Wait, That ‘I Give God 10% Why Do You Get 18′ Receipt Was Real?! Jesus…

January 31st, 2013 // 160 Comments

Pastor Tip Applebees

When the “I Give God 10% Why Do You Get 18″ for a tip receipt start floating around the Internet a few days ago, I completely wrote it off as another way too good to be true fake. Even though I know from personal experience there is absolutely no worse table to wait on than the after-church crowd at Applebee’s (If these people ever get gunned down by an assault rifle, me and my NPR tote will join the NRA so fast their shot-off toes will spin.) it was just too perfect of an encapsulation of how deeply shitty these people are. Life is not that awesome. Turns out, The Smoking Gun discovered it’s not only legit, but the pastor who left it, 37-year-old Alois Bell of St. Louis, got a server fired for posting it to Reddit and now feels sorry for the whole thing because it’s all over the Internet. Or a “lapse in judgment that has been blown out of proportion,” as she calls it because I’m sure she’s never done this sort of thing before. Then again, how do we know the devil wasn’t hiding in her riblet basket whispering “Stiff your waitress, stiff your waitress in the most sanctimonious way possible,” in his serpent tongue? GET THEE BEHIND ME, TATER SKINS, I MEAN SATAN!


  1. Bet

    having waited tables for years as a young person and a student I can tell you that he worst crowd is the after church crowd..in general; bad tips, demanding, and nasty
    and the little f-ing brats were extra sloppy and noisy after being couped up for an hour and a half

  2. Lindsay Lohan Nicotine Lungs

    How in the fuck is she a minister? A fifteen member church! I’ve seen fuckers like her for years they read the Bible then claim they’re a minister with no religious education at all.

    You just ask them why they’re a minister and they’ll say I got a calling from God. Then some that have a good sales pitch gets a mega church and preach totally different stuff from the mega church across the street.

    A friend of mine who is a Baptist said, “Baptist ministers will fuck your wife and eat your fried chicken too.”

  3. BSName

    I always tip 15% – 20% regardless of service. Tips are part of their pay. The waiters / waitresses live off of them. Often the tips are pooled which defeats the incentives that tips were originally supposed to provide. They should raise the salary of waiters / waitresses and eliminate the tipping system. It doesn’t work.

  4. anonym

    Funny shit.

    I hate tipping. But I live in California, where waiters earn at least $8/hr minimum by law.
    $8 is good enough for unskilled work like bringing out dishes.

    THAT’s the way every state should do it, because TIPPING IS JUST PLAIN RETARDED.

    Earn the $8, and do your job properly.

  5. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    I thank God every day I don’t live in a country where tipping is a reality. And believe it or not, I get served well when I do eat out. Only the culturally brainwashed can believe good service is tied to (expectations of receiving) tipping.

  6. me

    Next Visit = 10% seamen content.

  7. Stlgirl

    This point may be moot by now, but many Europeans can no longer say that tipping is not customary except in circumstances of exemplary service.

    Having just returned from Budapest, nearly every restaurant we dined at (from touristy to local) tacks on a 12-15% “service” charge. However, my guide books warned me that this fee normally did not even go to the servers, but to management.

    Generally we tipped an additional 10% because the majority of our servers were very kind and attentive. I know they also use this “service” charge in Prague and other European capitals.

    My husband is from Argentina, and it’s customary to leave a couple pesos (generally less than 10%) and only if the service is good.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents.

  8. a Christian

    My two cents. Just saw this pastor on Judge Kevin Ross… he was sueing the waitress for $4100, the amount of tithes he loss because the reddit post went viral…… The judge yelled at him and ruled against him…. Go Judge Ross!!!

  9. Because God didn’t just feed you and put up with your trifling, petty bullshit bitch. I did. God would probably have struck you down with lightning. Or dropped a Buick on your head for your trite-ness.

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