Hulk Hogan to Billy Ray Cyrus: This is how you take inappropriate photos with your daughter, brotha!

April 29th, 2008 // 172 Comments

Brooke Hogan continues to spend her days in a bikini, but this time she was joined by her dad and his new girlfriend who, creepily, looks like Brooke. For those keeping score at home: Hulk’s girlfriend has the back tattoo and her bikini doesn’t tie in the back. Brooke has the sunglasses, her bikini ties in the back and she also has HER FATHER’S HAND ON HER ASS! WHAT THE SUPER FUCK?! If my daughter asked me to put suntan lotion on her bikini-clad ass, I’d say “Sure, honey. First, let me just put on my beekeeper’s outfit, knight’s armor, and some rubber gloves. In the meantime, could you be so kind to distract the lifeguard while daddy dives into the deep-end of the pool and, God willing, drowns? Aw, you’re a peach.”


  1. linds

    Since when does rubbing tanning oil on your daughters bikini clad behind have to do with the Europeans? I mean seriously people, we dont even wear bikinis! So lets stop our war between the U.S. and Europe and just get along shall we?

    But lets get real here, he is just putting on tanning oil. If it was a step-dad or grandpa maybe, I would say sick. But her dad with his new girl sitting right there, I have to say no biggie.

  2. Gennie

    That’s fucking sick and disgusting !

    oh my GOD the old creep is literally pawing his own daughter ! isn’t that super shocking ?????

    that’s just sick sick sick sick sick sick!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I wonder if a renegade finger crawled at bit too far up her inner thigh and, well, you know, went fishing..?

  4. yukadoozer

    #31 you lame ass-that’s all you got? Some redneck joke? And the South is full of Northerners now- which you wouldn’t know since hicks like you don’t leave your county except to hit the brew-thru. Retard.

  5. annie m

    Sigmund Freud would have a field day with this… :)

  6. LMAO


  7. eh

    Please give me some shit to work with,
    ‘cuz right now I’m all it kid, suck my dick kid, like your daddy did
    You know what, you know what?
    It’s all in the family.

  8. wreckhouse

    @89- Alright, since no one’s answered you I will. Some perv in Germany (of course) I believe it was, locked his daughter in the basement for 24 years and impregnated her. One of the babies died. There was basically an apartment set up for her down there. Anyway, this was all just discovered in the last week.

    Also, to the people saying “he changed her diapers” and some such shit. That was when she was a BABY, and she needed her parents to do everything for her. She’s a grown woman complete with the goods now, and she can put her own damn suntan lotion on. People like Hulk and Billy Ray should really think about keeping their incest at home, and not subjecting everyone else to the sight of it.

  9. nikki

    you people are full of your selves get a grip on your lives and stop bashing other people’s way of life it didn’t bother her so why in the fuck should it bother any of you assholes… and to the person that made that stupid comment about my father my father passed away two months ago due to a heart attack… GOD FORBID YOUR IGNORANT ASS NEVER GO THROUGH WHAT MY FAMILY IS GOING THROUGH RIGHT NOW!!! AND FOR THE RECORD I’M NOT FRENCH!!!! JACKASS.

  10. Grunion

    #109 I’m sorry to hear about your dad. but if he was alive I’m sure he would tell you to shut the fuck up.

  11. #109 – Nikki, I’m sure your father is in a better place. I’m also sure you’re nattering killed him.

  12. justifiable

    #109 If you’re so wrecked up, nikki, what the fuck are you doing on this site? Go out and plant a tree in his memory and lay off the caps lock button.

  13. FCS

    You what they say , the family that rubs lotion on each others asses stays together

  14. My Penis

    The posts title is HILARIOUS BRUTHER!! Wonder if Hulkamania ran wild on that?

  15. peachy

    my dad has rubbed sun tan oil on my back and had extra so he would rub more where needed. if his hands touch an ass cheek or side boob he’d say “ok, gross, im touching this part and im your dad. ick.”… poor Hulk that cameras are alll over him taking shots, out of context, and leaving out the pictures that probably show him grossing out about his daughters ass, but hey, that wont get clicks like this out of context shit will it? whatever. he’s so much cooler than most celebs (like in a real person way)

  16. WildBill

    It puts the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose again!

  17. what's wrong with you peachy

    Why would you be ok with your dad touching your butt cheek or the side of your boob? What’s wrong with you?

  18. what's wrong with you peachy

    Why would you be ok with your dad touching your butt cheek or the side of your boob? What’s wrong with you?

  19. Lugh

    I definitely don’t think it’s a big deal. He’s her father, and if she asks “Daddy can you put some sunblock on my leg/butt” he’s prob going to say yes. For the love of God, he changed her diapers.

    All of you pervs need to stop reading into this so much.

  20. lolz


    we all know you are a pervert. enough already. case closed.
    (i feel sorry for your children) *shivers* gross.

  21. lalani

    yeah Germans are fucking weirdos that get it on with their daughters. hello, look at their past. FUCK Germans!!!

  22. The Listener

    If Hulk was just putting lotion on her back or leg, that’s one thing, and I could reason he’s just taking care of his daughter. But touching her butt, that’s just not right. And creepy is the perfect word to describe it.

  23. shrek

    me look like blonde shrek 2, come rub mah @$$ hulky

  24. yikes!

    Love the headline, brotha! I bet it was an accident. Tough to see over those handlebars!!!

