Hulk Hogan’s ex cashes in on OJ comment

Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife Linda is jumping all over his comment that he thought about going OJ on her. She’s using the remark to squeeze more money out of their divorce settlement, according to TMZ:

Linda Hogan just filed papers in Pinellas County, Fla. claiming she needs an additional $8,200 a month from Hulk so she can move “thousands of miles away” from him because Linda feels she’s in “imminent danger of becoming a victim.”
She’s also asking for $24,000 for “advanced rent and security deposits” to set up shop in sunny California.

Or here’s a thought, Linda, if you’re really scared of Hulk you can move somewhere modest and quiet that’s not only affordable but far, far away from the public eye. — Wait, why did she run out of the room screaming? Is Hulk wielding a knife behind me? Oh, I said “affordable.” Whoops.

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