Hulk Hogan’s wife wants her money

November 27th, 2007 // 132 Comments

Linda Bollea, the wife of wrestler Hulk Hogan, is seeking half of the couple’s assets after filing for divorce last week. She also wants an unspecified amount in alimony and health insurance for their son Nick Bollea, according to People:

Linda is seeking to split the couple’s assets, which include the 17,000-square-foot Bel Air mansion where the family primarily lives and a 3,474-square-foot home in Clearwater Beach, Fla., as well as a condo under construction in Las Vegas. The two existing homes alone are worth nearly $9.5 million.

Linda has an obsession with houses which a source for Page Six says caused rifts in her marriage to the Hulkster:

“She just goes nuts and acts like Hulk has Tom Cruise money – when he doesn’t. She wanted to buy a $12 million house in LA, and when Hulk refused, she went ahead and rented a $35,000-a-month house. They already have four to five houses and she wants more?”

This is exactly why I’ll never get married. I don’t want some woman spending my hard-earned cash. I like things the way they are now. Where my girlfriend pays the rent and I steal money out of her purse to get drunk at the strip club while “looking for a job.” It’s an honest living. I don’t like to brag about it too much except to a couple/all of my guy friends, my parents and one time to my girlfriend. Wait, that’s why she put my Xbox in the oven. And here I thought the shoe store didn’t have her size or something. I dunno, I tend to drift in and out of consciousness whenever she talks. You know, because she completes me and had me at “hello” and [other romantic lines from Jerry Maguire here].

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  1. p911gt10c


  2. fweem

    die asdlkjas

  3. iggev

    X-box in the oven? That’s hawt..

  4. i am so over this entire family. what a bunch of half ass write offs. :) can’t get enough blogging?

  5. woodhorse

    When he got the Schnauzer implant, it destroyed his looks.

  6. tp

    These two remind me of Dog and his big-boobie wife. Only more tan. And with kids that don’t look inbred…but what’s worse? Looking like a inbred mutant with a mullet like Leland Chapman? Or an amazon transvestine like Brooke Hogan?? Tough call…

  7. Barks

    Bel Air as in California or Bel Air as in the house in Florida where they filmed the first season of the reality show. If California, Hulk is screwed. Say buh-bye to 55%.

  8. TooBadHeCan'tJustPutHerDown...

    like a dying schnauzer. Is he wearing those shades to protect himself from retinal damage having to look at her?

  9. TooBadHeCan'tJustPutHerDown...

    Is she Donatella Versace’s ‘hot’ sister?

  10. havoc

    This is what women do best……


  11. somebitch

    what’s that havoc? Take you sorry bastards for everything you have? Have sex with you so we don’t have to hear you beg for it anymore? Cook for you? Have your children? I’m not sure I’m clear on this. What exactly is it that women do best?

  12. Sunflower

    Ah, yes. Just another pathetic example of money-grubbing, USELESS, fake women. OMG. Seriously. What in HELL would this woman do if she wasn’t sponging off her husband? She’s the one who was filmed drag racing and saying how exciting it is, their idiot son puts his friend in a coma because of racing, and according to Linda, the friend should have been wearing a seatbelt. #5, here’s the De Nial thing again. Sorry, Hulkster. Looks like you’re going to be “slammed” one more time by this fake-ass, fat, useless bitch. Too bad.

  13. John Hauck

    Thats right, never get married!!!!! JUST FIND A WOMAN YOU HATE AND BUY HER A HOUSE! SAME THING.

  14. Vince Lombardi

    Ladies and Gentlemen, LINDA BOLLEA!!!!!!

    “WHATCHA GONNA DO, BROTHER, when the largest divorce lawyers in Florida come after YOU!?!?!”

  15. somebitch

    she’s kinda like a reverse k-fed.

    and I agree 18- don’t get married… it’s like raising a fucking 3 year old.

