I Guess One Of Trump’s Lawyers Might Want To Bang His Own Daughter Now

This is Michael Cohen. He is one of President Trump’s top, personal lawyers. For this administration, being one of The Don’s personal lawyers grants you the status of a super-senator with an ambassador clearance card or something and he gets to work on deals to lease-out Crimea to Russia like it was a new golf course or something… He looks like Henry Winkler in an expensive suit and spends a lot of time on Twitter licking his boss’s butthole and calling people #putz (seriously he hashtags it too, the guy is a child). He also once flipped his shit on a reporter at the DailyBeast and said something about how rape doesn’t count if you’re married.

Recently he posted this picture of his daughter to Twitter.

It’s kind of an homage to this picture of Edie Sedgwick except for the fact that it doesn’t have any of the elements of female empowerment that the original had that made it special… So without that it’s now just a picture of his daughter in lingerie. Twitter wasn’t feelin’ it…

As I mentioned earlier- he loves to engage with his “followers” with asinine, brobacks…

Where the hell is Al Bundy when you need him to give this guy a crash course in handling a hot daughter who probably resents everything you stand for? What you make out of all this, Mikey?

mike pence2

*What does beer taste like? Asking 4 a friend…*