Hulk Hogan’s son survives car crash

August 27th, 2007 // 103 Comments

Hulk Hogan’s son Nick Bollea and a friend were both in serious condition after a high-speed crash Sunday evening. People reports:

Bollea, who was featured with the rest of his family on the pro wrestler’s VH1 reality show Hogan Knows Best, was driving his yellow Toyota Supra down a four-lane highway in downtown Clearwater, Fla., when the car’s rear tires hit the raised median, police said. After fishtailing for several seconds, the car slammed into a 25-foot tall palm tree. “His car inexplicably left the road,” Clearwater Police spokesman Wayne Shelor tells PEOPLE, “and it was totally destroyed upon impact.” The cause of the crash is unknown, although police believe the car was traveling at a high rate of speed. “We don’t know exactly what happened,” says Shelor, “but we are investigating.” Bollea, 17, and his male passenger had to be extracted from the vehicle using the “jaws of life.” They were placed on a Medivac helicopter where they were flown seven minutes to nearby Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg.

TMZ has a follow-up stating that Hogan was immediately at the scene of his son’s crash:

A frantic Hulk Hogan got right to the scene of his son’s extremely serious car crash last night, just moments after it happened. WFTV Orlando shot footage of the wrestler — clad in his usual tank top and bandana — talking with paramedics before his son Nick and his as yet unidentified passenger were airlifted to a nearby hospital.

TMZ also reports that Nick was discharged this morning, which is awesome news and let’s hope his friend pulls through too. Now if only they’ll tell the real story, that it was the Hulkster that got them out and not the jaws of life. Because, seriously, if you watch the show, Hulk is definitely the kind of dad that would wrestle a submarine for his kids. And he’d win too. Using only his moustache.



    Too bad.

  2. lola

    the car hit a tree going 80- miles an hour and he “supposedly” is discharged already. I am having a hard time believing this to be true. He was taken out of the car by the jaws of life and now he is walking away?????????? NO WAY, I think the family is looking for peace from paps.

  3. Sugar Tits

    46 – Granted, I probably don’t live where you live, but I can say in my own commute, I personally probably wouldn’t be such an aggressive driver if other people could follow common sense rules of the road. For example, if the speed limit is 40, don’t do 25 in THE PASSING LANE, or if you have to cut someone off to let someone merge in, use your damn turn signal so you don’t get rear-ended because all of a sudden you appear in the next lane over. You know, simple concepts like that.

    As for the Hulk story, this is very sad, and I hope both people in the car are ok.

  4. WELL????

    41 AND WHAT?????

  5. WELL??

    I meant 45

  6. Danklin24

    He only got there moments after the crsh because he puts tracking devices on his kid’s cars. Thats what this guy does. Notice he didnt waste any time putting on a bandanna to go out. Of course im convinced he sleeps in them. Glad Nick is okay and hope his gay love friend will be too.

  7. Intelligent Parents Keep Their Kids Out of the Military

    If the other dude really is an Iraqi vet at 22, he’s showing about as much intelligence in his choice of driving companions as he did with careers. Looks like the 4000+ casualties should be put in the “plus” column – addition to fitness by subtraction of the losers.

  8. bob

    40, there is a huge difference between inexperienced & just being an irresponsible dick.

    sorry that you are the latter.

  9. my comment

    57 , STFU , idiot

  10. lori

    to the hogan family i hope all is well …i love your show watch it every sunday…..

  11. jessica

    to the hogan family…i hope your son gets better soon…my prayers go out to all of you..

  12. Mark

    57 – That had to be one of the most worthless posts I’ve seen on this site yet and THAT is saying much. Why don’t you save your witless comments for your boyfriend!

  13. diddleysquat

    sending good thoughts out to Nick and family.

  14. bob

    57, you’ll likely get yourself killed with comments like that. Put that in your “plus” column fucker.

  15. Joe

    What a perfectly good car….wasted. But really, what’s Bollea?

  16. answering joe

    bollea is hulk’s real last name, so it is the true last name of his children.

  17. Black Hawk Down (Syndrome)

    I agree with #57. “Soldiers” are usually dead-end kids who finish high school as pathetic underachieving slobs and sign up for military service because they have no other options. These days the military needs everybody they can get, so they dropped their screening process and gladly take retards, psychos, homos, you name it. Then one of these losers manages to get blown up by the Iraqi insurgents (NOT Al Qaeda, ya morons), even though the insurgents are about as competent a fighting force as a pack of Girl Scouts. And then we’re supposed to get all weepy when Private Drooler’s body is delivered back home to his fat inbred family, who wait for the cameras and then yell “we caint believe he’s daaaaayd!” through their gap teeth. Heros? Fuck no. Except, as #57 says, for contributing by removing their genes from the remaining pool. Thank fucking god for that.

