Hulk Hogan’s a Loving Father

November 4th, 2010 // 69 Comments
Hulk Hogan Flashes Junk Stares Brookes Ass
WATCH: Hulk Hogan Understands Parenting

A bunch of you sent this one in, so here’s Hulk Hogan in a promo for Def Jam Rapstar where in less than 60 seconds he glances longingly at his son Brooke‘s bouncing ass prompting him to whip his dick out. (“A Billy Ray,” if you will.) Which really isn’t all that surprising until you realize Thanksgiving isn’t for another three weeks. It’s called “tradition,” dammit. C’mon.


  1. fatguyinalittleshirt


  2. Mark B

    Dude needs some fucking help.

  3. Bangkok Betty

    I’m so uncomfortable.

  4. Cock Dr

    I don’t think I need to see the video to get the gist of what’s going on there. The commentary & the still pics capture the weirdness.
    Those Hogans are a classy bunch.
    “The Hulk” is in the running for ugliest male ever posted, neck & neck with that Jersey Shore bunch.

  5. The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

    You can’t find real men like this up here in Canada….or the Hulk either!

  6. jack g

    I, um, well that is…I have no words.

  7. I was NOT expecting that. WHY? why? why? why? why did he do that?

  8. Bambi

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the father and daughter has some sort of sexual relationship based off her casual reaction at seeing her own father’s penis.

    • Brittani

      I was thinking the same thing… I wouldn’t be too comfortable seeing my father whip out his penis in front of me… I’d probably send him to a home if he ever did that.

  9. Kudos to the hulkster for not rubbing his dick on brooke’s labia like he does suntan lotion.

    Dont quit ur day job u def cant bust it like a brotha, bruthurrr

  10. Heyzeus Hosay

    I’m more embarrassed than shocked…she didn’t really see his penis for very long, as she looked away all quick, and he barely glanced at her booty-shakin’…im kinda disappointed. thought I’d see some Joe-Jessica Billy Ray-Miley action up in here.

    Does he just dress like that at home or was this a planned video-op? I’m confused…why did this happen?

    • Fuque

      i agree, she said “Hey they do this dance!” and he glanced over to see what dance she was showing. it wasn’t weird. up until he pulled out his man meat. i really don’t think he’s “glancing longingly” at her, i was expecting something weird like that and sorry superficial, you disappointed me yet again. it’s like you are pulling your teeth out of your head trying to find something “funny” to write. and this one, sorry, just isn’t true. it’s misleading.

      • Alex

        The dude whipped it out in front of his daughter. I don’t give a rat’s ass what you computer chair psychologists deduct from a glance. THE DUDE WHIPPED IT OUT IN FRONT OF HIS DAUGHTER.

      • Exactly. Picture your dad…now try and picture him doing that. Its WEIRD

      • swan

        It’s totally fuckin’ weird and gross. If my dad did that in front of me I would feel so gross. Exposing oneself near a child is considered an act of child abuse. She’s an adult, but it’s still his kid. incest …. yuck!

    • cfh1123

      he never showed his penis. uf you got to they have the uncensored video. he is wearing something similar to a bathing speedo

  11. fappuiccino

    Fuque speaks the truth

  12. I don’t think he’s banging his daughter but I think they just have a casual relationship. How are you gonna be a strict parent when you were WWF champ, partied your ass off an banged 18 year old chicks while on the road? She’s fuckin hot though !

  13. Gotcha

    What ever, you people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

    He’s just goofing off and doing a promo for some rap shit. His daughter asked him if he could do that ass bounce thing and he glanced over to see what the hell she was doing.

    He flashed the camera because it was him just being a kid.

    He’s old, for god sakes tell me half you pecker heads out there didn’t see your great grandfather’s junk or your grandmother’s 50inch long balloon bags at the kitchen table?

    He has nothing left to lose, he’s just trying to have as much fun as he can before he DIES! Christ his wife left him, he’s single now. He has more money than all of us who posted. Who gives a shit?

