Hulk Hogan: God wants John Graziano in a coma to make him ‘a better person’

Oh, man, those crazy Hogans have done it again! This time Hulk stopped by Larry King Live last night for an emotional interview about his son Nick’s imprisonment. At the end of the interview, a teary-eyed Hulk remained positive that Nick’s accident happened for a divine reason and then expressed his belief that John Graziano’s coma would make him “a better person.” Here’s an excerpt from the transcript on

KING: It is OK. This is hard. Who could ever imagine.
HOGAN: It is the main focus is my son, my children and John Graziano. It has been a tough one, Larry. You know, you said to me during the break, this is the second part of the dance. So it is halftime and we’re positive. We’re moving forward.
KING: You believe in god.
HOGAN: Yes, I do.
KING: Do you believe in the second act? Do you believe in forgiveness?
HOGAN: Like I said, this is in God’s hand. Things happen for a reason. This is to make Nick a better person. In my belief, this is to make John a better person. It is like I said before, you know, it is god’s will where we’re at with this situation. I refuse to accept any negativity, any nay sayers. I firmly believe there is a plan. It is god’s plan and god’s will.

WOW! Because nothing improves your outlook on life than a coma you’ll never wake up from. Damn, these people will blame anyone but themselves. I’m looking forward to Linda Hogan appearing on The View where she’ll point the finger at, of course, John Graziano along with Satan and “the rat-bastard who invented the wheel.” Her son’s a driver of vehicles – How could you?!

NOTE: Video after the jump. Hulk citing lifelong paralysis as a self-help plan around the 2:50 mark.