  25. nikki

    thanks for the sympathy assholes!!! i hope one of you experience what it’s like to lose a love one… so i can have the pleasure of making fun of your loss!!!! later BITCHES!!!

  26. Queefer Bukakke

    If they’re this touchy in public, imagine what goes on in private.

  27. Danklin24

    billy cocksuker…how do you know HH doesnt have an ass? I can understand you looking on her, but him?? Sick fuck.

  28. Zoe

    That’s not a “back tattoo”. That’s called a “tramp stamp”.

  29. jim

    so I guess if you have a few months old daughter and you need to wipe her ass from fermented/digested milk that’s gonna make you a pedophile!? I’m sure neither of them had dirty thoughts “oh my, he’s gonna give me the shocker while rubbing oil all over my bun” or “take this biatch! You like it dontcha, who’s yar daddy!?”

  30. CS

    #129 – infants are not 18 year olds. There’s the difference. This isn’t about the Hulkster being a pedophile – it’s about the Hulkster on the verge of committing incest. Didja hear about the old dude in Austria? If Brooke disappears for 24 years and pops up with 7 of the Hulksters kids, don’t say you weren’t warned.

  31. CS

    #119 He never changed her diapers! He was too busy winning the WWF Championship and bodyslamming Andre the Giant! HULKAMANIA WAS RUNNING WILD, BROTHA!

  32. CS

    #119 He never changed her diapers! He was too busy winning the WWF Championship and bodyslamming Andre the Giant! HULKAMANIA WAS RUNNING WILD, BROTHA!

  33. Mr. Beerhouse

    Anyone else notice that Hulk’s GF has a really really really small head??? Look at the last picture with Brooke and her in the same pic! Jesus, she has a small head. Not even nearly as pretty as Brooke!

  34. AJ

    To Stygius(Comment #16) EVERYONE PLEASE READ WHAT THAT IDIOT POSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Either you’re a SEX PEDAPHILE or just plain STUPID for that silly a$$ comment you made. I hope that child’s mother has read what you said and hopefuly she’ll keep you away from her 14 Month OLD. With that comment made that further let’s me know you can’t wait to rub on your own daughter if you hadn’t done it already.

  35. Wtfever

    134, omg, calm down. He is just talking about the normal things you do when you change a child’s diaper. sheesh

  36. CDBS

    #135, how in the heck do you know what #16 is talking about!!!/????? He said “I would have no problem rubbing anything into my daughter’s ass”, tell me where you get the hint from that he’s talking about changing a diaper?????????????? Miss know it all! A real man wouldn’t even refer to his 14 month old’s butt as an ass, come on… the dude got issues!

  37. AJ

    #135 your name says it all and you are soooooooo right wtfever. I don’t know where you get changing diapers from him saying he wouldn’t mind rubbing something IN his daughter’s ass. Unless, you enjoy things being rubbed in your ass by your father and that would explain why you call this type of NONSENSE as normal. Hellooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. casie lord

    omg….did ne one think that maybe there just really close….and he was just putting some sun tan lotion on her…gosh what a bunch of idiots!!!!

  39. casie lord

    omg….did ne one think that maybe there just really close….and he was just putting some sun tan lotion on her…gosh what a bunch of idiots!!!!

  40. casie

    omg….did ne one think that maybe there just really close….and he was just putting some sun tan lotion on her…gosh what a bunch of idiots!!!!

  41. deyknow

    yeaaa……sureeeee….they are reaaalllll close and he waz just puttin on suntan lotion…what else do u think he wannna put on her????

  42. fjo

    Wowwwww, She is so sexy!!!!!!!!!! Now she is a hot member of a dating site called BlackWhiteMingle dot com. She posted many sexy photos there. It is said she is dating friends there.


    after scrolling down the community college educated post on here , I think ill add my .2 cents. this is definitly a dusturbing photo ,man hulk has really power drived his ass to obscurady,now hes coping a feel on his daughter? wtf but what can we expect from a man who made a career out of runing about in dippers groping male genatelia and making the U shaped hairdo famous.. this guys career was based on him making a clown out of himself, now that he,s retired and the ol lady cant drain his pockets she desides to bail and old hulkser decideds to go southern gentelman on us.. not cool brother! and judging by the life style hes lived ,I wouldnt be surprised if i saw ol leg drop traveling in some Mexican circus body slamming midgets ,while screaming muchos muchos tacos, out of a traveling taco stand…..

    viva mexico!

  44. lol

    ignorant americans again freak out over nothing

  45. jared

    NICK you better watch out…after all he is always wanting you in the gym mabe you are next

  46. Mimi

    oh how gay

  47. granimal

    reading these posts I realized that there were just as many people outraged at his daughters rolls as they were about his hands on her ass,interesting.

  48. KeyserSoze

    C’mon everyone …let’s get over it. Hulk Hogan has only probably had sex with his daughter like twice….It’s not like they are in a cult. Twice is nothing. Bush was elected president twice and I bet you can’t name two things that happened while he was president.

  49. faxe001de

    Wow! Nice belly rolls Brooke! Great!
    There is a big plump woman in this body, who watna to bust out …

  50. Blah

    Geez…so many of you guys make me ashamed to be an American. Leave it to people in the US who have nothing better to do than make nasty comments about celebs.

    He’s obviously NOT getting his jollies off…you guys are all dumbasses!

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