Hulk Hogan’s wife files for divorce

November 26th, 2007 // 77 Comments

News spread over the weekend that Hulk Hogan’s wife Linda Bollea filed for divorce on Tuesday. Unfortunately, when reporters asked the Hulk (real name: Terry Bollea) about it on Friday, he was sadly unaware. The St. Petersburg Times reports:

Reached by phone on Friday night, Terry Bollea said he had no idea his wife had filed for divorce. When informed during the call that the paperwork was submitted on Tuesday, Bollea said politely, “Thank you for the great information,” and hung up.
He called back about five minutes later.

“I’m kind of shocked,” he said. “You caught me off-guard. My wife has been in California for about three weeks. … Holy smokes. Wow, you just knocked the bottom out of me. … I just pulled over to the side of the road for five minutes to find out what was going on here.”

Obviously no reason was given for the divorce, but this bit of info on the “Hogan Knows Best” Web site might shed light on some potential tension:

“Linda also encourages her son Nick’s love of cars,” the Web site says. “When Nick was thirteen, Linda bought him a car to keep in the garage just to work on, now Nick is quite the car expert.”
On Nov. 7, Nick Bollea was arrested in connection with the Aug. 26 crash. Police say he was racing his Toyota Supra moments before the crash.

Ah, so the mom’s to blame for the drag racing. Beautiful. I love blaming women for things. Gasoline prices. Cancer. You name it. I mean, take for example the latest Malibu brushfires. Tragic stuff but notice how the first one started a month ago. Right around the time a certain young woman got out of rehab. A certain young woman with a certain crotch made of fire. Are you connecting the dots? If not, I drew up a whole bunch of diagrams I can show you. I’ve sort of had a lot of free time on my hands ever since I blamed my girlfriend for the JFK assassination. Perhaps it was a bit too early in the relationship for that kind of honesty. I’ve got to remember the first date is for drunken irresponsible sex and the second date is when you hurl crackpot accusations. Not one just seconds after the other. No matter how awesome and romantic it might seem in my head.

  1. Jugs!

    She should compete with Dog’s wife.

  2. FertileDouche

    Who’ s the guy standing next to Hulk’s wife?

  3. Clem

    If he has a pre-nup this is undoubteldy excellent news for Hulk Hogan. Well done Sir!

    No pre-nup? Bummer dude.

  4. Ascil

    her boobs can kill me …i surrender , imagine. NO HANDS

  5. Kim

    Brooke should just shoot herself now if that’s what she is going to look like when she’s older!

  6. fergernauster

    Wow. If that were MY mum, I’d either: a) hang myself; or b) put my ass up for adoption in China.

  7. JollyJumjuck

    Linda has no idea what she’s getting into. When you divorce the Hulkster, there’s no Family Court, brutha, you settle your differences in the squared circle!

  8. yukadoozer

    She’s ditching Hulk for a real man- EllenDeGeneres.

  9. raptor_egg

    Another lame post by the superfish.

  10. Larry

    I figured out why now, she is divorcing him to get half of Hulks money because the family of the guy that was involved in the car accident with their minor son is sueing the Hogan estate. So if she divorces now before the lawsuit that will protect at least half of Hulk Hogans estate from the lawsuit

  11. luvinp

    She is so hot!!! A couple of sexy boobs.. Is she single now? Her profile and photos were found on the millionairecelebs dating club last week! “She is very picky about guys,” according to officials of that site, “they have to be fertile douches or she won’t date them!”

  12. P911GT10C

    Turns out Hogan don’t know best.

  13. Big

    Let me tell you something brother:
    Get up every day
    Say your prayers and take your vitamins
    Then lose half of your cash

  14. Mal Reynolds

    Thanks Fish. Just what I want to see the first thing Monday morning: 47 year old cleavage on Hulk Hogan’s throw away. Ick.

  15. omg is she carrying two papayas on her chest??? so fuking huge.

  16. she crucially really needs a breast reduction surgery. too huge. i feel like vomit.

  17. Gerald_Tarrant

    It’s sad when the prospect of a mother-daughter sandwich doesn’t even entice me. Linda may have looked good many years ago before Hulk rode her hard and put her away wet, or before she started trying to hang on to her youth at any means. Brooke looks like she got the worst parts of Linda and the Hulkster. As far as Nick, he should be in a coma right now, if you listen to him talk, he’s already a vegetable.

  18. LOL, she looks better in the video I just wacted on a nudist dating site called, such a bitch!

  19. shellythinksUstink

    “Are you connecting the dots?”

