Hulk Hogan Married That Dude Who Looks Like His Son

December 15th, 2010 // 78 Comments

Who is who? Does it even matter in the dark? Was this family grown in a Nazi lab? These questions and more on a very special The Superficial.

Because he’s not paying enough alimony these days, Hulk Hogan married the creature known as Jennifer McDaniel in Florida yesterday where, naturally, a fight broke out which just wasn’t the same without Junkyard Dog. (RIP) RadarOnline reports:

While the couple was exchanging vows at an intimate ceremony in Hulk’s backyard, which lasted no more than two minutes according to one insider, Hulk’s hired help grappled with the shutterbug who was trying to snap shots of the happy couple.
“Hulk’s security team was in the background throwing around the paparazzi who was standing 200 feet away in the shoreline water,” said one source.

In the meantime, Hulk’s ex-wife Linda made the couple a very special gift: A book about how many times Hulk cheated on her! Aww, she shouldn’t have. Although in his defense, the man’s a honed fighting machine who just starts jabbing his penis in the first thing he grabs onto with blonde hair and breasts. Something Dolph Lundgren knows all too well. All too well…

Photos: Splash News


  1. Hulk Hogan Got Married Again
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  2. Hulk Hogan Got Married Again
    The Listener
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    I really didn’t expect Brooke to look like that without makeup. Not good.

  3. Hulk Hogan Got Married Again
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    this is the actually the best pic of this chick [hide the face/ just show the angles] creepy family…

  4. Bandit82Baby

    Those two dudes have awesome plastic surgeons……..

  5. Hulk Hogan Got Married Again
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    She doing Black Tar Heroin now…….w/ a bacon wrapped crack rock as a chaser???WTF?

  6. Hulk Hogan Got Married Again
    Dorian Gray
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    I see a glimmer of Nick Spagnoli from Ridgemont High in him.

  7. Paloma

    Wow you guys are so evil. I hope he is happy and things work out for them.

    • MrsLeonidas

      Me too!
      And yes, folks are evil and insecure!
      I mean his first wife NEVER GAVE IT UP!
      So, he had to find it elsewhere! Lol! And I’m a wife/mom….saying this! Sex is very important for a healthy long marriage! My marriage of 14 years is just fine….I can tell you that! Lol!

    • Absolutely, and coming on this page spewing hatred was the first and only thing on their minds. Best of luck Hogan family.

  8. Hulk Hogan Got Married Again
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    Wow! What a ugly azz pic!
    She does look like a DUDE here!
    I’m confident she is using roids with Hulk! But why?!

  9. Hulk Hogan Got Married Again
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    She looks like a tranny!

  10. Truthmstr

    I am afraid that the bulk of these haters commenting here would consider the epitome of grecian classical beauty to be ugly. They would also likely lambast the mona lisa as masculine. It seems with todays media numbed,dumbed down masses, the standard of beauty is stick thin with suction cups for lips. Much of thier lick smacking vitriol stemms from raw jealousy, and anti white bias.

  11. Kike

    The writer of this article is a racist cunt.

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