I Think Lady GaGa Beat That Eating Disorder

October 18th, 2010 // 310 Comments

Amidst reports she was hospitalized several times in 2009 for starving herself to fit into her outfits, Lady GaGa performed in Oslo Saturday night looking noticeably… I don’t way to say heavier, so let’s go with “Britney Spears-esque”. Actually that would imply she eats children and onion rings everyday for lunch because she’s a mental patient. Should I just go with pudgier? “Lady GaGa looked noticeably pudgier.” That seems more sensitive, don’t you think? I don’t want to insult anybody.

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  1. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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  2. Karen

    Come on, this is just the old double standard – men can have a belly and still be considered attractive…GaGa’s a dude, right?

  3. AnonymousError

    I think her leather underpants are just squishing her fat (and there’s not that much of it). It happens. Speaking as someone who is 5ft 7 and 115lbs… that would make me look unflattering as well. Some things just aren’t meant to be worn on stage.

    • jonesy

      Don’t sell yourself short. I’ll bet you could pull off a leather thong with a diamond landing strip. And there ARE a lot of women who pull off such attire on stages across the Country every day…so I’m told.

  4. lils

    first she copies Madonna. Now, Britney. 2007 Britney… please, don’t show us you’re lady parts…

  5. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    “Dorothy’s scarecrow called, he want’s his hair back.”

    There is nothing wrong with her body that couldn’t be fixed with some sensible wardrobe choices. But then if her clothes were sensible, she wouldn’t be Lady Gaga.

    (not even gonna think about saying “first”….)

  6. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    ughh give her a break, gaga’s pretty just not deathly thin like she used to be. i love gaga she’s the most awesome singer on earth:)

  7. trousers

    DING I would finally fuck her

  8. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    I think she looks good. It’s a really unflattering outfit. If she was wearing a longer top that covered her stomach, with the same underwear and hooker boots she would look 100% better.

  9. Dr. Laura

    Umm…is it just me or are the majority of these comments completely idiotic?

  10. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
    nice try
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    That is one tough outfit to pull off; It’s revealing, the lights aren’t forgiving, and she’s in strange poses where just about anyone’s skin folds and rolls in ways no one wants to see without the help of photo editing. Even with a 5 or 10lb gain it’d really show. I’m not a Gaga fan by any stretch but I’m willing to bet she still looks better than the girls 95% of you are bringing to bed.

  11. OverIt

    Hmmmm…posted a comment awhile ago that didn’t quite make it through…so here I go again…

    Gotta preface this by saying that I am in no way a fan of any of the excuse for music she produces…that being said, fat she is not…not even close…she’s not anorexic and 90 lbs and skeletal, no…but any of us would be more than happy to have her body, slim and muscular. Yes, the outfit is unflattering, and yes, she’s not airbrushed, but her body is slim at best.

    This comment section is run rampant with young men who have clearly yet to experience women in any form, let alone curvaceous, healthy women…once upon a time the superficial was actually funny, witty, well-written…now I see it caters to young boys fapping themselves to airbrushed pics of overly made-up, anorexic women…boys, when you finally have the opportunity to experience real women in the flesh, you’ll feel a little differently.

    And furthermore, obsessing about each little supposed imperfection on females’ bodies is disturbing, unhealthy and damaging to everyone…how would your mother feel if you commented on every damn stretchmark she had having you? Sad. This day and age is sad.

    • telling it

      nobody has to hold her up as a paragon of health, either. her body is the result of occasional eating and cocaine, and it shows. somehow every other nationality other than american has women who are thin without looking flabby or ill – why should this be anyone’s picture of what a real woman is?

  12. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
    Janet Jackson
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    We don’t need to sugarcoat this. She gained weight, it doesn’t look good and obviously she doesn’t care, at least in this photo. I’ll bet anything she’s doing it on purpose to SHOCK people. OMG can she go her whole life shocking people.


    Canada. Not the old Canada we used to be.

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  14. kat

    Whether she be fat or thin, she’ll always be ugly and talentless.

    • Bleh

      In your opinion.

    • Sangria

      She clearly has more talent than you, who’s reading about whom? I agree that she’s ugly though, my theory is that her looks explain her revolting clothes – they distract us simple-minded folk from her face….briefly.

  15. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    you know, it’s pretty ignorant that you would call her pudgy – she is still really thin! She just looks NORMAL now!

    • Skinny


      Before commenting in the future, please set the cheeseburger aside before spewing such garbage. GaGa is not healthy like this, even if she looks normal. Normal just means everyone is fat.

      A healthy diet and plenty of exercise would tone her up and make her looking slim, trim, and healthy. Rolls of fat are never healthy.

      When are people going to understand this fitness thing? Being lean and toned should be normal, not classify someone as a super athlete.

      Skiiny, out.

  16. Andrew

    Fucking fat ass. No woman should weigh more than 92 lbs, regardless of height.

    • Amazing

      You’re a sad individual. I feel sorry for any female who has been talked into sleeping with your lousy ass. Just the fact that you’d make remarks like this even in jest is just pitiful. God have pity on the poor woman who is drugged enough to marry you as it is painfully obvious that you are a horrible abomination of a human being.

