Hulk Hogan: God wants John Graziano in a coma to make him ‘a better person’

June 11th, 2008 // 107 Comments

Oh, man, those crazy Hogans have done it again! This time Hulk stopped by Larry King Live last night for an emotional interview about his son Nick’s imprisonment. At the end of the interview, a teary-eyed Hulk remained positive that Nick’s accident happened for a divine reason and then expressed his belief that John Graziano’s coma would make him “a better person.” Here’s an excerpt from the transcript on

KING: It is OK. This is hard. Who could ever imagine.
HOGAN: It is the main focus is my son, my children and John Graziano. It has been a tough one, Larry. You know, you said to me during the break, this is the second part of the dance. So it is halftime and we’re positive. We’re moving forward.
KING: You believe in god.
HOGAN: Yes, I do.
KING: Do you believe in the second act? Do you believe in forgiveness?
HOGAN: Like I said, this is in God’s hand. Things happen for a reason. This is to make Nick a better person. In my belief, this is to make John a better person. It is like I said before, you know, it is god’s will where we’re at with this situation. I refuse to accept any negativity, any nay sayers. I firmly believe there is a plan. It is god’s plan and god’s will.

WOW! Because nothing improves your outlook on life than a coma you’ll never wake up from. Damn, these people will blame anyone but themselves. I’m looking forward to Linda Hogan appearing on The View where she’ll point the finger at, of course, John Graziano along with Satan and “the rat-bastard who invented the wheel.” Her son’s a driver of vehicles – How could you?!

NOTE: Video after the jump. Hulk citing lifelong paralysis as a self-help plan around the 2:50 mark.


  1. Barak Obama

    I blame liberals.

  2. Que

    Que horrible!

  3. ph7


    Steroids have robbed you of both your brain and your soul.


  4. nipolian

    Pete, Shia and now Hulk……the circle of douchebagness is now complete.

  5. Jumpin_J

    “Barak”, watch gonna do when Obama-Mania runs WIIIIILD over you, brotha??? Hopefully drop dead.

  6. pat

    I agree – it’s all god’s will – I refuse to accept negativity – especially all those people being negative about what happens in Darfur and the Congo. Can’t they see it’s really all for the best?

    Which reminds me, I really should get around to reading CANDIDE someday.

  7. YEP, I’m sure:
    The hogans must be hanged!!

  8. Agnostic (Athiest Without Balls)

    I saw part of the interview yesterday and I was shocked when he made the “Better Person” statement. God did not make this happen, people made it happen.

  9. AllieCat

    how is this going to make John a better person? note to Hulk: i think your bandana is wrapped to tightly around your head and has cut off the circulation to your brain

  10. Barak Obama

    J, name ONE thing that qualifies rockin obama to be president?

    Apperantly Thunder Lips here thinks coma’s are a gift from god. Is his manly daughter a gift from god also?

  11. terry gene bollea can eat a dick

  12. ChaosJones


  13. Gia

    Some religious people will say it is Gods plan; only God knows what is in store for the person in coma. But to speak for God and say it will make John a better person is inconsiderate, heartless, selfish, obsurd thing to say.

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  15. janex

    @4 – More like the axis of douchebagness!

  16. jrz

    How about a better driver? Will it make him a better driver?

  17. Giomon_Rocks

    Wow. What a complete tool. So his irresponsible son gets completely shit faced and drags races, resulting in coma for his passenger and it’s an act of GOD?! Bravo Hulk Hogan, you are officially the douchiest person of the day. I hope he gets ass raped by a band of mad goats.

  18. nipolian

    You want to know who is at fault here……It’s Jack Daniel’s fault for making the whiskey that Nick was drinking prior to the crash as well as the Mexican’s fault for growing the weed that Nick was smoking. Come on Hulk…..give some fucking credit where credit is due.

  19. SlowMonkey

    Those are some inspiring words. The Homeless are being made better people as we post.

    And here’s, the second point, if you help some unfortunate person out, it will only fuck up their chances as coming back as someone decent when they are reincarnated.

    Is John Graziano Hindu? No? Jeez, he better make the best of this life then.

  20. Larry King

    John Graziano, do you have anything to say in reply?

    ” “.

  21. When this fucker finally kicks, we’ll be able to make some high quality leather goods out of his hide…

  22. Auntie Kryst

    I always suspected it was the Iron Sheik’s fault. He hated the Hulkster..

  23. tight lipped smiler

    He didn’t mean any of it cause he didn’t say ‘brudda’ every other word.

  24. Holy Cow!


    The female that was raped, tortured, left for dead, and lived to tell about it is now a better person because it was Gods plan.

  25. sb

    Honestly, I try not to get too wrapped up in “celebrity” bullshit, but the Hogan family’s response to this is simply unreal. From Nancy-boy Jr. whining about being jailed to Dipshit Sr. saying this nonsense, well… I hope karma has several ass poundings waiting in the wings. Perhaps that’s also God’s plan.

  26. Sam


    How about that one chick in the news decades ago that was hitch hiking and a rapist picked her up and he raped her and cut off her arms. It was Gods plan to make the victim a better person.

