Hulk Hogan’s wife wants her money

November 27th, 2007 // 132 Comments

Linda Bollea, the wife of wrestler Hulk Hogan, is seeking half of the couple’s assets after filing for divorce last week. She also wants an unspecified amount in alimony and health insurance for their son Nick Bollea, according to People:

Linda is seeking to split the couple’s assets, which include the 17,000-square-foot Bel Air mansion where the family primarily lives and a 3,474-square-foot home in Clearwater Beach, Fla., as well as a condo under construction in Las Vegas. The two existing homes alone are worth nearly $9.5 million.

Linda has an obsession with houses which a source for Page Six says caused rifts in her marriage to the Hulkster:

“She just goes nuts and acts like Hulk has Tom Cruise money – when he doesn’t. She wanted to buy a $12 million house in LA, and when Hulk refused, she went ahead and rented a $35,000-a-month house. They already have four to five houses and she wants more?”

This is exactly why I’ll never get married. I don’t want some woman spending my hard-earned cash. I like things the way they are now. Where my girlfriend pays the rent and I steal money out of her purse to get drunk at the strip club while “looking for a job.” It’s an honest living. I don’t like to brag about it too much except to a couple/all of my guy friends, my parents and one time to my girlfriend. Wait, that’s why she put my Xbox in the oven. And here I thought the shoe store didn’t have her size or something. I dunno, I tend to drift in and out of consciousness whenever she talks. You know, because she completes me and had me at “hello” and [other romantic lines from Jerry Maguire here].

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  1. woodhorse

    For 23 years Hulk had someone to watch his kids 24/7, never call in sick or take the weekend off, cook food, do dishes, do the laundry, run errands, take the kids to the doctor, help with their homework, attend school functions, take the car to the shop, set up appointments, take care of the yard, take care of him when he’s sick, doomed to have sex with that ugly bastard, take a back seat to all the attention, entertain family and friends, and then have dumbasses say she doesn’t deserve to get half of their assets because he did her the “favor” of marrying him.

    I vote that women don’t marry men EVER and let all you motherfuckers do all that shit yourself. Take a woman out to dinner, take her home, and then go do your own fucking laundry you goddam reprobates. Oh yeah, babysit, pick the kids up from school at least one half the time, homework, clean their clothes, feed them, pay half the child care, doctor bills, buy their clothes, toys, educational materials, stay up with them when they are sick and still go to work the next day, take them on their social outings, make sure they don’t have any problems you haven’t addressed and THEN take a woman out to dinner, take her home and go do your own fucking laundry. And don’t forget! – the general public consensus will be that you don’t do a fucking thing for the material wealth that you have and that your significant other is doing you a huge fucking favor to fuck you.

  2. iggev

    56- woodhorse. I heart you!..

  3. fergernauster

    I still say this broken duo exemplifies America.

  4. Vince Lombardi



  5. doody head


    you sound like the world owes you for being born with a vagina. take it up with god, it ain’t our faults honey. there is a thing called pro-choice. if YOU choose to skeet a baby out of your vag then don’t act like you deserve a merit badge for taking care of it. THAT’S YOUR FUCKING JOB. when raising kids women should consider that they may have to do it alone or mostly themselves. if you can’t deal with that possibility then STOP FUCKING BREEDING. practically everything you’re bitching about has to do with childcare. nobody owes you anything in life regardless of all the traps your lay for them.

    and p.s. women will ALWAYS marry because a wet pussy and a dry purse don’t match.

  6. deaconjones

    What’s with all these feminists??
    If women are so powerful they would have to squat to take a piss, nuff said

  7. deaconjones

    that’s wouldn’t

  8. Miguelito

    “They get taken care of BECAUSE of the kids that’s why babies are bred regardless of the economic/social/political/environmental climate. not having a kid is the real sacrifice. if a woman can’t support her kids without a man, she shouldn’t have them.”

    Soap Box Manager your capitalization needs work but your logic is flawless. You’re so right that not having kids, and realizing that this is not the best time to have a family, is the real sacrifice. I would rather work as a security guard at Target than contribute to this monstrous, ugly society. How a woman can have children today as if everything is hunky-dory is just sick and revolting.

    Fear of being alone, if not biological compulsion, unfortunately is what is driving women to have kids, and that’s it. There will be no love between these parents and their kids and the kids will grow into monsters. I think even Jesus says about the end of the Christian world ( which is right now ), “Woe to them who have children in those days.”

  9. fergernauster

    How has this turned into an “anti-kid” thread?