    • Fuck you

      I hope you die a horrible death you fucking asshole

  17. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
    Tommy Lee's Cock
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    You owe me a new keyboard, you witty motha licka.

  18. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    Honestly, who the fuck cares that she gained a few pounds? The outfit isn’t flattering but she still has a great body, it is not fat or heavy by any means.

  19. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    Amazing how she gained weight but still has zero ass. What preteen store did she pick those shorts up at, if those can even classify as shorts?

  20. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    if any of you saw her in a bar, you would hit that shit

  21. Amazing

    Wow, some of you people have serious mental problems. Why are some of you so fucking hateful? Does it make you feel bad-ass to talk shit and be an asshole online? 99% of the hateful people who commented on this photo with snide remarks, fat-people bashing, etc either are stuck in a dead-end job, fat themselves, have no significant other, just generally unhappy with their lives, or just sad and pathetic people inside that earn self-worth by downing others. It is really sad, and I hope one day you guys gain some fucking self-esteem that you don’t have to hate and trash-talk others to feel good about yourself. I’m sorry your lives are miserable, but you don’t have to make everyone else miserable with your hate-filled negative comments. Get off the computer, go ask your mom for a hug, and get some fucking therapy.

  22. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    I think she looks like a man. Here is a video of her when she was a deputy. She can be seen sitting in the police station during training. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnHNehjt4dg&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  23. LEB

    Yikes. She’s not fat by any means, but she sure looks that way in that skimpy, pinchy outfit. If you’re gonna wear stuff like that, you need to spend more time on the treadmill!

  24. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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  25. Lady Blah Blah

    False dichotomy: A misleading account of the available alternatives. “You’re either for us or against us.” Or, “If you say she’s fat, that means you prefer anorexics.”

  26. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    I seriously can’t be the only one who immediately thought of Dr. Rockso….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaQHKQbXal0

  27. Minerva Smelibut

    I’d pay a lifeearnings™ to sniff her rancid farts

  28. Sangria

    I don’t think she looks even remotely pudgy, however the girl needs to put some clothes on and ditch the canary yellow hair. STAT. I don’t know what the hell she’s thinking.

    • Jessesgirl

      How can you say she’s ‘not even remotely pudgy’ when her PUDGE is hanging out all over the place and you think she needs to put some clothes on?

      • Sangria

        She needs to put some clothes on cause no one needs to see an outline of her vag. That you think she’s pudgy is pathetic, she’s wearing tight clothes – and tight clothes are NOBODY’S friend!!

  29. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    Is she showing us the actual size of her tiny friend?

  30. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    I would tap that four times. And I would much rather blow my load on a slightly doughy belly than on a Kelly Rippa six pack. You guys who say otherwise are full of shit and you know it. Or you’re gay; not that there is anything wrong with that.

  31. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
    Adrian Barr
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  32. jonesy

    I fucking love Kraft dinner and I don’t care who knows. Do you hear me!? I don’t care! And neither does Lady Gaga! We’re soul mates. Call me.

  33. daniel gallie

    Doctor Rockso!!!

  34. Ash Bones

    I was looking foward to beating off to these pics until i clicked on the full size, i changed my mind.

  35. Taz

    She looks like a sausage stuffed wrong!

  36. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    Eh? She looks fine. So what she’s got a little more on the belly, she still looks hot. God forbid a woman be bigger then a size 4. Stupid Hollywood.

  37. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    What’s this hair um i guess “situation”? roots… etc. Aw, c’mon… She must just be bloated. You know. From the starvation.

  38. Rae

    What’s this hair um i guess “situation”? roots… etc. Aw, c’mon… She must just be bloated. You know. From the starvation. Those thighs are serious business too. She looks a mess.

  39. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    Not attractive. Ew.

  40. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    Gross. She looks like the leftover wasted girl at the frat that sleeps with all the brothers. Shes the house whore but no one would sit for a cup of coffee to chat with this mess. ew

  41. shilla

    she’s not fat or chubby, but she should re-consider her outfits (ha! actually, she should’ve done that long time ago. but I guess this is what happens when you’re making shallow songs and not real art). she doesn’t have a naturally-good figure so it’s either spending hours at the gym or covering some skin/wearing a bigger size.

  42. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    Jeez, I don’t care about the gut, it’s that hair and makeup I can’t stand.

  43. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
    Rosie Kate
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    Even taking that god awful hair into consideration, still looks better than most American women.

  44. Rhialto

    Eeew! Who’s this?!

  45. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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  46. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
    The petulant one
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    I’d spank her but that’s about it. She’s no Bria Myles or Esther Baxter.

  47. Olga

    What really pisses me off is that she makes herself looks so skinny in her videos and young girls look up to her, but in real life she’s just a fat ass..

  48. Lady GaGa Put on Weight
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    Things like that made Romina Yan became anorectic
    And as we all know- the end was bad!!!
    Leave Lady Gaga alone! She is a queen no matter what!!!

  49. Danielle

    I don’t think she’s fat but considering her profession you’d think she’d be a little better toned than she is in these pics. That body is fine for a housewife but not for a performer.

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