I Am Now, Katy Perry. And Other News.

September 2nd, 2010 // 43 Comments

- Jerry Lewis is a national treasure. [Popeater]

- Carmen Electra in her everyday clothes. Everyday clothes. [Hollywood Tuna]

- Jennifer Aniston is banging Lindsay Lohan’s sloppy seconds? [Dlisted]

- Jon Hamm might be “too” perfect. [Lainey Gossip]

- Brittany Flickinger apparently remembers everything Paris taught her. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Kelly Brook needs to never stop promoting this movie. [IDLYITW]

- Vanessa Hudgens is causing accidents. [Egotastic]

- Jessica Alba needs to never stop promoting this movie either. [Popoholic]


- Jennifer Lopez is probably going to be on Idol after all. [The Blemish]

- Is Gavin Rossdale obligated to hang out with David Beckham because of some British thing? [PopSugar]

- Kim Kardashian and two naked dudes. Why not? [Huffington Post]

- Matthew McConaughey looks different… [Amy Grindhouse]

- Rihanna’s on a boat. [Bossip]

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  1. sean

    Katy is desecrating that rosary around her neck. Has she no respect? No, she doesn’t. Her vacant eyes tell the whole story.

    • just

      respect for what? catholicism? you realize that this is the same organization which protects child rapists right? the same guys that murdered galileo? the ones that persecuted, tortured, and murdered jews, muslims, atheists, and pagans for centuries? why should anyone respect the rosary and thereby the catholic church?

      • Marcus

        yeah so what’s your point?

      • sean

        The Catholic Church is the one, true Church of Jesus Christ that proclaims the fullness of God’s revelation for the salvation of humanity. You need to get your history straight. Much of what you said is incorrect or misleading. The Church deserves respect because it is divinely established. You disrespect the Church, you disrespect God.

      • MrsEllis

        They actually didn’t murder Galileo. He was just put under house arrest.

      • that giant shit i take every morning is divinely established too, respect that…

      • gaga

        “Much of what you said is incorrect or misleading.” as in part of it is true. Enough said.
        Catholicism is BULLSHIT and so are it’s believers.
        And she does respect it, didn’t you hear when she came after Lady Gaga for the Alejandro’s video? She said it was blasphemy.

        I say fuck the church and your imaginary god, but well, Katy respects it…

      • sean

        Every lie has some truth in it, otherwise it wouldn’t be believable at all. God is not imaginary, nor is the divine revelation proclaimed by the Catholic Church. You’ll find out just how real hellfire is when you experience it for the first few seconds of the afterlife and realize that it is your lot for eternity because you rejected the Lord of the Universe.

    • Poondock

      She should stick that rosary up her ass and show it the proper respect that it deserves

    • The Truth

      Sean What if your wrong?

    • Universe, Lord of

      Please, oh please, don’t reject me.

    • sean

      BTW – I love to have sex with 12 year old boys.

    • Hellfire for forever. Well then dang, I should believe and so should all with the threat of burning in hellfire for forever. Countless people whom became believers by force and how many tourtured killed because some man decided you were the evil one. It must be bliss to walk through life with such clarity of how everyone else should live. Guess I better learn to like little boys and all that preaching against gay people. I guess it’s cool when there eight. Now I see.

      Yes, what are good god fearing folk doing at Superfical? Get tired of fearing hellfire? So you come here for a little T&A? Sorry no little children exploited here… Ok maybe a little bit. Maybe for the cute penis jokes. How bought the nice posts about banging some hot whore in the ass.

      Rosarys are not even in the Bible. Just what has Katy done to disrepect the good lord? Did she forget to molest a child?

      Hey what is pope John Paul the second most famous for? Making sure Hitlar was well stocked with ZYKLON B and thats just six million jews, two million polish and on and on. We don’t even need to count the millions of others through out the last two thousand years.

      Sinead O’Conner said what about the poope. “This is the antichrist” or something to that effect. Not that I believe that but she was on the right page. There not enough time in my life to talk about just the churchs killing, torture, rape and countless cover-ups.

      Now back to that hot slut Katy Perry. I would love to taste those beads after I pull them out of her little tight butthole. Now that would be heaven on earth. Amen! Wife just sparked a blunt got to go.

    • Demi Moore

      Godly people share things. Breasts.

  2. hello


  3. Katorada

    Seems like the T-Shirt is not the only thing Happy, looks like someone seems a little happier then usual from dem happy pills :-)

  4. Any Guy

    TITS. she has perfect ones.

    when she talks about her religious beliefs, she sounds so retarded it makes her 10x more bangalicious.

  5. Marcus

    she’s cute, not skanked out lookin like lady gag gag.

  6. Hugh Gentry

    Dear Katy,
    Please nip out for us someday. We’re all waiting to see them.

    • MrsEllis

      I don’t want to sound like an asshole, but one reason why her nipples could be so elusive is that she… pads too much…

  7. Nik

    i can’t believe Carmen Electra is 38 but looks like she’s in her 20s

  8. Katy Perry
    Hugh Gentry
    Commented on this photo:

    Dear Katy,
    Please show us your boobies soon.


  9. The MAN

    Katy would look good with a messy cream pie dripping from her snatch!

  10. Katy Perry
    Commented on this photo:


  11. fester

    Love the “Whoopsie, looks like I’ve wet myself!” skirt.

  12. jesse

    dam now shes messing with the botox.. good lord.

  13. Katy Perry
    Commented on this photo:

    Superfish dude clearly has a thing for Katy Perry.

    I don’t get it, but eh, to each his/her own…

  14. sin

    how does she do her hair (colour) like that?

  15. captain america

    people who wear these T-shirts are as unhappy as hell.

  16. Natura Colon Cleanse

    Wow she looking gorgeous, and looked her t-shirt, the t-shirt is looking so beautiful.

  17. Katy Perry
    Commented on this photo:

    whoa, not a good shot of her at all. Frntal view she is beautiful, profile not so much.

  18. Katy Perry
    Commented on this photo:

    Don’t get it? She’s crazy hot, what’s not to get!

  19. josh

    She seriously has a ugly face. Her eyes freak me out.

  20. Emily

    God loves titties.

  21. Christian

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  22. BornSneaky

    Actually, every single catholic priest who molested young boys all have one thing in common, before they became priests, they were gay. They touched boys not because they were priests, but because they were gay, homosexuality leads to bad things, thats why the church didnt support homosexuality until there were enough hand bag waving, cross dressing back door burglars that demanded some form of political correctness. ONLY GAY PRIESTS HAVE URGES TOWARDS YOUNG BOYS, the first sin those priests commited that led to what they eventually did, was being “GAY”, case closed.
    For the record also, its an historical fact that the Jews have killed more people than any other race of man in the history of our planet, that is being taught to this day as a fact that cannot be argued to students of history both in cambridge and oxford university. Now the facts have been cleared up, katy id ride you like a rodeo cowboy.

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