  10. an observation

    deaconjones—-don’t let these angry women fool you. most women are so insecure that they will die a spinster, that they latch on to the first man they can find. then after years they are miserable because they realized they “settled” and they were never really into him anyway. then their overwhelming sense of entitlement comes out as they roll out the scroll of “sacrifices” they made. if you resent all the time and labor you put into a marriage and childrearing, chances are your motives for doing so were shady and you need to search your own soul rather than trying to bash men.

    call dr. phil.

  11. woodhorse

    60: you limp dick. My dad was a real man who raised his sons to take care of their children, spend time with them, teach them and pay their expenses. His daughters loved and took care of him when he was closed to death. He was deserving of all the respect and love he had from his family and friends throughout his life, unlike the plague of deadbeats in this world who let others pay their bills and count themselves geniuses for doing so, not to mention the broken hearts of their children who born unfortunate enough to have a spineless whiner for a father. And it’s not like any of you limp dicks tatoo “deadbeat” on your foreheads as a warning to the unsuspecting women out there.

  12. stupid stoopid stewpid


    “unlike the plague of deadbeats in this world who let others pay their bills and count themselves geniuses for doing so”—– you’ve described linda hogan perfectly.

  13. woodhorse

    So, Miguelito, you feel pretty good that it was a sound decision to have a vasectomy?

  14. She’s so terrifying.

  15. EuroNeckPain

    Well, in my opinion things are very simple.
    If you marry an intelligent woman who has a lot of interests in life, has a good job and loves it, you won’t have a problem. You will have a partner.
    IIf you marry an airhead who only cares about her appearance and spends a lot of money on clothes and makeup etc., you are likely to be screwed.
    I have no idea why some man prefer the second category. Probably because they like to show off with a very flashy creature. It is all about ego. And then years later they whine about being taken advantage of. And they have the nerves to complain that women are like that. Damn idiots.

  16. woodhorse

    doody head – can I call you Mr. Skeeter? – OK Mr. Skeeter, with over 20 MILLION sperm per milliliter, you must want kids really bad to take over 20 million chances on skeeting one out. Or do you only talk and jack off? How about do all the women a favor and give up the va jay jay and take it up the ass like the Pro Choice Man you are.

  17. Carpediem


    I just made the monumental mistake of clicking on your link. It’s the pinkest, snobiest, most ignorant, stupidest blog (or whatever you wanna call it) I’ve ever come across. You represent everything I hate about American culture and I feel sorry for you.

  18. woodhorse

    67 – if that is true, she is a pitiful thing to take 23 years for her diabolical plan to come to fruition.

  19. some chick

    my comments are awaiting approval. WTF!

  20. deaconjones

    Women bashing? Yes!
    Lets see here….
    Men are smarter, stronger, and better analytical thinkers. They get things done. If women were equal or superior they wouldve risen to the occassion, show me a women Einstein, Michael Jordan, or JFK…..non-existent.

    Stick to your cooking and cock gobbling and shut the fuck up for once

  21. you sound fat


    i had you figured for a whore but the last post confirms that you’re a dirty whore at that. you sound really fat and bitter. probably tossed away by a man who realized you weren’t worth much.

  22. woodhorse

    And I adore men so save the “bash men” defense right next to the “race card” defense in your “Ways To Get Out Of Being Responsible” folder. I also think most women are terrific and children are the greatest blessing. I really hate fathers who are MIA.

    iggev, thanks btw.

  23. #72 I’ve never been to my site, so I wouldn’t know. I just like to go around spamming, because I’m an inconsiderate fuck face.

  24. woodhorse

    76 Just keep telling yourself that shit. Pete Doherty is a better man than you because at least he admits to being Pete Doherty.

  25. woodhorse

    78 lol. thanks.

  26. whores in training


    linda is abandoning her marriage of 23 years without previously acquiring the education or skill to support herself. instead she is trying to shake all the change she can for as long as she can out of her husband. so what does her daughter learn? marry for money and when you get tired, leave and expect the man to continue supporting you for the rest of your life. sounds like she’s familiar with “ways to get out of being responsible”.

  27. deaconjones

    Hey Wood horse,
    Go suck on a wooden cock!
    If you’re such a fem why are you on a website that objectifys women? Dont get me wrong, I love it

  28. Roflcer of the Lawl

    Wow they spend all that time together and she just ends up a greedy bitch.

