Hulk Hogan threatened by Graziano family, graves vowed to be pissed on

June 16th, 2008 // 59 Comments

John Graziano’s brother Frank has allegedly been leaving Hulk Hogan threatening messages since his appearance on Larry King Live, according to TMZ:

The voicemail threats made against Hulk Hogan and his family — calling them “whores” and threatening to “piss on you and your family’s grave” — have been released.
Clearwater PD tells TMZ there is an “open investigation” into the calls.

The messages were played on

(?) radio show this morning and they’re beyond pathetic. It’s basically some assclown who’s seen way too many episodes of The Sopranos. The Hulk said some asinine shit, but he deserves a believable death threat that doesn’t make me laugh then suddenly crave a meatball sub. I’m talking a dead fish in his mailbox. Or shaving off his moustache in his sleep. I hope you’re writing these gems down, Frank Graziano, and not just polishing your pinky ring with a slice a da pizza.

EDIT: Uncensored and NSFW version of the messages here. Not safe for the kiddies either unless you want to explain why Darth Vader keeps saying “cocksucker.”


  1. Hmmmm….sure it wasn’t Sam Lufti??


  3. Grunion

    I’d piss on the Hogan graves. It seems like natural thing to do.

  4. all the ‘hulks’ should go to jail. that’ll make a good reality show!

  5. Steve

    this is getting out of hand……yeah the hulk said some things about the guys brother but come on! get a life dude!

    the hulks son and the guy riding with him both made mistakes! I belive that nick messed up by drag racing drunk with somone in the car but his friend whatever his name is or was should have known his friend nick was to hammered to even drive to the liquor store.I have driven with drunk friends and if we were in an accident then I would only blame myself for what happened. I think both sides should step up and take the blame.It was an unfortunate accident and key word being accident.

  6. trumper

    I’d hit it

  7. It's me Fuckers

    After what the Graziano family has gone through, the jail tapes, etc. No wonder they are pissed! The family has been put through Hell, one of their sons is basically fucked for the rest of his life and Nick is whining about having to spend time in jail. No one in the Hogan family seems able to take ANY responsibility in this fucked up mess. The only thing that surprizes me is the fact that that’s the ONLY death threats they have gotten.

  8. veggi

    After listening to Frank, I’m not sure John lost all that many IQ points by having half his brain removed…

  9. John’s mom is keeping him alive only to collect military benefit checks, so fuck all of them.

  10. veggi

    9- shut up fuckerface..

  11. Deacon Jones

    Man, that guy was trying way too hard on that voicemail. Nice fake Jersey accent too.

  12. FL_Grrl

    Re: Bubba the Love Sponge.

    Sadly, the real deal. He’s gone by the name for at least a dozen years at a couple different local radio stations.

    I guess he has a new show, as I hadn’t heard anything about him since he got fired a couple years back for multiple FCC violations.

  13. Samantha

    #9 = totally correct. This story is about a bunch of camera-hogging freaks who involved a member of a bunch of morons in a bad accident. I’d love to see both families exterminated.

  14. Veroonica

    The fact of the matter is, this whole thing wouldn’t be so bad if the Hogan’s would just STFU and LAY LOW. The last thing I want to see after pictures of John’s bashed-in skull is that fat, bleached blonde bitch Linda Hogan straddling some young kid, or “The Hulk” talking trash about John and his family, while we see pics of him and his “Brooke-look-Alike” girlfriend (makes me wonder if thier isn’t just a little bit of incest in that family). If those fucktards would just lay low for awhile people would start calming down a bit, and the dumb-asses wouldn’t be getting threatening phone calls (if that REALLY is the case. Personally, I am kind of suspicious of the Hogan’s at this point).

    Hey Bruthah! SHUT YA PIE HOLE!

    Oh. If John was such a hothead, and his family so trashy, why did you let him hang out with your SON!

  15. pat

    I think #6 Steve has a good point. If Nick had killed or paralyzed some random person on a sidewalk, then Nick would be 100% responsible.
    But in general, an adult in a car with a minor driver has some responsibility.
    In general, an adult shouldn’t encourage or condone a minor’s drinking.
    In general, an adult should strongly discourage a drunk minor from driving.
    In general, an adult in the front seat of a car should comply with the law and fasten their seat belt.
    The driver has more responsibility, but in these situations I think the responsibility would be 60-40 between the minor driver and his adult passenger.

    Switching to facetiousness, I think Frank Graziano should be making his threats to God, since Hulk has revealed the whole thing was planned by God.

  16. Ted from LA

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if Frank beat him to death with a folding chair?

  17. M.D.

    Everybody who visits says that this is the life that suits John best – peeing, pooping, and drooling. The inside story is that he wasn’t much of a soldier, and we all know how good he was at picking friends…

  18. Auntie Kryst

    Not for nuttin’ but dat guy has some noive making threats like dat in Little Carmine’s territory..

