I Think Lady GaGa Beat That Eating Disorder

October 18th, 2010 // 310 Comments

Amidst reports she was hospitalized several times in 2009 for starving herself to fit into her outfits, Lady GaGa performed in Oslo Saturday night looking noticeably… I don’t way to say heavier, so let’s go with “Britney Spears-esque”. Actually that would imply she eats children and onion rings everyday for lunch because she’s a mental patient. Should I just go with pudgier? “Lady GaGa looked noticeably pudgier.” That seems more sensitive, don’t you think? I don’t want to insult anybody.

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  1. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    she would look better in another outfit!

  2. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    Wow, if this is considered fat it kind of makes me hate myself. She looks like me…only with bigger boobs.

  3. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    Gaga is a bi-product of estrogen. Her increase in weight is a result of her body’s response to the female hormone. I think the curves are interesting. It looks pretty — but I believe women are only beautiful if they are healthy. She looks more NORMAL for a woman now. If you want to see her as a bag of bones then you are attracted to the an angular male physique.

  4. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
    hamster tits
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    she simply looks bloated… probably getting her period.

  5. VeronicaTheVegan

    First the raw meat dress (which she apparently ate) and now she steals Big Bird’s feathers to put on her head.

  6. Sir GoGo

    Jessica Simpson’s trying to reinvent herself by going goth….this will not end well…

  7. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    I think the leather (pvc?) bra and briefs are contributing to the floppy appearance, there’s defintly some mutant droopy muffin top going on. Perhaps she’s retaining water, too? Or dehydrated, her skin looks so unhealthy and slack. I wouldn’t call it fat, more like the result of drugs, poor skin care, more drugs etc.

    Those tattoos make her look really gross (as if the canary yellow hair and shrunken panties weren’t enough) She has nice facial features, I think. All the makeup kinda makes her look like a drag queen though.


      He/she, LADY GA GA, can’t fool me what he/she is! Hey, every other celebrity whore has been caught getting boned, on video & pics. Why not LADY GA GA? He/she’s is much a female as OBAMA a good pres……

  8. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    MonaLisaMoment: are you saying she’s really a man?? If so, look up Stephanie Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga pre-fame.

  9. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    I luv her new look. She was way too skinny and sickly-looking before. Her head used to look too big, like a bobble head. I think she realized that she needed to be a good role model and not starve herself any more.

  10. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    She’s bigger than Britney ever was. Don’t have the excuse of two kids either.

  11. Yac

    I like it when people say she’s not fat at all in those pictures, but if the see Hilary Duff’s pictures they would be like “OH she’s very fat… her arms OMG…”
    pfff try to be realistic please

  12. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    She look like Madonna

  13. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    Its called hormones that make a woman retain water weight at a certain point in her cycle and probably a few late night fast food binges that have led to her putting on an extra 5-10 pounds. It can happen to anyone. And she is small to begin with (like 5’1) so the extra bloat/pounds are going to be more noticable then they would be on a woman who was taller.

  14. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    She’s definitely not fat. She’s in a perfect shape. -.-

  15. Concerned

    Now I know what kind of site this is, and normally I get a laugh out of this shit, but this post is downright offensive. I can see where someone who does not have an eating disorder would think this is funny, so no hard feelings. But it is an incredibly triggering post to anyone who actually does, myself included. I just wanted to say, if there are any others like me reading this, to not take it to heart. This post is made of ignorance and not fact, and Lady Gaga is far from fat in this picture. If anything, it looks like she may have eaten a large meal and landed a bad case of bloating. Just needed to say that. Feel free to take the piss out of me, but I have a feeling at least one person reading this site needed this comment to ground them.

  16. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    I just think her panties are a couple of sized too small

  17. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    I guess she called up Alejandro and he brought her a dozen pizza’s.

  18. cock doc

    i think her anus still has gravy and her taped back penis is bulging out more than usual. you can only do that so long before your body rejects it. seriously though i know someone on tour with her and she apparently craves mc muffins–she even says she rubs them on her snatch as the processed cheese has a silk like feel which sets off her clitoris wonderfully–no shit. oh and yeah, she s into the nazi thing–for real.

  19. cock doc

    fatty fo fatty shitty sho titty witty no kitty jamma yo mamma!

  20. cock doc

    skank meat

  21. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    Goo Goo, Ga-Ga

  22. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    Is that a c-section scar?

  23. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    Actually she looks better than before when she was so skinny and without shape. What is wrong with you people ???????? Shut up you obeses, look at yourself first !!!!

  24. SuperMhario


    I wonder how many of you sitting bitching about it are like, twice as big as she is. -_- Seriously, I’m pretty sure more people would tap that than y’all.

  25. My God she’s attractive. Don’t lose that plumpness, doll…

  26. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    Bitch is ugly, no matter if she’s skinny or fat.

  27. kelly

    people here are so mean to others. you will not be happy on your deathbed.

  28. Cris

    My God half of you are fat fucks the others are a mix of normal and eating disorderd.. I am eating disorderd and recovering leave her alone all you higher than god who have all there shit in tow!!! In two weeks she can have you all piss outta your ear … c’mon now.. If she has not gaind control over her disorder she will be down to nothing at a moments notice …

  29. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    You people are fucking disgusting and the reason why eating disorders exist. She looks fine. Some people don;t like to starve and be miserable little cunts.. I was one of those absent minded idiot girls and weighed next to nothing. Now I am 126 pounds and I think I am going to enjoy a cupcake. apparently 126 pounds is obese to you idiots.

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  31. jake

    Stop criticizing her shit cuz whether she’s fat or not she was still able to put on a great show!

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