  18. veggi

    @67…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA….. that was great. keep up the good work! i need to go smoke some cock.. i mean crack now.

  19. mostly all of u are complete assholes.. so what he was speeding u cant say that u fuckin pricks havent.. his friends in the hospital ya im sure he wanted that and im so sure that one of his good friends is gonna sue him to hell and back.. ur all a bunch of fuckin retards.. if the guy can build the car he can handle it.. and if u are parents and saying any negative things fuck u go burn in hell..and obviously something had to of happened if he was racing and just lost control.. i street race and race at the drag strip a lot.. sometime u dont but rarely do u lose control

  20. o an #7 how is nick a wigger.. first of all ur name is nagger.. and second he wears nothing along the lines of ghetto

  21. bob

    awwwe did wittle baby 67 get wejected fwom the awmy?

    take your generalizations and shove them up 57′s ass.

  22. T

    Using his moustache! LOL :-D

  23. nice army, fucktards

    @ 71 – unfortunately not all these words are single-syllable, so I doubt you’ll be able to follow, but anyway:

    “An Associated Press review of the increasingly aggressive recruiting offerings found the Army is not only dangling more sign-up rewards but also loosening rules on age and weight limits, education and drug and criminal records.

    It’s all part of an Army effort to fill its ranks even as the percentage of young people who say they plan to join the military has hit a historic low – 16 percent by the Pentagon’s own surveying – in the fifth year of the Iraq war.

    Among the changes that have helped attract recruits:

    oIncreasing to $20,000 the bonus for troops who join by Sept. 30 and leave for boot camp within a month.

    oRaising the enlistment age to 42.

    oAllowing recruits to come in with nonoffensive tattoos on their hands and neck.

    oOffering a $2,000 bonus to soldiers who refer a new recruit.

    oEnlisting recruits who don’t meet weight standards and must trim down their first year.

    oAdvertising that targets potential recruits’ parents.

    oIncreasing the number of recruits with general education diplomas rather than regular high school diplomas.

    oCreating a more pleasant boot camp environment.

    oSending gung-ho soldiers fresh from boot camp or war zones to their hometowns to visit old friends and schoolmates to promote the Army.

    oIncreasing to more than 15 percent the number of Army and Army Reserve troops given waivers for medical and moral reasons or for positive drug and alcohol screening tests.”

    Heroes? Sure. Just change the first letter to Z.

  24. senor ding dong

    OOOOOOOOOOH YEEEEEEEEEAH!! oh my bad.. thats the Macho Man aint it

  25. wedgeone

    #73 – I read about a week ago about a 9-year-old Iraqi boy who shot 3 Marines before they got him. Yeah, we really got some super-soldiers these days…maybe they should go back to making those naked pyramids, they seemed really into that. Probably all the exposed buttholes lined up made ‘em hard. Fucking pervs.

  26. woodhorse

    Imagining Hulk Hogan in a Santa Claus suit scares me and makes me feel nauseous. Why doesn’t he just dye his hair like a normal person?

  27. steve

    i just can say that fast cars and young people don’t mix , maybe the next time he’s driving a fast car he’ll remember this accident , i feel for the hogan family , i just hope that both nick and the passenger are going to be o.k .. and thank god no body else got hurt.

  28. how i love thee superficial, let me count the ways…..

    loving the superficial b/c it appears to have some class.

  29. people suck

    #57 – If there’s any truth to survival of the fittest, then i’m sure your bloodline will die soon after you. With any luck anyway.

    #67 – Oh really sweetie? Have you met any insurgents and kicked their asses in your worldy travels?

    You guys are fucking disgusting! Maybe this war that the US is currently involved in started for bad reasons, but ya know what? There’s nothing we can do about now, and there’s nothing that United States soldiers can do about it. Maybe some people join the military for reasons involving their future (or lack of) or for the nice sign-on bonuses. But they do it knowing that they have a responsibility to serve and protect their country if and when the time comes. And there are plenty of people in our military who are there because they want to protect our country or help other countries.
    Judging from how totally AWESOME you two sound, I’m sure that if you were sent to Iraq or even thought the draft would be reinstated you’d shit your pants and move to Canada because you’re complete pussies. I hope you get your asses beat by some military guys, which you probably will eventually.
    If you don’t want to join the military, then don’t. But don’t be fucking disrespectful douchebags to people who are dying so that you don’t have to. There are scumbags in all facets of life, like you two for example! And it’s really cute how you go online and anonymously post mean cruel stupid hurtful things so you don’t have to suffer any repercussions from your words. Why don’t you say it in a class at school (which you probably don’t go to cuz you don’t sound like intelligent people) or in a group of normal people with respect and values and see how long it takes till you get your teeth knocked right out of your face? Dicks.

