Hulk Hogan’s ex cashes in on OJ comment

April 28th, 2009 // 61 Comments

Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife Linda is jumping all over his comment that he thought about going OJ on her. She’s using the remark to squeeze more money out of their divorce settlement, according to TMZ:

Linda Hogan just filed papers in Pinellas County, Fla. claiming she needs an additional $8,200 a month from Hulk so she can move “thousands of miles away” from him because Linda feels she’s in “imminent danger of becoming a victim.”
She’s also asking for $24,000 for “advanced rent and security deposits” to set up shop in sunny California.

Or here’s a thought, Linda, if you’re really scared of Hulk you can move somewhere modest and quiet that’s not only affordable but far, far away from the public eye. — Wait, why did she run out of the room screaming? Is Hulk wielding a knife behind me? Oh, I said “affordable.” Whoops.

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  1. Optimus


  2. Ile


  3. Sid

    The only thing she needs to move thousands of miles away from is a mirror.

  4. Sweet Dee

    There’s definitely a dick in those pants.

  5. Ile


  6. Carol

    She is so stupied. If he was going kick that a–, It would have already happen. But she looks pretty good for her age.

  7. Orange Cougar-Granny

    God, she’s fugly.

  8. STINK


    Not stupid, just greedy.

  9. hulkamaniac

    Man that sucks…wrestling all those years just to have a skank of an ex-wife to take it all away. I feel for the Hulkster. Maybe he can live off his daughter like Lindsay Lohan’s mom.


    ninja please… this is still all a ruse to protect the family fortune when minidouchehulk gets sued for hospitalizing and essentially killing his douche friend… hulk and woman are still probably making monstrous orangetanned love at hidden random seedy motels

  11. Photoshop Police

    Whoever the judge is on this divorce needs to stop dragging this out and stop letting the lawyers bleed Hogan dry. Too much time and $$$ is wasted in the courts by greedy lawyers and greedier (and clueless) gold-digging hoes like Linda Hogan.

    Get a summary judgement already, split it down the middle, and get this fugly piece of white trash off of my superficial page!

  12. Can someone please give this sack of leather cancer of the aids in her fucking eyes pleaseeeee. Hulkster is a good man. I’d cut that bitch.

  13. Kristi

    She looks like Darla. You know, from Napolean Dynamite.

  14. jlylec

    she’s a despicable piece of trash bitch…go die, ho…i wish hulk had killed her right away. saved us all this bullshit news.

  15. havoc

    Fuck it. Waste the bitch….


  16. dirk

    So she sat on her ass (raised two punks) while Hulk was on the road busting his ass to earn money all those years and she deserves HALF of his money? What a legal system. I’d give her a link to and a kick in the cunt.

  17. mikeock

    That whole nigger-rich family gives trailer trash a bad name.

  18. mikeock

    whoever said she looks good for her age is right – if she’s 80.

  19. Darth

    She must really dislike her ex.This is not the average divorce case.

  20. Deacon Jones

    But I thought women were equal….?
    Why do they have to be supported all the time then by alimony???


  21. NASTY

    I wish I was her 16 year old boyfriend banking in on that mad cash!
    The only problem there is putting out to sheman….
    A risk not worth taking

  22. isitin

    Deacon, just another female slut who has done nothing in her life but to feed off the hard work of a man. Women, who the fuck needs them……….

  23. antoine bugleboy

    *austin powers voice*

    that’s a maaaaan, babyyyyyyy!

  24. Irkk how vile is this woman! poor Hulk, hopefully the judge will throw it out of court with her, head first!

  25. I love the spaghetti straps of her shirt hanging on the lasagna slices that make up her bra.

  26. Venom

    F#ck this b!tch.
    She is only enforcing his comments and proving him right.
    You should not have to work your ass off your whole life and then have some b!tch bleed you dry when her only job was lying on her back.
    These judges and courts need to stop this nonsense.

  27. p,s,fuck that gold digger cute o.k. brooke as a dick. haha

  28. BobbyKnobby

    If the Hulkster wasn’t go all OJ on her wrinkled leathery haggy ass before, he sure as fuck is now.

    This stupid sea-turtle money-digging bitch is fucked.

  29. this is still america, folks.
    not working means: NO INCOME AT ALL!!
    (so america still needs help)

  30. Hulk hogan married a leech.

  31. Doctors say Fred Flintstones sex change a success!

  32. Jason

    every guy on here would bang Linda….lets not fool ourselves…

  33. Jason

    every guy on here would bang Linda….lets not fool ourselves…

  34. pappy smeary

    Its Blue Iris!!! Flah flah floofy. ba ba booey

  35. crazypants

    She looks better than she has in a while. I’d totally do her.

  36. ES

    That’s not the Ex-Mrs. Hulk Hogan – It’s Paul Hogan in a blond wig!

  37. ES

    That’s not Linda Hogan, It’s Paul Hogan in a blond wig

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