I Will Never Get Tired of These.

June 23rd, 2010 // 51 Comments

Here’s Katy Perry performing on Live@Much yesterday and it really should be a law that she has to present her cleavage in album-promoting shape at all times. Some people might consider that giving the government too much power, but talk radio needs to understand this is how George Washington would have wanted it. If the man could’ve made The Whiskey Rebellion about awesome titties, he had have done it in a heartbeat and made Ben Franklin invent the camera quicker. “Master Franklin, I do believe Lord Jefferson would entertain these all about his face if provided our opportune. Now someone emboss my demeanor on paper currency so I might exercise proper gratuity.”

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  1. Commented on this photo:

    I like her new rubber dresses.

  2. KP Boobies


  3. KP Boobies

    I want those…

  4. Jackholeasshat

    . “Master Franklin, I do believe Lord Jefferson would entertain these all about his face if provided our opportune. Now someone emboss my demeanor on paper currency so I might exercise proper gratuity.”
    Ok, who ever thinks Fish is not funny is a brain dead moron.

  5. KP had a nasty accident dance floor accident up in there in Canada…..17 stitches to sew up her leg. Ouch! Being klutzy can be dangerous for your health.
    But her tits are Ok! And that’s the only thing that matters.

  6. Ian

    Wonderful whiskey rebellion reference. Didn’t think I’d see one of those today.

  7. Rufus The Cat
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    Got Milk?
    Want milk..

  8. Ke$sha

    You’ll get tired of them when they start to drop like the over-ripe melons that they are.

  9. Taz

    We need nudes

  10. Deacon Jones

    Note to Russel Brand:

    I dated (haha) a girl in her early 20s that had this exact body type.

    It falls to shit fast.

  11. Richard McBeef
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    big titties < fug face

  12. Chinto

    This chick is a total butter face.

  13. Ooolala
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    Love them beautiful breasts! Hey Fish has their ever been a full naked frontal shot of them? Ever? Anywhere?

  14. Ron Burgandy's BallSack

    I love my boobs big and veiny.

  15. Richard McBeef

    wtf? deleting my posts

  16. HankButterworth

    I’d tongue punch her fart box

  17. Racer X
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    I’ll give her some milk for those cookies.

  18. rembeti

    Ha Ha,

    As we say in Australia, you’re a dead set legend. Not only have you used your expensive American college degree to create for yourself the most pointless and possibly best job ever, you’re freakin’ good at it.

    Let’s have a beer one day an talk about boobies.

  19. dont’ worry in 10 years she will be a big fat used up hag competing on dancing with the stars

  20. Turd Ferguson

    too bad she has ZERO fashion sense and always sporting a shitty hairdo. With that bod, just some normal clothes and she would really rock it.

    Would love to see her in jeans and a white t shirt.
    (One without cookies, mickey mouse or lollipops glued to it.)

  21. Stevie Ray
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    Well that does it…now I believe in Jesus

  22. Woof
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    Because I’m dumb it took a close up to figure out those were cookies and not potatoes, or turds

  23. captain america

    pretend she has russell brand’s cock in her mouth………….

  24. Hugh Gentry
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    fugly face? are you a homo? Her mouth is fucking perfect, big beautiful eyes…and an amazing body. She couldn’t be any hotter in my eyes.

  25. Bernard
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    finger my ass and suck it, baby!

  26. Apostate

    What the f*ck is this luscious piece of CA real estate in the unworthy hands of a hirsute gibbon like Russell Brand,I ask you? Life is so damn unfair.

  27. Hallo
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    What’s on her leg?

  28. bambata
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    Sorry but I like her funbags

  29. Momar
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    why no “slut” comments like the Myley pics? Every pic I see of KP she has her wobblers showing, not that that is a bad thing at all, just funny that somebody that is obviously wildly successful gets the “slut” treatment, while Katy, who is “somewhat” successful gets the oooohhsss and ahhhs…what gives?

  30. ALICIA


  31. ALICIA
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  32. Aurélie
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    Because Miley’s a little underage bragging whore and Katy’s a fine and goofy mid-twenties young lady.

  33. Snarketta

    Yet you are not the LEAST bit embarrassed by your borderline illiteracy. Imagine.

  34. Herman Bumfudle
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    ok? what it that thing on your leg, is it a humper guard. i’ve read about those.

  35. Commented on this photo:

    I want some of those cookies,oh don’t worry,i’ll get them myself!

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