    Anyway, regarding the story, which is what people should be talking about anyways instead of just saying stupid random shit to piss people off, young people do stupid things. Most teenagers have invincibility complexes and think they can do anything and never get hurt. They are selfish… They don’t want to hurt anyone, but they don’t THINK they will hurt anyone either, and then when it happens they are completely shocked. Nick made a mistake and it’s definitely a big one, but I hope he’s ok. Everybody makes mistakes. Like the parents of 57 and 67, for instance. So I definitely hope everyone involved in the accident is all right and they get to move on with their lives relatively unchanged.

  30. #79 sucks

    dick. and LOVES it.

  31. And it's a good thing

    because all the dicks interrupt the verbal diarrhea. most of the time, at least.

  32. Animal Mother

    All “joking” aside, it’s tough to be simple-minded about American soldiers these days. I know they’re just following orders, but their actions in Iraq have only made matters much worse for all of us. The tens of thousands of innocent civilians killed, the high-profile rape/murder cases that led to courts-martial, and the king of them all, Abu Ghraib. No wonder recruiting of fanatics and raising money for terrorist attacks are an all-time high for Al Qaeda. As much as I feel bad for one of our soldiers individually when he or she is killed or wounded, these days I just can’t stand their robotic “we will complete this mission” mindset. All they’re doing now is killing our kids’ futures – trillions in debt, Iran much stronger than before the Iraq invasion, and the world hates us. Good job, fellas.

  33. Done Mine

    The young insurgent killed three because he was like 9. If the soldiers shot too early and killed a kid, you would also be all pissed about that. They had to make a decision, and act on it with what they had.
    Get a life you commy pinko fags.

  34. Murph

    Ahhhhh…yes…. We all should definitely forget that we’re not the ones who tortured and killed first. In fact, we should completely forget about all of the US Citizens who were kidnapped and tortured and then BEHEADED ON TV! And those citizens crimes? Trying to help rebuild a country, and make it a better place.

    Our soldiers are supposed to adhere to the Geneva Convention (most specifically GCIII). They are fighting an enemy who doesn’t. They are fighting those that with rape, kill, maim, torture, etc. their own people.

    However, every soldier I know (and that is a good number) believes that they are trying to assist in rebuilding a shattered nation. I was told a story by someone who had been over there, and he said the Iraqis in the area surrounding the city he was stationed in were complaining that on average they only had power 12 hours a day. However, before the US invasion those surrounding areas didn’t even have power. It was the US Army who laid the power lines.

    And before I get jumped on… No, I do not think we should be over there. Initially I did, but now, after multiple years of wondering if those I love will come back alive, I just want our soldiers back here. Let the Iraqis kill themselves.

  35. Done Mine

    84: I agree, I support the troops, but am no longer behind the war. Let the civil was take over and let them fight it out. When all is said and done, we can nuke them ’til they glow, and dig our oil wells through the glass….

  36. ssdd

    So it all comes out that this fathead kid has a speeding problem .. and has gotten into trouble before about it ..
    This will probably not be his last time to wrap a car around a tree.
    What an irresponsible loser of a kid.

  37. cruzenchic134

    What does Nick hanging out with a 22 year old have to do with anything? Just because the guy is 22 does not mean anything at all. I think alot of you just want to make an arguement out of nothing. I am 26 and I have friends that are 18-36 years of age. Does that mean anything? NO!! I grew up with all of these friends and that is why we hang out together. Age does not mean shit. What you really should be talking about is the fact of why the 22 year old got in the car with Nick?!?! Why because Nick was his friend and neither one of them thought anything was going to happen. We all know that Nick likes to speed, so instead of laying all the blame on Nick, I think some of it should be on the 22 year old as well. Why, because he knew Nick, he knows Nick likes to speed, and last but not least he knew that he was taking a risk by getting in the car with Nick. He didn’t have to get in the car. But he chose to and because he chose to he is suffering.
    I pray for both Nick and the 22 year old friend, because my friend made that same choice and lost his life because of it. I hope the 22 year old makes it through this bad tradgy with little to no serious injuries, because there is nothing worse than loosing a friend. Exspecially when it was you who caused their injuries to begin with.
    I think all of you morons should quit bickering about who did what, why a 22 year old is hanging out with a 17 yr old, and who’s fault it is and start thinking about Nick and his friend and pray for them to be ok.
    Its not your problem, so if you don’t like it, don’t listen to it and move on.