  29. iggev

    woodhorse….. I don’t know why, but I keep coming back here to see the stupid shit that this moron keeps writing….. and sadly, most of my “fuck you you stupid fuck” comments to him are “awaiting approval”. Maybe I have to tone it down a bit……. I hate people like this jackass. He obviously hates his mother… or she hated him…. ack, who cares. He won’t ever get close to a vagina anyway, so what do we care????.. (PS: douchebagdeacon: I hate you)

  30. woodhorse

    81 – well they are reprobates too then. For the record, I don’t believe in alimony.

  31. Carpediem


    I still feel sorry for you

  32. deaconjones

    i lose. I’m an idiot. I hate my life. I have no penis. It’s made me bitter, as you can clearly see. Wait, you don’t see my penis? That’s because I don’t have one! dammit! quit looking! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh *runs and cries to the mom that used to beat me up*

  33. she's fat


    newsflash: you’re really a 40 something bald guy who lives in your mother’s basement and smells like cheetos. you’re siding with that dumb cunt, woodhorse cause you’re hoping you can turn this into an online romance which will ultimately fail cause you can’t support yourself much less that gold digging, self serving cow. and besides, your mother won’t allow overnight guests. there won’t be any romance. just awkward humping on an old funky mattress while mom’s at church. woodhorse will get pregnant ( like all plotting whores do) and soon we’ll see her tired ass suing you on judge mathis for child support, alimony and destroying her dreams.

  34. woodhorse

    82 – I am not a fem. I’m just a person who believes in credit where credit is due. All this playing, objectifying, bullshitting one another is a blast but men need to stand up and tell all fathers (intentional or otherwise) how important fathers are to their children and to be there for them no matter what. And I think that after 23 years of marriage an equal split would not mean she goes to the Projects and works at Walmart. It’s not like she is Robin Givens who barely managed to get her 6 months in for the cash payout.

  35. woodhorse

    88 – lol. tragic romance novel gone wrong. iggev, i will not give birth in a basement! *clutches carrot* and as God is my witness, I will never go hungry again!

  36. mrs. ernestine jones

    iggev is only out for your vag. don’t believe otherwise.

  37. woodhorse

    87: great kissing and making up! lol

  38. woodhorse

    75 – a cock gobbler like Madame Curie?

  39. caljenna66

    @ 70 – ditto, well said

  40. # 86 Don’t lie to me! You don’t feel anything, you heartless fucking bastard! I’ve spent my life savings ($17.83) to get my web page up and running, and now I can’t even get you shallow pricks to click through so I can live off the potential $.20 to $.25 a month to buy a bag of ramen noodles every 4 months for my family to live on. Now we are screwed. We’ll be homeless on the streets tossing salads for crack money (Don’t worry too much, this already started months ago). And it’s all because you refuse to participate in my spam.

    If any of you fuckers click through after reading this, I will personally come to your house and beat you.

  41. Carpediem


    Maybe you’ll get some money selling those stupid Tshirts on your site.

  42. deaconjones

    92 –
    I think that Iggev bitch hacked my name somehow..

    Alright, Ive had enough fun. Time to call my girlfriend and tell her to pick up some skirt steak for dinner tonight, she makes a killer beef taco. While Im at it, Ill tell her to throw that load of whites into the laundry, I was going to do it last night but there was a game on so I never got around to it.

  43. @95 put the rock down, it fucks with your brain dude, stop smoking it NOW!!!!!

  44. I sell t-shirts? Maybe I should click through that site if I’m going to keep this up.

  45. douglas

    Don’t worry Hulkster…..just let her go for a ride with Nick……and make sure she is not wearing her seatbelt…………….Problem solved.

  46. woodhorse

    97 I have the sinking feeling that I’m going to be doing your laundry forever but I guess I had that coming.

  47. deaconjones

    Its not that bad wood!
    Save the crusty socks with the dried splooge on ‘em!

  48. deez nuts on your chin

    for all you scorned women on here, go find a local burn unit to treat your wounds.

  49. anon

    hey woodhorse how about telling women how important fathers are as they are the biggest reason men don’t see their kids. Never telling him she’s pregnant then playing th poor dumped woman role. Or hiding behind the sexist courts denying access cos she’s vindictive & bitter. Then tells everyone he doesn’t care and wants to see them.
    But this is a mirandsist society so women get away playing the poor put upon victim.
    Acting like men don’t make sacrifices for women and women never do any wrong or make mens lifes hell.

  50. woodhorse

    104 I do tell women that. No double standards on that score. I see way more missing dads than shut out dads and I see missing moms too. It is so wrong to the very core to deny a child his father (or mother) and those comments up there were placing all the responsibility on the mother.

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