I Think Lady GaGa Beat That Eating Disorder

October 18th, 2010 // 310 Comments

Amidst reports she was hospitalized several times in 2009 for starving herself to fit into her outfits, Lady GaGa performed in Oslo Saturday night looking noticeably… I don’t way to say heavier, so let’s go with “Britney Spears-esque”. Actually that would imply she eats children and onion rings everyday for lunch because she’s a mental patient. Should I just go with pudgier? “Lady GaGa looked noticeably pudgier.” That seems more sensitive, don’t you think? I don’t want to insult anybody.

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  1. mike

    When did Snooky get yellow hair?

  2. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    Holy fuck, her muffin top is HUGE, HUGE HUGE. How can anyone say this isn’t fat?

  3. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    I already know what Nicole looks like.

  4. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    Nice post douche. Now the kid really will go back to having an eating disorder.

  5. cc

    Mmmm, cottage cheese on the stomach, my fave.

  6. castallare

    Schmeh, so she’s started eating and her metabolism is all wiggety from starving herself/cocaining (new word alert!) so it’s all going to bad places in bad forms. I just wanna know what stupid parent let their 1st grader get close enough to wreck her hair with a Big Bird Yellow marker.

  7. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    If you gain a few pounds, you don’t wear shit like that. Straight up.

  8. that caption was fucking beautiful. i laughed out loud pretty immediately.

    all i’m saying is, you gotta know when it’s not the time in your life for the leather bikini. gaga, it is not the time. sometimes it is best to just face the facts and jiggle around in a one-piece instead.

  9. Chris

    She should try working out and toning up a bit, maybe do some crunches, and not be a pig. That will fix her flab problem.

  10. Chris

    Dear disgusting fat people,

    If you didn’t eat as many calories as you burned in a day, perhaps even get your fat ass some exercise, you wouldn’t be such a disgusting fatty. Instead you sit around on your fat ass stuffing your fat face with fat and then whine about how fat you are. Try being more active and eating cleaner, instead of being such a disgusting lazy fatty.

    - a not-fat person

    • You're Superficial

      I have a feeling that you are a fat person.
      or at least no life.

      or maybe even both!

      doesn’t matter, with your personality you’re going to die alone anyways.

  11. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
    Cardinal Ximenez
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    So obviously the new “get out of jail free” phrase these days with celebs is… “I nearly died from starving myself… so thats why I am fat now”.

    Snooki used that line.
    Now GagGag is being excused as well.

    Your out of shape. Get over it. Cover it up or work it off.

  12. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    Maybe it’s not even Gaga, maybe it is a stunt double-look-a-like kind of thing, because she is tired. :P

  13. meh

    Looks like Poison Kiss from one of those Street Fighter games. Character is also a tranny.

  14. AnnaDraconida

    Her body was never hot. Her blind, bumbling, idiotic fans think she’s hot, when in reality she has stumpy legs, droopy tits and no muscle tone. She only has to gain a few pounds to look like Britney at her chunkiest. And her face is unfortunate, to say the least.

  15. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    she is also known to have lupus, the treatment for which is usually steroids, which could explain her weight gain. the hospitalizations could have been for lupus-related issues where they basically told her to get on a treatment regimen and deal with the weight gain, or keep collapsing.

  16. marcus

    Madonna got fat yo.

  17. Sarah

    I like how this site now goes on religious and sports-related rants, where people who believe in religion and those who believe that maybe Ben didn’t rape anyone are cast into some horrible spotlight and cast stones toward, but it’s totally okay to show a woman who’s of normal body weight and size for her height and bash her left and right for being “fat” by your standards.

    I’m willing to bet that that picture was taken when she was breathing in, so her stomach was puffed out.

    I mean, I just think you should pick one or the other. Are you going to be some moral dillemna-ist that talks about the bad seeds contained within religion and football, or are you going to be a gossip columnist who talks about “fat” women and crazy rants from Oscar-winning actors?

    • Chris

      Sure reads like the rant of another butthurt fattty to me.

      • Sarah

        Yes, because I must be fat, religious, and a Steelers fan to have an opinion. Because, you know, only fat women have opinions right? :)

    • Chris

      only fat women seem to have “opinions” that amount to apologizing and making excuses for another fat person’s fatness. Funny how I don’t ever hear skinny or fit people making excuses for the fatties.

      She doesn’t have any muscle tone at all, not even on her arms or shoulders. Forget about a six pack, she doesn’t even have fucking obliques, her core is nothing but a layer of dough.

      • Sarah

        Is this because you’re surrounded by vapid supermodels all day that you have never heard an opinion come out of a non-fat woman’s mouth?

        And you clearly have not looked at the other pictures. It’s an unflattering angle taken at a poor point in time. If you look at some of the other pictures, she looks nice.

        Also, I don’t know if you’ve heard of this before, but girls get what is called a period. It’s a time of the month that causes them to bloat and bleed for 5-7 days. :) It’s very possible that that’s what we’re looking at as well.

        All in all, what you call fat is still something that is completely unobtainable for you.

  18. burton

    and this is exactly why i will never ever date a short woman, they all end up like this.