  38. Joker

    ” We all should definitely forget that we’re not the ones who tortured and killed first. In fact, we should completely forget about all of the US Citizens who were kidnapped and tortured and then BEHEADED ON TV! ”

    So apparently history only goes back 10 years. Who tortured and killed first??? In the middle east??? Are you kidding? Ask the CIA. The “interrogation techniques” aren’t new, they were simply put back into the playbook. That’s not “commie pinko” (grow up) talk, that’s written in the legal briefs filed by the Bush administration in its attempts to justify the post-9/11 treatment of prisoners. We – through the CIA and other clandestine operatives – have tortured and killed plenty of people in the middle east over the past 60 years, in our largely successful attempt to maintain foreign control over the oil resources. Governments that make a show to their people but answer to us, and opposition that was brutally squelched so that popular control over countries’ own resources could never arise. That’s the history. That’s why the older middle easterners hate us. The younger ones hate us because of what they see on TV (Al Jazerra showing the Abu Ghraib pictures over and over again), and in that sense, they’re a lot like us.

    About the soldiers – of course they believe in their mission. Some of them do, at least; anonymous polls indicate that lots of them don’t. Their belief doesn’t mean what they’re doing is right, anymore than in the case of the Nazis who believed in the Final Solution. I’m sick of the “I support the troops” mindless mantra. I don’t want them to get hurt or killed anymore, but I absolutely do not support what they’re doing. Because of our invasion, Iraq is collapsing into full-blown civil war that will last decades, and there’s nothing we can do about it since we’re the ones who doused them with gasoline and lit the match. It’ll start whenever we leave, so let’s get out today, and stop pretending that we’re doing any type of lasting good.

  39. spoofy mcgillicutty

    Thats what happens when Hulkamania Runs Wild in a supra….

  40. spoofy mcgillicutty

    Hulkamania needs to run wild in Iraq.

  41. Danklin24

    #67, you have got to be the most retarded jackass on the planet. Did it ever cross your mind that those “retards, psychos, homos” can run and operate some of the most advanced military equipment on the planet? Those “etards, psychos, homos” could very well save your stupid ass from a nuclear or bio attack one day. God forbid you do anything worthwhile with your life. No, you choose to sit on your ass in front of a computer screen typing out meaningless drivel about something you obviously know shit about. Stfu, and get up off your fat lazy ass and do something for your country you punk ass bitch.

  42. you suck

    #80 – Wow! Good one! So original too. Did you seriously come up with that just right off the cuff? Cuz that’s some good stuff. You should write jokes for a living. You’re obviously super unique and intelligent. You really put me in my place. Really.

  43. spoofy mcgillicutty


  44. HotDogger

    Good, perhaps it will straighten up the spoiled little fucker.
    BaldAsBritney – Global warming is a myth, moron.
    plz post moar pics of Brooke.
    That is all.

  45. KRISTY

    You people are the biggest assholes known to man, yes we are losing soldiers in this stupid war but if you have fought and survived a war, you are a veteran. I assume none of your lazy asses have fought, because if you had, you would not be bad-mouthing the ones who have.
    As for Nick and his friend, my prayers go out to you and each of your families, whether he was speeding or driving reckless, an accident is an accident, and I am sure 90% of you morans have done the same, you were just lucky enough not to be in an accident. I’m pretty positive if you had the money coming in like the “Hogans” you would buy your son or daughter a fast sports car also. That just shows how JEALOUS you are of what someone else has.
    So I hope when you do go to sleep at night, your self-conscious gets the best of you and you might refrain from such negative wishes on others.

  46. wow

    wow…all you people do are start arguements on these comments. you may have your own opinion about things, but the situation at hand that you are supposed to be commenting about is one young man’s bad decision that turned awry. the other passenger is still in grave danger of dying. think about that, before you try a witty comment or an asshole remark.

  47. done

    to 95 and 96, I totally agree with u guys. I’m not even going to read the posts on this site or post anything myself because it’s really just a bunch of mean people who want to see how pissed off they can get everyone else. It’s stupid. I get aggravated everytime I look at posts so yeah. I’m just gonna stop.

  48. 1800boohoohoo

    Sure, but, if I was a celebrity, I could say what I wanted, and my price would go up everytime!
    I’m currently up to $35 an hour, and thats just what your mama pays me!

  49. Natural Selection

    Let’s not get all weepy here. It’s natural selection at work. Nick is a tard and has almost killed himself – before reproducing – several times. He’ll succeed at some point in the near future, and that’s a good thing because he’ll remove his tard genes from the gene pool. His companion was stupid enough to sign up with the military and go to Iraq, to kill innocent civilians, make America look sick & evil & inept in the eyes of the world, and run up a huge national debt that will completely screw the current generation of kids. I hope he dies, horribly. It’s what he deserves.

  50. stevieray

    So….Who was Nick Racing????….Odd that the Hulkster was immediately at the scene???

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