Hugh Jackman pissed off The Clooney

Hugh Jackman is People’s Sexiest Man Alive this year, and two-time winner George Clooney ain’t too happy about it. You see, nobody cock-blocks The Clooney’s lonely housewife buffet. NOBODY!:

“George Clooney rang me at two in the morning,” Jackman told PEOPLE Monday at the Australia premiere in New York City. “I was half asleep and I said to him, ‘Ah, George sweetie, good to hear from you.’ “
But this was not a courtesy call. “He goes, “Shut up, Jackman!’ ” the Aussie actor jokingly recounted. “[He said,]’I know what you did! You started this big campaign that’s been going on and [you] took the title away from me.’ “
“I thought that was unnecessary,” Jackman deadpanned.

What Hugh Jackman will also find unnecessary is getting stabbed in the back by while taking a shower. George Clooney don’t fuck arou-


Jesus! Folks, stay calm. Tom Cruise just dove through the window and is demanding I type more about this shower stabbing business. Also, he’s got a gun. Call the police.


Alright, alright! I’ll do it. Damn, your tiny midget hands are strong – and do I detect lavender? No, no, you’re absolutely right. It does add a hint of femininity.

Photos: WENN