I Call It ‘The Wookiee Wallet’

October 29th, 2010 // 109 Comments

wook·iee wal·let [wʊˈkiː ˈwɒlɪt]
noun. – Clothed labial protrusion possessing neither the delicacy of a camel toe nor the majesty of a moose knuckle. Hey, look at the wookiee wallet on Khloe Kardashian. It could pull the ears off a Gundark.

Wookiee wallet.

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  1. Sam

    This sort of snarky humor needs to be written perfectly to work. The use of “nor” and the comma in the title ruin the effect. Sorry.

  2. It just looks like it smells like the garbage room in the detention block that C3PO had to stop from closing on the others

  3. SmotherMeBrother

    How the hell is she fat? Do you realize that she is perfectly in proportion to her height? She is gorgeous & anyone who says otherwise is obviously lacking something in their own life so they have to say ugly things about others to feel better. Thank God she doesn’t look like those other ridiculous fake-ass bitches in L.A. all trying to look like one another. Where is the fun in that anyways? Better to be unique like Khloe than some plastic surgery whore who won’t even look human by the age of 40. What exactly is sexy about THAT? Freaks of nature all of them. As long as Khloe stays like she is now she’ll be the belle of the ball at 40 in comparison.

    • **Sigh**

      So, if I don’t find Khloe attractive and think she is overweight and facially unappealing I have something lacking in my life? How’s about I have a personal preference and Khloe doesn’t fit that preference? Yes, Khloe is a natural. A Natural at what we don’t quite know. Give ehr credit, she hasn’t fallen victim to the surgery thing but that isn’t always a good thing either!!!

      John Merrick was ‘Unique’ too, Liza Minelli pre-surgery, Dr Ruth, Rosie O’Donnell, Snooki are all ‘unique’. They ain’t winning any beauty contests now are they? Khloe Kardashian, in my humble opinion, is not remotely hot.

  4. spankeem

    God I have bad eyesight and I can see the camel toe hidden discreetly behind the shape/contour of the raised bit that happens to be right in the middle there.

    IMO – FAIL = worst post of the year so far.

  5. Willy Wonka

    At least she’s not as fat as her ugly cunt sister Kim.

  6. raymond d

    QUE AREPA DIOS MIO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. gigi

    so Khloe isn’t a true Kardashian right? different dad? I love her, but every time I see shots like this I imagine her being an east german shot-putter named Gerta

  8. wildfire520

    i like her, i don’t know them but, she and kourtney seem to have a fun & real personality. There the only two that had a real job before the show aired, sure kims celeb-a-fake helped boost the stores success , but i don’t see them as attention whores.

    For all we know the mom could have pushed them into doing the show, i mean think about, chriss’ husband my have some savings put aside, he doesn’t work for all i know, and im sure chris has an expensive taste, its gotta be supported some how. I think they saw kims tape as a goldmine & ran with it.

    I don’t however support the fact that there fame got blown up the way it is. There getting greedy, especially the mom for instance, did you know that when khole got marred and sold her wedding photo, chris was pissed because they wouldn’t give her the amount she wanted which was close to half a million. Any who I like her & kourtney there the comic relief :) khole is beautiful in her own way, beauty isn’t always on the outside

  9. Jules rubin
    Commented on this photo:

    Well someone in the kardashian clan is at least telling it like it is. Good for Khloe or keeping it real. Kim is completely full of bs and always will be because she has a delusional thought that ppl actually believe her crap and care what she thinks and does. Pleeeeease! No one cares anymore. Don’t put her in the movie, Tyler. Going to be a mistake in your followers eyes. Ppl are truly sick and tired of seeing her. Enough is enough!

  10. CranAppleSnapple
    Commented on this photo:

    Is that a full-sized Birkin bag? Because that would make Khloe the size of Andre the Giant.
    Alright then.

  11. Fme
    Commented on this photo:

    He’s saying she has a meaty vah-jay-jay.

  12. Dr.J
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m sorry, but as an objective observer, and a frequenter of this site, that vagina is not that big. And from frequenting this site, I do know that both the old (Shriver) and the young (Swift) can have a saggy and obtrusive vagina, but the one above is not that bad at all. That looks pretty firm and unobjectionable. That is just an unfortunately prominent seam. I know we’re all just trying to be mean here, but let’s give credit where credit is due.

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