  19. Mandy

    I’d be more ironic if he beat him to death with a bedpan.

  20. Sid

    It’s a family of mooks. There is no “tragedy” here.

  21. Randal

    I am not a big fan of the Hogans, now that they are on the outs, but if anyone lays a hand on the man in red and yellow, they will have me to answer to.

  22. RE 16

    I agree. I think the fault in the accident ITSELF should have been 60/40.

    My main problem: Why in the hell was the kid driving after those tickets? If my kid drove like that, he wouldn’t be driving. Where was the parenting?

  23. Whatcha gonna do, when Graziano runs wild on you???

  24. Andre The Giant

    #10 Jimbo
    You have the nerve to say that a mother is keeping her son alive for money. You Sir are a real SCUMBAG we will say a prayer for you.

  25. havoc

    Hogan ripped his own ass. Nick is the biggest spoiled prick to come down the pike in a long time. Maybe its not entirely Hulk’s fault. His two useless kids are obviously heavily influenced by his ridiculous, soon to be, ex-wife.

    What a clown show.


  26. Sport

    I love the doorag with spindly white hair look.

  27. justifiable

    #6 Yeah, Steve, you’d blame yourself, how cool of you. Keep drinking heavily, you still have some brain cells left to kill off.

    If I were waving a gasoline soaked lit rag outside your house and dropped it, and your house caught fire and burned up your CDs, your widescreen TV, your puppy and your MOM, would you consider that an accident? Hey, I didn’t mean to drop it and all, it just happened. Sorry, dude.

    And it was God’s will that your mom should fry, it made her a better person.

  28. Hey Randal.. Blow me

  29. @25 Douche bag – That is a troll. Learn to tell us apart..

  30. Jimmy Beam

    Frank’s last name is not even Graziano. Plus he is a felon in CA for aggravated kidnapping and some other stuff.

  31. lkittenl

    Make Nick listen to his dads music while hes rotting in prison…that should be punishment enough!

  32. Rich

    John Graziano had multiple disciplinary problems while in the Marines, including a sexual assault charge. Sounds like he was pretty typical of the whole family.

  33. Reycez

    When you screw with life and take advantage of the things it has gifted to you, You are going to be punsihed in one way or another 10 fold.

    It’s called KARMA.

    I won’t lose any sleep over an assasination.. Maybe it’ll teach the world a lesson.

    This is boring…

  34. Reycez

    When you screw with life and take advantage of the things it has gifted to you, You are going to be punsihed in one way or another 10 fold.

    It’s called KARMA.

    I won’t lose any sleep over an assasination.. Maybe it’ll teach the world a lesson.

    This is boring…

  35. Dave

    i think the homophobic language is rediculous. i hate that shit. comparing a gay man to the hogans.. thats just mean.. the hogans, ew.

  36. dumb americans

    Stop dropping “karma” into conversations. It’s not about punishment or revenge, you simpletons. You have no clue and no depth. Stick with “payback’s a bitch” – that’s more your level.

  37. justifiable

    Reycez = Sharon Stone

  38. justifiable

    Reycez = Sharon Stone

  39. Sport

    #36 = Faggy McFaggerson.

  40. Sport

    #36 = Faggy McFaggerson.

  41. sameshitdifferentyear

    ‘…voicemail threats made against Hulk Hogan and his family — calling them “whores” and threatening to “piss on [Hogan] family’s grave”‘

    You might have to wait your turn in line bubba

    Terry. Terry. Terry Bollea.
    Isn’t it about time we all call him his actual name?
    I don’t force people to call me “Spiderman”.

  42. steve

    #33- how does that change the fact that Nick is a wreckless asshole who is responsible for what happened?
    It’s obvious that in court the Hulkster put on an oscar worthy performance. Then the Hogan family gets busted showing absolutely no remorse on those jailhouse tapes. They only care about making a buck off the tragedy……fuckin’ jerks. Poor Nick has been inconvenienced with an 8 month prison term, while the other guys’ life is ruined for ever.

  43. Anna

    #33, my husband was stationed with John Graziano, that is a complete and total lie and you effing know it. What is the MATTER with you???

  44. DAVE7007


  45. bootlips

    It seems all Italian men like to pretend that they’re in the Mafia.

  46. [Xenu]

    So articulate and talented that man Frank. Not many of us can write two paragraphs of text using only 3 different words.

  47. gawd is a DELUSION

    LMAO! Hugh Hefner on steroids! This guy’s, what, 92 years old? At least!

  48. Pandora

    Terry Bolea: AssHat Extraordinaire

    What a wrinkled up, washed up, tiny wang, fuddy-duddy eunoch!

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