Hugh Jackman & Robert Pattinson: BFFs

February 27th, 2009 // 54 Comments

Hugh Jackman and Robert Pattinson are apparently best buds after doing the Oscars this weekend. They spent last night getting their karaoke on in Japan, according to E! News:

I just got word that Pattinson and Jackman engaged in some karaoke crooning together this week at a bar in Tokyo.
The two have been in Japan on business. Pattison touched down on Tuesday to promote Twilight while Jackman and Nicole Kidman attended last night’s premiere of Australia.
Says a source, “They went after doing press for their films.”

In related news, the moistened panties available in vending machines market soared today in Japan thus bringing an end to their current economic crisis. When reached for comment, the White House issued the following statement:

“That’s messed up. – - But maybe….”

Photos: Getty, Splash News

  1. MissTron


  2. homo


  3. mamamiasweetpeaches

    oh please tell me they’re GAY! I would pay a Kings Ransom to watch the two of them make out!

  4. BonnieBell

    More Hugh Jackman please!!!!!!

  5. Sam

    The moistened panties are Robert’s. It’s a mixture of semen and Astroglyde.

  6. testing

    They both seem kinda gay to me, maybe there are a hot new couple

  7. pat

    That vest is the equivalent of a lavender hanky in his left back pants pocket.

  8. Valerie

    Y’all ONE DIMENSIONAL muthafuckas–at the very least they could be BI, and you know what THAT means………….THREESOME!!! Whoo hoo! :D

  9. Darth

    He is so sexy

  10. mimi

    drip drip drip squish squirt slop (wipes hands on blouse)

  11. Chris Brown

    I’d hit him

  12. Jrz

    *cough cough* HOMOS *cough*

  13. kaluma

    He is really a charming man, it is not strange why those rich women are talking about him actively at ” C e l e b m i n g l e. C0M ” when a woman is rich enough, she always wants to find a young and good looking guy!

  14. Darth

    #9 Troll!

  15. Andrea

    I don’t want a threesome with these two. I never want to deal with the memory of Robert lovingly licking his own rectal smears off of Hugh’s cock.

  16. GuyHolly


  17. Jrz

    Guy Holly!!!!!!!!!!1

  18. Darth

    #14 Troll! I just want some of his sex

  19. GuyHolly

    Is Word not working for you?

  20. Darth

    Val. looks like we are goona fight for him

  21. feckless

    The paparazzi are ineffectual.

  22. Jrz

    Me and Zanna’s Fun Factory found us out and blocked us. we’re bummin. Guess we all gotta hook up here.

  23. owenlove

    I’m not sure about that!! All my hot and sincere friends on ____TallMingle C om___ are talking about this!! BTW, it’s the place where hot models and sex y young men;and handsome folks with sensu al chick s meet and mingle! You may wanna check it out!LOL

  24. Valerie

    Oh Andrea, you nasty beezey! :D Lick lick!!! *slurp* ; )

    Darth: we can just have a 4 some, but stay away from my vagina! LOL

  25. GuyHolly

    That sucks. At least this place will be more entertaining. These people are tards.

  26. superficial commenter


  27. Darth

    *Drums* Here’s the real Darth! The rest of you all are trolls!

  28. Warren Piece

    Just watch – these two will become the Johnny Depp/Orlando Bloom of Hollywood. Movie in the future together FO SHO.

  29. Karaoke in Japan? Really? No way!

    #25 – You’ll love Massa’ and some weenie named “Apes…” Someone pass me a crowbar so I can pry them off of each other…

  30. jrz

    That’s how you seperate the men from the boys in Greece, too, Rich!

    Yeah, Guy, Fun Factories are oppressing their workers from fucking off. Well, let’s make a collective effort to breathe some life back into the Fish. We owe it to ‘em, afterall, it’s where we all met three years ago………..

    We need Pinky!

  31. #30 – Yea, I heard Massa’ left home because he felt he wasn’t being reared properly… but he eventually came back, because he couldn’t leave his brother’s behind…

  32. Fawn

    Two very handsome men!!! KEEP PARIS HILTON AWAY!!!!!!!

  33. Jrz

    Niiiice, Rich!
    Massa is so stupid, he took the Pepsi Challenge and the muthafucka chose Jif.

  34. jake

    I was there. The two of them sang this, I wonder why?

    Revvin’ up your engine
    Listen to her howlin’ roar
    Metal under tension
    Beggin’ you to touch and go
    Highway to the Danger Zone
    Ride into the Danger Zone
    Headin’ into twilight
    Spreadin’ out her wings tonight
    She got you jumpin’ off the track
    And shovin’ into overdrive
    Highway to the Danger Zone
    I’ll take you
    Right into the Danger Zone
    You’ll never say hello to you
    Until you get it on the red line overload
    You’ll never know what you can do
    Until you get it up as high as you can go
    Out along the edges
    Always where I burn to be
    The further on the edge
    The hotter the intensity
    Highway to the Danger Zone
    Gonna take you
    Right into the Danger Zone
    Highway to the Danger Zone

  35. Well Jrz, I hear Massa’ is so dumb he got stabbed in a shoot out… I mean, he lit a black guy’s home on fire and left the cross unburnt in front!

  36. Vale

    Awesome! they’re so cool those two.

    dude put more pictures of those two from those events PLEASE, I’ve seen more but their in crappy quality.

  37. GuyHolly

    #34 so…….were you the pitcher or the catcher?

  38. Jrz

    Massa’s so dumb he tripped over a cordless phone

  39. jake

    No I was the one making the Tom Cruise reference.

  40. Valerie

    38–I actually was amused by that! Here here I got one: Massa is so stupid, he got fired from a blowjob.

  41. Aleysen

    Robert is so f_cking gorgeous.

  42. Massa’s so stupid he thinks masturbate is used to catch master fish.

  43. Jrz

    SEE! That’s the spirit #40!
    Massa’s so dumb, he axt me “what comes after x” so I said, “y”, and he says, “cuz I wants ta know, dats why!”

  44. Valerie


    Massa so ugly, when he applied for the ugly contest they told him ‘NO Professionals’!

    Massa so smelly, his poo is glad to escape.

    Massa so greazy, he got a job at the cinema – buttering popcorn with his leg hair…

  45. Jrz

    Massa’s so dumb it took the muthafuckah 2 hours to watch 60 minutes

  46. Massa’s so stupid it took him an hour to cook minute rice… white rice, of course…

  47. sote

    Hugh is the man!!! He is so freaking perfect, except for the fact that he is married to that old hag, yack! That Pattison dude is FUGLY! Who the fuck told him he was cute?! Stupid little boy!

  48. Valerie

    47 I like me some little boys, heheheheheh!

  49. He prefers a DIDO of flesh & blood, folks!!

  50. OPP

    I know it’s really hard for Hollywood media to realize that Kristen Stewart was THE star of the movie. And she was deservingly named by “Moving Pictures” magazine as one of the top 10 (in no certain order) supporting actresses (that includes her other movies “What just Happened”, & “Adventureland”) of 2008. Among those listed in the top 10 with her were 2 Oscar winners this yr., Kate Winslet & Penelope Cruz. Kristen was the youngest!! And like ALL other media stories, they failed to mention here that Robert went to the bar there in Tokyo with Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner. Try these sites for at least mentioning the other 2 minor characters who were with Robert in Tokyo. & .

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