I Guess Katy Perry Said Something Sorta Racist

Katy Perry was drinking green tea while talking to her fans on Instagram Live when she decided to address the fans who kept telling her how much they missed her black hair. Her response makes it clear she’s pretty defensive of her new Guy Fieri look:

“Awww, do you miss Barack Obama as well? Ok- times change- bye!”

Sensitive people immediately cried “racist” because the words “black” and “Obama” were condescendingly cooed out the mouth of a coked up pixie wearing retro sunglasses- everyone else could give less of a shit.

Katy Perry just released a song last week about how she opens her vagina up like a buffet, so it’s easy to understand that she made an “insensitive slip of the tongue” that is being blown a bit out of proportion.

Never mind, I’m not going to try to play devil’s advocate for her on this one- that was just stupid. I’m expecting a public apology by Perry in 3…2…1…

Wait for it…