    Dude you are not only dotty… you are INSANE!

    3 day old news… idiotic comments… stupid jokes…

    Have you considered suicide?

  20. D. Richards

    I always wondered what kind-of freak fucks giants and, holy shit, it’s Hulk-wife. What’s up with southern guys and their overly bloated wives? The big-titted, no ass, high blood pressured look should just fuck-off and die now. I wonder why Hulk’s divorcing his wife? Oh, yeah. It’s his knees.

  21. Wow! Poor thing! Her back must be killing her… I wonder if we could use her for some sort of tether-ball type thing?

  22. Narcissist

    pic 0 and 2 – BLECH!, and that dress ain’t helpin’. You sure she isn’t 58?

    Sounds like Hogan didn’t know didley on this one, unless 10 is correct.

    Laughs for 7 & 13.

  23. Fat?

    is she really fat or is it the boobs? Over a single D makes women who don’t have waists or hips look fat.

  24. Shallo Val

    Wow. I didn’t know Brooke was such a horse. And why do old hag-bags think it’s sexy to be flashing thier granny titties all over the world?

  25. Narcissist

    Pic 2 – Hold on…isn’t that Pat Patterson before the Hardcore Evening Gown Match on 6/25/2000? This might explain why he used “Real American” as his theme song.

  26. co-dependent

    # 1.Jugs!

    Since we’ve seen all of spears/hohan/parisiste..there is a new Hotti movement out there big ol Boobies are in.

  27. Soy

    #24Shallo Val … .Well said!

    “. . .flashing thier granny titties all over the world

  28. Narcissist

    Brooke looks like Ashley Simpson as a guy here. How did her legs get all banged up?

  29. SysRq

    #24… .may I add…

    “. . .flashing thierBLUE VIENED granny titties all over the world

  30. p911gt10c

    #10. You may be onto something here…

  31. Riotboy

    Give me 6 hours with Brooke and Linda in bed at the same time, I’d have a case of Gatorade on the side to keep me going.

    /fo sho

  32. baaaaaaa

    Poor Brooke…she’s got Oompa Loompa disease…

  33. ithinkshellystinks

    #19….quit whining! i thought this post was funny :P

  34. MindRiot

    Brutal if that is truly how he found out. Ouch.

  35. OMG what boobs! Viva plastic surgery!

  36. Superbad

    they look like they were beat down by the hulkster ,brother…look at their eyes…
    either that or they were wearing a Batman costume and forgot to take off the ink..

  37. Suzanne Carl

    Aww poor Hulk! I used to be a huge fan growing up.
    Im still not sure i believe this story, shes seemed to be the kind of woman who’d stand by her hubby and from all appearances they seemed to genuinely care for eachother. My heart goes out to them since their buisness is blasted everywhere ,and its more prominent when its the bad stuff.

  38. Suzanne Carl

    Aww poor Hulk! I used to be a huge fan growing up.
    Im still not sure i believe this story, shes seemed to be the kind of woman who’d stand by her hubby and from all appearances they seemed to genuinely care for eachother. My heart goes out to them since their buisness is blasted everywhere ,and its more prominent when its the bad stuff.
    I APOLOGIZE for the mindless idiots everywhere probly making this whole ordeal 100X worse than it should be.

  39. Shallo Val

    NFN, but the hulkster can still probably get some trim.

  40. PunkA

    Those pics shout MANFACE!!!! Is that really a daughter, or is she a tranny? Wow. Crazy stuff there.

  41. 1MILF Hunter

    She probably didn’t want to wind up like Chris Benoit’s or Lex Luger’s wives.

  42. Lowlands

    This woman looks heavily armed.I wonder what his ‘wrestling’ skills are in court.Or it’s a publicity-stunt.

  43. Jack Bauer

    I’d titty fuck her while eating out her daughter

  44. LayDeeBug

    What sucks is that all that overly done clown makeup and spackle just make them look more tran-tastic (not a good thing if your a real wo-man)

  45. Auntie Kryst

    @39 Agreed

  46. too big

    those boobs are too big. im talking about the women in addition to the mrs.bolleas too large chest. boobs that are big beyond a certain point make women look fatter and more dowdy.

  47. Sauron

    It depends on the culture.After causing big disaster(s),some cut/chop their little finger off to show respect or some file a divorce.

  48. Lowlands

    #47)In this way Hulk Hogan is the little finger?

  49. Sauron

    Sounds like Hogan’s little finger isn’t going to work for a while…

  50. Tiny

    Good for the Hulkster!
    She”s a fucking PIG!

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