold!

    God bless u and stay positive ~ if u have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all!


  32. cqdeed

    From these photos (all from the back) you can’t even tell if it really is her. Who ever is in these photos does not have a body worth the photo shoot.

  33. mancuso

    As I scrolled down the frontpage and went from Gag-A to The Snook to MylRus to HayPan to this ghastly RustCrotch, my penis went into terrified remission. You ow me for this Fish.

  34. Bailey


    How many 23-24 year old women have you seen lately that need an ass lift and look as though the are wearing a poorly made wig? I’m the same age as Lindsay and I have yet to have any sagging skin, wrinkles, or anything. Maybe she looks good compared to other used drug addict sluts, but I still stand by my statement that none of my friends in ther mid 20′s look like they need anything lifted, including my friends who have children.

  35. PANtYsniffer

    ha, check out the lady’s face in pic 16, she looks nausiated from lindsy’s rear end.

  36. disgusting…Lindsay do something better

  37. babejesus

    Some media reported she has an account on a site to find love. It seems it’s called [_www.cougarmony.com_] it is said it brings mature women and young men together. After checking it, I saw a lot of charming girls and rich men there.

  38. tuhka luukku

    Jesus Christ her ass is ugly, that would kill my boner.

  39. bb's Momma
    Commented on this photo:

    White. (✓)
    Bleach blonde. (✓)
    Pale as fuck. (✓)
    Beer gut. (✓)
    No ass. (see white) (✓)
    Puke on keyboard. (✓) (✓)

  40. LinsayGaghan

    haha at first I thought ok Pamela Anderson..then I looked and said wtf is wrong with her back and ass…then I read it was Linsay Gaghan and the world made sense…she looks older than Pam Anderson…that is sad

  41. superunko

    awesome! this an ad campaign she is doing for Bud Light, more taste less carolies

  42. Lanie

    She should just start smoking crack. it would complete her “new” look.

  43. Damn it fish, I just threw-up a little bit in my mouth… And had to swallow it back down.

  44. Ada
    Commented on this photo:

    omg her butt is soooo saggy

  45. eww
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks kinda like Pamela Anderson from behind.

  46. totally
    Commented on this photo:

    At first glance I totally thought it was pam anderson.

  47. i loled


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