  27. Em

    There is a special place in hell for the Bollea family.

  28. coffeebean

    It’s dipshits like this that make white people look as bad as some of the other races.

  29. I’m curious, is it God’s will that Amy Winehouse does as many drugs as humanly possible? Or is that Satan? Gosh its so hard to tell them apart these days, going by the Roman Hulkolic Beliefs.

  30. mike

    My goat is a better person now that I own her and she only gets sweet loven form me and not all of those strage goats there were raping her at will.

    Those bastards had no respect for her. They used her as they saw fit. It was not until I saved her that she is truly happy now. And God told me to buy her.

  31. SlowMonkey

    @24 and what about those children/grandchildren who were cellar-imprisoned sex slaves in Austria? Wow are they ever better people now.

  32. mike

    My goat is a better person now that I own her and she only gets sweet loven form me and not all of those strange goats that were raping her at will.

    Those bastards had no respect for her. They used her as they saw fit. It was not until I saved her that she is truly happy now. And God told me to buy her.

    Sorry for the typos, I still get so angry when I think about the day I saw her locked up in that pin with all those male goats doing those despicable things to her.

  33. God

    # 20

    I heart you.

  34. ARIMAS

    I agree everything happens for a reason!!!!! i believe that everything is prearranged and we all have our destiny. peopple die and people survive the most unbelievable accidents.. IT IS FOR A REASON. YOU FUCKERS DONT GET ANYTHING.. MAJORITY OF PEOPLE HAVE NO IDEA WHY THEY LIVE ….. EVERTHING WHAT HAPPENS IS A LESSON …IF YOU DONT TAKE IT LIKE THAT IT IS YOUR PROBLEM. … BUT you will find out sooner or later what life is about , it is only matter of time.

  35. p0nk

    @19, jrz, you owe me a new keyboard.

  36. Lugh

    Once again, the media takes something someone has said and wildly blows it out of context. I watched the ENTIRE interview and what Hulk was saying is that because of his faith in God, he believes that everything, good or bad, happens for a reason. He believes (as unfortunately many of us don’t) that good comes out of everything, and that God has a plan for each of us.

    He was not saying that he was glad John is in bad shape, he was just saying that he trusts in God’s will and that everyone will come out of this a better person. He also said that he prays every day for John and that he is hoping for a miracle.

    I’m a big fan of the fish here, but for the love of God, stop taking shit out of context. Watch the whole interview and then decide, rather than taking small snippets and then proceeding to blow a douchebag gasket.

  37. It's me Fuckers

    In-fucking-sane! He is even so delusional to think the public supports he and his family! That they are all ‘good people’. They need to start learning how to take some responsibility in their actions. Stupid bunch of cunts.

  38. nipolian


    Careful Arimas…..thinking is tricky business.

  39. Mia


    I watched the entire interview and the interview was going well until Hulk said
    it was Gods plan to make John a better person. It is amazing how the Hulk says he believes in the Bible, but I bet he is having premaritial sex. Hulk is using religion as a way out.

  40. LL

    #37: I guess you haven’t seen pics of coma guy’s caved-in head. He ain’t coming back. He’s as gone as Terri Schiavo, they just haven’t pulled the plug on him yet.

    If anyone needs a hypocrite-to-English translation, here you go:

    “God’s will”: a way for stupid and/or scummy people to deflect responsibility for their actions

    “We’re praying for you/him/her/them”: You’re on your own.

    “Everything happens for a reason”: My lawyer and PR people told me to say this because it acknowledges that something happened without admitting I did anything wrong but still seems to be expressing sympathy for the horrible thing that wouldn’t have happened if not for me/member of my family.

  41. shar

    Here is a parent that gave and gave to his kids but unfortunately, common sense was not one of them. The Hogans aren’t the only parents to do this but they are in the media spotlight. I always told my children “you are as good as the company you keep” and this also applies to parents.
    I also think when all else fails, use your beliefs as a crutch, or last ditch effort to gain sympathy.

  42. deacon jones

    Islamic Extremist! Islamic Extremist! (cue air raid horns)

  43. havoc

    I watched the entire thing last night. It was absolute bullshit.
    Damage control and nothing else. Fake tears at the end. Lots of Jesus this and Jesus that. They played the tapes with him sitting there and anything he said after listening to those was absolute bullshit.


  44. Barack Obama

    Sumbuddy reed dis to me. Ah axed wunna mah thugs an’ dey coont reed it eeda.

  45. veggi

    The Hulkster is correct, in a way. If you look at current pictures of John Graziano’s head, he HAS become holier.

  46. sb

    #37, regarding “I’m a big fan of the fish here, but for the love of God, stop taking shit out of context. Watch the whole interview and then decide, rather than taking small snippets and then proceeding to blow a douchebag gasket.”

    The reason people are reacting like this is because this is in keeping with every action and statement made by the Hogan family–the very definition of douchebags–since the accident. Pay attention, idiot.

  47. Josh

    Larry King is the WORST interviewer on the planet.

  48. Jim Jones

    Everything is God’s fault. Duh.

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