Hulk Hogan’s wife wants her money


Linda Bollea, the wife of wrestler Hulk Hogan, is seeking half of the couple’s assets after filing for divorce last week. She also wants an unspecified amount in alimony and health insurance for their son Nick Bollea, according to People:

Linda is seeking to split the couple’s assets, which include the 17,000-square-foot Bel Air mansion where the family primarily lives and a 3,474-square-foot home in Clearwater Beach, Fla., as well as a condo under construction in Las Vegas. The two existing homes alone are worth nearly $9.5 million.

Linda has an obsession with houses which a source for Page Six says caused rifts in her marriage to the Hulkster:

“She just goes nuts and acts like Hulk has Tom Cruise money – when he doesn’t. She wanted to buy a $12 million house in LA, and when Hulk refused, she went ahead and rented a $35,000-a-month house. They already have four to five houses and she wants more?”

This is exactly why I’ll never get married. I don’t want some woman spending my hard-earned cash. I like things the way they are now. Where my girlfriend pays the rent and I steal money out of her purse to get drunk at the strip club while “looking for a job.” It’s an honest living. I don’t like to brag about it too much except to a couple/all of my guy friends, my parents and one time to my girlfriend. Wait, that’s why she put my Xbox in the oven. And here I thought the shoe store didn’t have her size or something. I dunno, I tend to drift in and out of consciousness whenever she talks. You know, because she completes me and had me at “hello” and [other romantic lines from Jerry Maguire here].

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