  16. XFILE102

    What a needy fucking materialistic bitch. It’s not enough that she carries no actual value on this planet and is completely forgettable save for being the Hulk’s wife.. but then she is going to divorce Hulk because he wants to manage money like a responsible a logical human being? “Whaaaa!!! I can’t buy another fucking house to show off!!! Whaaaa! I want a divorce!!” Fuck that Hulk.. Do like her dumbass son did.. Throw the bitch in the passenger seat, get liquored up and speed. Watch the hilarity as her ballooned fucking silicone ass gets torn to shreds flying through the windshield. Of course, with all the Silicone and Botox on this bitch, she would probably just bounce right off the pavement. Fuck her. Melt her ass down, and pour in some Food Coloring. There will be enough plastic to keep Fisher Price in business for Decades.

  17. Vince Lombardi

    One good thing to come out of this for old dog “rasslin’” fans – once she’s done taking his money, Hulk will have to get back in the ring for two more years….

  18. D. Richards (Hands.)

    It would be so cool if the “Hulkster” (lame-o) body slammed his porker wife in to two halves. Then drank her blood to repair his de-cartilaged knees. Then fucked the ass of her corpse just one more time. Then removed his bandana to reveal the bald. Then disintegrated. Who the fuck wears bandanas anyways? Right! Besides Leif Garret. Shit, I answered my own question. Leif’s cool as ice, boy. (And bald). Shh. It’s a secret.

    You remember when Hulky was in Rocky IIIIIIIV? How fucking stupid, right? How does Hulk-nutsac find the courage to get out of bed in the morning? The guy was in a Rocky movie. He played a wrestler, who, for charity, pummels Rock. He played a wrestler.. In a Rocky movie.. Wow. Art, man. Sly Stallone is one stupid fuck: You know what we could do? We could get Hulk Hogan; he’s big right now — We could get Hulk, and have him in our movie. Block buster!

  19. put the ugly people in the back

    Poor Hulk, he’ll be so much better off without this tranny bitch.

    Hulk your sort of fame and sort of money can get younger and better ass than this hag, this surprise divorce (cruel cow) is a goddamn blessing.

    I hope she doesn’t get a cent. I hate greedy assholes like this. You need 5 homes when there is a world full of homless starving kids you coud help with that money. This is why the world is so fucked up because people like this fat manly whore are so fucking selfish.

  20. Lowlands

    It looks like she doesn’t have the intention to retire in an average home for the elderly playing bingo in the evenings?

  21. Jeff L

    Any man working in Hollywood that marries a blonde and doesn’t get a pre-nup deserves everything that happens to their assets when that gold-digging blonde decides to jump ship and take half of it with her.

  22. mememe

    24–true, but if I had a shitload of money, I’d buy 12 houses and a private jet to fly my ass to campus every day.

  23. mememe

    24–true, but if I had a shitload of money, I’d buy 12 houses and a private jet to fly my ass to campus every day.

  24. Superevil

    I bet she’ll have a profile up on in no time.

  25. deaconjones

    I guarantee there will soon be some 21 yr old piece of ass bobbing on the Hulkster while he sits back and goes ” OHH BROTHER” and questions why he was putting up with that hag money grubber for all these years

  26. What does dog shit taste like? I assume all you ass lickers know.

  27. Lavinia

    Guys guys guys, you are forgetting that marriage is a partnership. This was their first marriage, it lasted for decades and they have 2 children. They both get half of their assets and go their merry way. They still will have enoough individually. This woman has been with him through a lot, she bore his childrem and I am sure helped him in many many ways. Just because he was the source of getting the money does not mean that she did not contribute for his life as well. Marriage is a partnerhsip, any money accumulated during their marriage should belong to both. What you had BEFORE a marriage is indvidual. She is not a golddigger, although she looks like the stereotypical blonde. American men are obsessed with every woman being after their money. They want the advantages of having a wife without the responsabiliities and the sharing that is part of it. Wake up, they were partners for 25 years!! She gets half, he gets half. And after the kids are 18, no more child support. Then she will have to work, yes, but she now has some financial protection for her old age. A woman after sacrificing her career for a family should not be left destitute or in bad shape when she is older.

  28. ManiacFive

    Hulkster should have flipped into a roid rage and killed this gold digger a long time ago,.

    What, too soon?