  19. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    Exactly :( Give the girl a break. Who’s weight doesn’t fluctuate? She’s awesome and gorgeous and looks absolutely fine.

  20. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    love those hips and that ass…would look great bent over in the fecal position, we’d have fun.

  21. Jay

    The only thing missing from that picture is a left handed crotch grab and a right handed fist pump. GaGa is becoming the nazi marshmallow lady. I’ve heard the Norwegians like their women–eh–fuller figured. Eeewwwwwwww.

  22. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s not fat. It’s just terrible overhead lighting.

  23. You're Superficial

    Seriously. I am the same damn size she is and I am NOT fat by any means.

    I weigh 115 pounds.

    and I’m hot. thank you very much.

  24. Blue

    Ignorance. This makes me more sure she has an eating disorder, something I can’t say I’ve really thought much about before. Eating disorders aren’t judged purely on weight – girls are only unnaturally skinny if they’re anorexic. She could also have bulimia, EDNOS, binge-eating disorder… if her weight is fluctuating by such a MASSIVE amount (because yes… it is) then she’s almost definitely in a restricting/binging cycle. She hasn’t gained weight slowly or healthily, she’s gained it by binging. She’ll probably lose it equally fast, by not eating for a few weeks. I hate that people are going to be bitches about this in the comments, when she’s clearly strugggling and suffering with it.

  25. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    Holy fuck. that is so disgusting.

  26. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    i’ll have a nice time with that oh yeah

  27. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    ugly ass foul scum of the earth skanky bitch, fuck gaga

  28. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    Wooooooow rlly ? “fix dat at once” ?
    Just cuz shes a star dun mean shes gatta be perfect, i bet she did dat on purose to portray a message to ppl.

    The hair needs to go tho, i will aadmit :S

  29. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    She is ugly as hell. Wait a couple of years… her face will melt will all that heavy make up and her hair will drop off, just as with naomi campbell.

  30. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    OMFG!!!!! i am soo upset right now. i have always envied gaga for how skinny she is. she was my proana super hero. im not saying shes fat but shes not as toned as she used to be. soo upsetting. she needs to realize shes too pudgy to wear next to nothing. cover that belly girlie!!!!

  31. Willy Wonka

    Wow! She’s almost as fat as Kim Kardassian. Wait, what am I saying. No one is as fat as Kim Kardassian.

  32. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
    Willy Wonka
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    Checking for crabs?

  33. Sabrina

    She looks perfectly fine. She’s a woman, ffs, not a Barbie doll. Stupid pop culture anorexia bullshit.

  34. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
    Commented on this photo:

    omg really? Again – does this stupid blog even try to determine when people are all about photoshopping??

  35. Kim

    She looks beautiful and sexy!! That’s what a healthy woman looks like, not the photoshopped and/or starved, completely flat stomachs that the media makes us think is “normal.”

    I bet 99% of people that commented on this don’t have a body that looks as good as hers does in these pictures.

  36. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    god her face. fucking ugly. and that piss hair color.. thats what im more focused on then her flab.

  37. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    Too fat to be wearing such trashy attire.

  38. bitingontinfoil

    She never had an eating disorder – she has a “poseur” disorder.

  39. LC

    I think Gaga looks good! I like her thick. She’s still beautiful to me :D

  40. lbees

    Gah! The new comment system has ruined the natural order of comments! No more threads! Ah!

    that being said, damn, come on people. She probably just got fucking hungry! Lady needs to eat too. Nom nom nom, naddamean?

  41. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
    Jim C.
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    Think her Vag is coloured the same as her hair???

  42. Activia and Human Centipede

    Granted she has a hideous face (she can’t help that), she used to have an AMAZINGLY HOT body. Now WTF happened to her?????

    I’m sorry but when you are in the public eye, (as she strove to be for so long according to her own life story) and you make a living as a POP CULTURE ICON, you MUST keep your appearance tidy. Not saying you have to be super skinny, but when you set the bar so high for yourself, live with the consequences.

    She’s fat.

    She still has musical ability most people would kill for.

  43. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
    Jim C.
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    She should be in one of those German piss vids…

  44. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
    Jim C.
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    Just when you thought Elton John couldn’t look any gayer…

  45. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
    Commented on this photo:

    Lady Gaga NORMAL?????

    This bitch is supposed to be anything BUT normal. Besides, normal does not mean wearing clothing that is obviously too small for your rolls of fat.

    She’s a pop star, internationally famous, constantly in the limelight, she needs to take care of her body!!!!!! AND SHE IS FAILING MISERABLY!

  46. Meesha

    Oh come the fuck on. She’s just not toned. GOD FORBID. Do we REALLY want emaciated singers? I’d take GaGa a bit jiggly then looking like a skeletor with skin.

  47. Rick's Daddy

    MOO! LOL

  48. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
    actual male
    Commented on this photo:

    She is much sexier now – despite what other girls may think.

  49. doug

    Tons more fat guys here in the US. I think we need to get the men in shape so the women will have some incentive to get in shape also.

  50. stephanie

    So, like, here’s a question… why not just make the outfits a little bit bigger??? The “pudge” would be less noticeable if it wasn’t squeezed in to such a small space. I mean, it’s not the end of the world if she wears a 2 instead of a 0.

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