Hugh Jackman: ‘Anyone mind if the Sexiest Man Alive shoots some heroin?’

December 19th, 2008 // 87 Comments

Here’s Hugh Jackman stripping off his jacket while going through security at LAX this morning. These might do something for some for you, or absolutely nothing for none of you. The important things is, I could beat this guy in arm wrestling. Wait, what? That’s his bicep? Jesus, I thought he had a beer keg strapped to his arm for the flight. Or am I the only one who does that?

Photos: Splash News

  1. mimi


  2. Hector

    First Bitches

  3. His face in the third picture looks like, “Did you just call me gay again?”

  4. Hector

    First Bitches

  5. Mimi has issues.
    Hector is second.

  6. havoc

    LMAO A pic #7.

    Strike a pose Hughey…..


  7. jumpin_J

    Aw c’mon, he played Peter Allen on Broadway. I’d kick his butt.

  8. p0nk

    praying for mimi

  9. joanna

    Christ, what a body…………!!!!!

  10. Poptart

    Oh so THAT is Hugh Jackman! the hairy one from X-Men; every time there were posts about him I wondered who he was.
    I can’t believe he’s 40.

  11. Alex

    Geezzzzz…. LOVE HIM! So hot. And he has such an ugly eife, so unfair!
    what’s up with mimi?? hahahaha The site rulez and also does the sup… dont read it if you dont like it! Geezz..

  12. mimi STINKS and sucks FISH. I guess that makes her a lesbian.

  13. BonnieBell

    I’d so take him home…….
    Totally the hottest, most manly man alive in Hollywood.

  14. Hugh was just showing off to get that CHICKDOWNTOWN

  15. Kahlee

    I used to only find him attractive when he was playing Wolverine but he looks good here too. And British girls do love the Australian accent ; )

  16. dork

    He’s taking off his hoodie. Hey, isn’t that Paris’ $2 million of jewels in his bag?

  17. shellibelli

    they should have made him remove his shirt too – just to be sure !

  18. I just realize I need a website so i can peddle on the fish…

  19. shellibelli

    oh, and his pants! I’m getting so hot – please, can I strip search him? Ohhhhh, crap, anyone got any AAs?

  20. sunshine

    mmm – mmm – good!

  21. ihji96

    Seriously the things I could do to him…the man is just YUMMY!

  22. Andie

    I’d do all sorts of fun nasty things with that man.

  23. Me

    Anyone posting after Me likes to get Down Under Hugh Jackoff’s pants

  24. Thanks!

    I have no idea who he is but he is hot!

  25. Me

    Me likes to get Down Under Hugh Jackoff’s pants (sorry, just had to do that for meself)

  26. redsonja1313

    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! almost makes me wish I had left out of LAX today. Then again BF did today and it was a nightmare so naaaahhh

  27. Me

    That dude looks just like the laborer at the lumber yard where I get home improvement supplies.

    I once considered myself a heterosexual but since that guy started helping me load supplies, I think I might be bisexual now. hmmmmmm I’d love to get Down Under Under there! Wonder what my wife and kids will think about that?

  28. mimi

    I’d dart my tongue in and out of his pussy.

  29. Lydia

    Notice all the homosexual males posting with female names! LMAO!

    Jackman is a fag magnet! A FAGNET! Personally, I think he looks like a weasel or some such animal. And a turn-off!

  30. God, I so need an airport security job.
    “Jackman… hmmmmm… sounds like a terrorist name to me, sorry sir but you are going to have to remove all of your clothes”.

  31. combustion8

    he’s cut I’ll give him that but his arms are small.

  32. redsonja1313

    @ 33 ……………….. CLASSIC ….. buhahahahahahahahaha

  33. mimi

    PS – Pray for Amy

  34. Plobes

    anyone who thinks this man is unattractive is


  35. OnlyGayEskimo

    I just love it when all the lonely, socially inept, heterosexual men get all fired up and angry over a picture of an attractive, and fully clothed, male celebrity. On a celebrity gossip site, no less. Waah waaah much?

    Heaven forbid the superficial take a break from the beef curtains of our favorite heroin addicts to entertain the ladies that probably pay more attention to the content of this website to begin with.

    Get a pussy for Christmas, and you won’t feel so bad a about yourselves, boys.

  36. Vince Lombardi

    DHS: “Department of Homeland Security, soon-to-be-replaced Bush appointee speaking.”

    LAX : “Hello, this is LAX security. We have a man claiming to be Hugh Jackman. He keeps setting off the metal detector, claims to have metal in his skeleton.”

    DHS: “Put him on the phone.”

    HJ: “Hello. This is Hugh Jackman. Look, mate, I’m here at LAX and I tried to explain my adamantium implants for my sequel to my new movie, ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ but they’re stupid or something. I can’t remove them until we finish shooting because putting them in daily takes us waaay over budget. Hasn’t anyone at DHS ever seen one of my movies?”

    : “Can you prove you have razor-sharp unbreakable claws in your forearms, sir?”

    HJ: “Look, let me just show you.”

    HJ: “Oh, geez, I’m sorry. I think if you put a little ice on that and elevate the wound, you’ll be okay. Here, take the phone.”

    LAX: “For God’s sake, let him through. Someone call me a doctor!”

    DHS: “Sounds like you reached a compromise. Thanks for calling the Department of Homeland Security, where we take your terrorists to foreign soil so you don’t have to.”

  37. Cate

    OMG he is the fucking hottest man on this planet. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SUPERFISH… really, more of him would not get any complaints from me. i could look at Wolverine all day long….

    *runs off to masturbate furiously*

  38. Notice

    #40 = Gay Male

  39. There are plenty of gay porn sites already out there douchie, what would be your “niche”? Maybe a POV from larry craig’s ipod, or a young boy reading mark foley’s email?

  40. Jibbly Biggins

    Oh yes……he looks so good !

  41. Ghost of Raymond Ernest “Ray” Nitschke : So. # 39. …What you twying to say here exactwee Vince….?
    Some sort of safety blitz ?
    ….Inside job ?

  42. Mike

    I had no idea that a wedding ring was considered so sexy, and could get that many strange women wet. I guess I’m going to break down after 18 years and buy a set. Thanks all!

  43. CJ

    Hits the spot…thank you!!!

  44. booyaka

    hugh has hugh breastesses

  45. Amy

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  46. Amy

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  47. wondering: HOW WILL HE LOOK DEAD?

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