  14. Word of the day: Vile

  15. NeNe

    This whole family is sick. First, the mom is robbing the cradle, and now, I believe their might be an incestious relationship between brooke and her dad. I think the authorities need to investigate.

    • Fuque

      really? really? the authorities need to investigate a dad who glances over at his daughter when she says “Hey look at this?” that’s ridiculous. what planet do you live on? cuz i REALLY dont’ want to go there. if you really think that you are such a goddamned prude it’s crazy. in your world people would be going to jail for swearing in public huh? if you are going to take it to that level about a dad who glances at his daughter when she says that. he was not staring at her longingly. be fair.

  16. Hey, is that “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart! He was awesome in “Big Trouble in Little China”.

  17. Rough unite the "internets"

    lol I cant Jimmy Heart and the Hulkster are still buddies…

    There’s nothing here, be lame and go for the easy jokes…

  18. Nick Hogan

    Leave my Daddy alone.

  19. crazypants

    Yeah that was B.S. –

    “Hey Dad, can you do this (dance)” – Brooke does the booty shake that’s happening on screen.

    Hulk looks at his daughter for 2 seconds to see what dance she’s doing and says “yeah I think I can do that”.

    He flashes away from Brooke, towards the camera. She says “Eww, dad stop that”.

    That’s it – nothing to see other than the Hogan’s goffing around.

    PS – Brooke looks hot as hell in that video.

  20. bobo

    i just threw up my mexican food.

  21. jrdffr

    wow he whipped out his nuts in fron of his daughter. and it was “no biggie”

  22. Is this a promotion for a video game?…LOL.

  23. …the fuck?

    Although I’m less surprised that Hulk whipped his junk out than I am to see Jim Hart getting down in the back.

  24. Mee

    The youtube video has been removed :(

  25. StEvec

    Now we know…..that he is the BIGGEST asshole on earth…no doubt…he even tops Kanye West.

  26. Lady Blah Blah

    Q. If Brooke bore Hulk’s child, what would be a good name for it?

    A. Miley Cyrus.


    BTW, the video is viewable (at least as I post) at Radar Online, just google hulk flashes penis and it’s about the 3rd link down. The flashing is blacked out as in the images here, and I suspect he didn’t flash but simply acted as if he was flashing. Still, in front of his daughter – interesting sexual boundaries going on there.

  27. wim

    pssssssssst: HE F*CKED HIS OWN DAUGHTER.
    this is his fourth midlife crises he’s in, folks!!

  28. tpfanny

    go to and watch the real video , he did nothing wrong .

  29. Rick's Daddy

    Considering he’s a loud-mouthed conservative…..not a shocker he’s staring at his OWN DAUGHTERS ASS.

  30. Kim

    She lives in the building next to mine in Miami Bch. I’m sick of seeing this white trash family lolling around the pool and beach, up close she looks about 40 years old not the 20 or so she is….

  31. peter north

    Hulk Hogan: ” What’cha Gonna do when Hulkamania whip his d*ck out in front of ya”

    D-Generation X: “Suck It!!!”

    SLurp Slurp Slurp Slurp and Slurp!!…

  32. Name

    Here’s the thing. The Hulkster’s always been the cheesiest POS in the wrestling game and all real fans hate him for being a dope (at best). This just proves being a moron ain’t an act for Hulkamania more than any incest. It’s creepy, but mainly (incredibly, almost inexplicably) stupid and I’ve never been happier for a censor bar in my life.

  33. Lee

    that was ODDLY funny….

  34. It was pretty funny. He didn’t flash anything in front of his daughter. You guys are blowing this way out of proportion. I like the relationship he and his daughter have. Just because most people past a certain age like to act like any form of PDA between parent and child is creepy, doesn’t mean it is. Some people are just closer to their parents than others.

    Brook is fucking HOTT! I would fuck that hard!

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