Hulk Hogan frolics with new lady friend

April 4th, 2008 // 114 Comments

Hulk Hogan took his new girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel to Miami beach for some R&R. You may remember her from last week when everyone thought she was Brooke Hogan. However, without her make-up on she looks more like Meryl Streep’s twin sister – who loves steroids. But the Hulk takes what the Hulk can get. I mean, seriously, I could make a leather couch out of his skin. Do you think his moustache could hold a beer can? Actually, that’s pretty insulting. It could hold a case.


  1. alex


  2. SLASH

    Is he pary African? Geh!!! Sunblock, dude, sunblock that shit!!!

  3. SLASH

    Typos rock!

  4. Miss least be with a semi hot girl, not some girl who looks like a cashier at Walmart.

  5. SLASH

    #4 Walmart? I was thinking Dollar Store…

  6. sweetz

    ugly gad ??????????????

  7. hnb

    …and someone who doesn’t look exactly like your daughter.

    that’s where i’d draw the line. just sayin’.

  8. Well at least we know that The Hulk loves fake tits. First his wife, then his daughter, now has girlfriend. Ewwwww.

  9. woodhorse

    I wonder if that’s what the Vikings looked like as they frolicked in the English Channel after a day of raping and pillaging.

  10. Grunion

    His GF’s name should be Mela Noma

  11. white trash smothers the state of indiana

    no #4 is right wal mart cashier

  12. meanmofo

    Well at least the ol’ Hulkster is getting some tittie…I wonder if he says things like “come over here and play with my python!” then rips off his own shirt and puts his hand to his ear as if to get cheers from the crowd that only now exist in his mind…

  13. the first thing i thought of was that shrek movie where he gets married. i thought maybe perhaps this was the live action version being filmed.

  14. Randal

    Since I don’t have anything nice to say, I won’t say anything at all.


  15. LL

    Gorgeous water, too bad there’s trash floating in it.

  16. IKE

    Damn! Getting old is scary. Hasn’t the Hulk-ster heard of HGH. Looking at this guy makes me want to stay young forever!!

  17. FromOutOfNoWhere

    holy crap is that a dude Hulk is the water with. Damn I would stayed with Brooks best friend.

  18. GoyaISAbitch

    White people are so trashy. They’re the original n!ggers.

  19. joe

    Which one is the hulk?

  20. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    lady friend? looks more like walrus mating season.

    lol @ randal

  21. havoc

    Jesus Christ!

    Make-up stat!


  22. havoc

    In that first photo, does she have her dentures out or something?



  23. deacon jones


    She looks like a Viking warrior or something, what the fuck HULK????

    He went from that piece of ass chick from Miami to this????

  24. Sid

    “She” looks like Drew Barrymore’s brother, um, Drew.

  25. Racer X

    Hulk likes blonds w/ big tits.

    /I like his style

  26. Bruce Jenner

    These photos are way out of date, they belong back in the ’70s (“East German swimmer enjoys frolic at the beach”).

  27. Auntie Kryst

    @9 LOL, good one!! Seriously put an ax in their hands and they look like a Molly Hatchet cover, maybe the live action version of Heavy Metal.

  28. Murla

    Um, why is he waring his wedding ring?

  29. Anonymous

    He looks scary. I bet his penis is really big. YIKES!!!

  30. Trover

    The Hulk loves his some UGLY blondes with fake racks. Damn, that lady looks straight from the trailer park with that hairdo.

  31. jiver

    His torso looks like Donald Trump

  32. nick

    dont know much about the hulk….but his skin will make a nice handbag and possibly a small suitcase once his time on earth is over

  33. Laura

    I can’t believe how ugly the Hulk is, it’s hurting my eyes looking at him. She could do way better.

  34. minniememe

    he’s dating Debbie Rowe? And she used to be a dermatology nurse!

  35. fbomb

    wait… isn’t that Wilford Brimley. Wonder if he took his diabeetus meds

  36. voicescary

    he needs to get his roots done.

  37. Marky

    EWWWWWWW. Who are these skanks and why is my eyesight failing so fast? It’s as if these photos caused some sort of injuruiyeos. l’m truong ti tupe but camt ‘see thr jeys

  38. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    lmao @ 37 “Wilford Brimley”
    well played!

  39. Ted Mosby

    Hulk loves them old and masculine.

  40. Vas Deferens

    Thunderlips is looking old.

  41. Tits McGee

    Makes me want to recite a Poem!

    Makeup-Less Horse-Face,
    Fake tits somewhat perky,
    Hulk’s Tan Muscles Glisten,
    Like a Side of Wet Jerky.

  42. lipper

    Odd thing is, he never LOOKS at her. I’d be sickened too.. but then again how can SHE stand him. Perfect match!

  43. Ted from LA

    Why is he purple? If I were a lifeguard I would be screaming for help.

  44. Thegrayway

    My god, the back of his head looks like my old mop.. He seriously needs to realize his stringy hair, or lack therof, needs to GO. No matter the length, Hulk, it ain’t coming back on top.

  45. Spongebob Gangsta

    I thought the grandpa from Everybody Loves Raymond died.


    #20, go get the rope, n!gger.

  47. I wonder when he’s gonna admit to himself that growing your hair long won’t make up for the fact that there’s no hair on top. Michael Bolton, anyone?

  48. KillMONTAG

    I actually wanna HURL looking at this leathery ugly piece of filth, wanker..

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