  29. doody head


    you are so right. women swear they aren’t whores but as soon as divorce comes up, they have a ready made tab for you that reads “Half”. basically it’s their fee for giving your exclusive rights to bang all of their holes which you thought you had out of their unconditional love, right? sucker. the engagement ring worth two month’s salary should tip you off. then they rush to have a baby. you think it’s cause they love you so dearly but really it’s to add more cash to their settlement when the divorce goes down. it’s cheaper to just hire a maid, a cook and keep banging all the free you find at your local club on ladies night.

    it’s no coincidence that women live longer. either they’ll get it all once they’ve nagged you to an early grave or they will get it all through divorce.

  30. Sauron

    Could be an interesting match this time.Colossal breasts versus big muscles.Depends on how this match end but it could convince me that american wrestling isn’t a set up show.

  31. 779667

    34- you ARE what your name says. Grow up. Maybe you and materialbitchDOTcom should get together…………… but don’t procreate.

  32. Lavinia

    doody head, I feel very sorry for you. You certainly have not experienced love and have not met any decent women. Stop dating hos and you may find out that there are many normal and happy families out there, many loving wives. Your values are so eschewed it is sad. Stop thinking the very rich and Hollywood represents what life is about. Everyone knows that the more money you have, the more corrupt you will be (Bill and Melinda Gates being the exception).

  33. soap box manager


    first of all isn’t lavinia a country? seriously though, this is why i am a firm believer that women need to raise their daughters to go to college, get a career, save and invest their money and marry later. so if it doesn’t work out, they aren’t flat broke and having to demand some man’s money to survive. children use to be a means of income and care for parents. now they are a liability because they cost more than they contribute. any woman who decides to have a child isn’t doing anyone but herself a favor. she’s birthing an unneccessary burden that contrary to belief doesn’t end at 18. so stop acting like women deserve so much for their “sacrifice”. they get taken care of BECAUSE of the kids that’s why babies are bred regardless of the economic/social/political/environmental climate. not having a kid is the real sacrifice. if a woman can’t support her kids without a man, she shouldn’t have them.

  34. iggev

    ak! I would rather talk about dirt than these two..

    oh, and 31- take your bullshit somewhere else…. I don’t know, like YOUR OWN FUCKING SITE YOU KEEP PEDDLING..

  35. cheetos

    maybe guys should pay their stay at home wives. draw up a contract and agree on what services are offered and what monthly income will be paid so if a divorce comes up later, they don’t get anything extra outside of child support. who doesn’t want to get paid for their services?

  36. fergernauster

    These two exemplify America, is all I have to say.

  37. 776855


  38. Go suck a carrot iggev. I want to see how much hate mail I can get at my site. Maybe I can get blacklisted as a spammer.

  39. ss team captain

    43—-every girl has gotta have a dream. maybe next week you can aspire to start breathing through your nose.

  40. lentista

    hulk got cut off by vinnie mac…….cuz he has billions to buy lots of home’s….

  41. PunkA

    Hulk is a decent guy. Divorce happens. Now he can go bang as many cheap whores as he wants without the baggage of his current wife. She messed up their son, gave her daughter a manface and now wants to take 1/2 of the Hulkamania warchest. She is a keeper. NOT

  42. Ooba Gooba

    #34, Doodyhead:

    You are my new fucking hero. Hats off to you.

  43. sharpeidude

    Oh well, then I guess Hulk better pull his ring attire out of mothballs and keep working TV. Heck, if Ric Flair can keep working into his 60′s, then so can Bollea at 54. I wonder if Vinny Mac can come up with a Seniors Tour on his show?

  44. iggev

    44- ha!

    43- go suck on a carrot? super duper good one!!!!! You rule!..

  45. zz

    Now I ain’t sayin she’s a gold digger, but……

  46. mrs. ernestine jones

    trick ass bitch.

  47. well im sure hulk has cheated a thousand times. maybe she knows now is the best time to cash out.

  48. combustion8

    typical bloodsucker, hope hulks got a good/better lawyer.

  49. 2 shiny pennies

    hulk should be suing her for half, oh wait….. her only assets are a life time supply of peroxide, aquanet and the titties he bought her. clearly hulk’s money was wasted trying to enhance this piece of trash . you can put a diamond tiara on a pig and it’s still a pig.

  50. iggev

    What does a tornado and a blonde have in common?

    At first there’s a lot of suckin and blowin and then BOOM! There goes your house! haw haw haw haw..

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