Hugh Jackman pissed off The Clooney

November 25th, 2008 // 51 Comments

Hugh Jackman is People’s Sexiest Man Alive this year, and two-time winner George Clooney ain’t too happy about it. You see, nobody cock-blocks The Clooney’s lonely housewife buffet. NOBODY!:

“George Clooney rang me at two in the morning,” Jackman told PEOPLE Monday at the Australia premiere in New York City. “I was half asleep and I said to him, ‘Ah, George sweetie, good to hear from you.’ “
But this was not a courtesy call. “He goes, “Shut up, Jackman!’ ” the Aussie actor jokingly recounted. “[He said,]‘I know what you did! You started this big campaign that’s been going on and [you] took the title away from me.’ “
“I thought that was unnecessary,” Jackman deadpanned.

What Hugh Jackman will also find unnecessary is getting stabbed in the back by while taking a shower. George Clooney don’t fuck arou-


Jesus! Folks, stay calm. Tom Cruise just dove through the window and is demanding I type more about this shower stabbing business. Also, he’s got a gun. Call the police.


Alright, alright! I’ll do it. Damn, your tiny midget hands are strong – and do I detect lavender? No, no, you’re absolutely right. It does add a hint of femininity.

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  1. bootlips

    He’s not the least bit good looking.

  2. Richard McBeef


  3. dee


  4. Vince Lombardi

    I’m sort of on the fence on this guy. Sure, he can sing. He can dance. He can carve you to pieces with adamantium claws. But can he find a razor?

  5. CLooney was joking!

  6. J@ckoJ

    Hugh has the priviledge of being one of those men guys would like to be and women would like to be with. It’s a good thing that his nomination brought eternal bachelor George “Allmighty” back on the floor.

  7. CaptainMorgan

    Clooney is trying to fool him into thinking this is a good thing. Never mind those stalking cougars, they’re harmless. Even if you come home to a broken window and an empty underwear drawer. Joke’s on YOU Jackman!

    Hahahaha!! I laugh now, but later, I will go home to live under my rock. The sun hurts my eyes and burns my pale, translucent skin!

  8. Rome

    Great post, fish! Laughed my ass off.

    And FYI, Hugh is totally hot in my book. Clooney on the other hand… meh. Clearly past his prime. About time he realized his reign was over – even if he was just joking.

  9. Pink


  10. Johnny dough

    hes really ugly

  11. pinGsy

    superficial guy,

    how did you miss the fact that jackman called clooney “SWEETIE”? you’re off your game today, man.

  12. Confused again

    Should the sexiest guy alive be wearing the exaxt same Sears 3-piece suit my Mom made me wear to church? I can’t tell if he’s wearing the plaid pants with it, or the solid…

  13. your mom

    wow this story is boring. You didnt make any funnies wither. you suck.

  14. Ralph

    He is starting to get that Hollywood “plastic makeover” look…steroids, facial work, etc. Pretty soon he will indistinguishable from the rest of ‘em.

  15. this guy? really? meh

  16. havoc

    I expect some kind of female nudity after this.

    If its midget porn, that would be even better…


  17. Balls McCoy

    heh heh hu-heh-hu-heh….jack man.

  18. Leila

    Clooney is pathetic, that title means nothing anyway, the majority of those “Sexiest Guy Alive” are quite ugly.
    Shemar Moore is well hot and he’ll never make it to People’s cover, who cares?.

  19. Romeo

    Movie stars really don’t have anything useful to do in their spare time :S

  20. Romeo

    Also let me say: Jackman looks like a sober Patrick Dempsey :P

  21. Baxter Pancake

    I think he should lose the right to play Wolverine automatically for being the “Sexiest Man Alive.”

  22. Balls McCoy

    22 comments in 2 hrs….Hugh Jackman also tops the list of Superficial’s “Boringest Man Alive!”.

  23. JungleRed

    I guess “sexiest man alive!” (exclamation point required) is Hollywood code for great big faggot. Sorry, homosexual.

  24. m.munroe

    well, People’s SEXIEST MAN ALIVE issue NEVER lies!
    he is totally is it right now. ughh, what i would give for one night with him….

  25. Mike

    I’m a totally straight man but if either Clooney or Jackman offered some to me, I’d take it.

  26. NotBlonde

    I was gonna say “I wonder how long it’ll take before some humorless idiot is all ‘God, that title doesn’t mean anything’ or ‘I can’t believe Clooney actually got mad!’” but then I noticed dear #11, Miss Leila.

    Congratulations Leila, you have the worst sense of humor ever.

  27. FRIST!!!

    at least they didn’t give it to that monkey Obomma

  28. ummm...yeah

    Who the fuck do they ask ?
    George Clooney is not fuckin sexy and neither is this gayass fatherfucker.
    Who fuckin says that he’s the sexiest man alive? NOT ME! Nor most of the fuckin posters on this site…so who do they ask?
    Fuck him and fuckin People magazine…
    Get over it Frist…you know you secretly love black people…that’s why all your kids can dance, and love watermelon!

  29. Christopher

    Nah, it was a joke:,,20237714_20242570,00.html

  30. Leah

    He’s not good looking. He’s average and definitely doesn’t deserve the “Sexiest Man” title.

    Hell, those serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer and Richard Ramirez, are better looking than he is.

  31. Leila

    #26 So glad you noticed my comment before posting your very deep thoughts!, if only you could’ve used your spare neurone to notice that I wasn’t trying to be funny and that 18 and 11 are different numbers your dumbness could have remained a secret.

  32. Dandi <>

    Lol @ some boys saying “Gay”

    If you read celeb gossip websites then the majority of boys posting on them will be gay. Afraid you hetros are the minority here lol.

    Anyway, hawt!

  33. Lydia

    Was CLooney joking? ….. he doesn’t seem that much like a turd …..

    Hugh deserves the title. I never thought he was the best looking man on Earth – better than average but not best. But he makes up for that shortcoming with raw personality. The man has flaming hot personality. Just search youtube for any of his interviews and you’ll see. And he can act/sing/dance to boot.

  34. mink

    he looks so average, I mean really, this is the best they could find?

  35. I'm not Balls McCoy...really. I'm not.

    Lelia, pardon NotBlonde’s confusion, she was probably laughing too hard and couldn’t concentrate on the details, its hard to follow up a Balls Mccoy post considering how outrageously funny they are, you’d think it’d take hours to come up with those quick one liners but it only takes…him seconds. Unlike Notblonde, Balls McCoy is a certifiable genius.

  36. Dana

    Eww. I don’t find him attractive AT ALL and cannot understood why this guy was chosen to get that “title”. He looks old and boring, not sexy.

  37. Dandi <>

    Dana – if he walked up to you shirtless, pecs protruding in a summer days heat, sweat dripping down his chest and he invited you to be picked up in his ferrari and driven of to some private celeb party I doubt your reply would be like


  38. Érico

    Wolverine rocks.

  39. Malffy Hernandes

    lol, whoever calls Hugh Jackman ‘ugly’ something i’ve never seen or heard before coming to this site is really, in every sense jealous.

  40. JohnnyL

    I thought he could afford a better suit.

  41. Vee


  42. sexy-er

    Looks don’t necessarily make you sexy. I’m 38 yo, 5’2″, 315 pounds, a virgin, and play video games all day (when I’m not reading The Superficial) and live in my mom’s basement. She always tells me I’m the sexiest man alive. So there.

  43. Beeotch

    Hugh Jackman is absolute perfection.

    Tall, built, hairy, masculine, dark hair….and he’s got that 5 o’clock shadow thing going on which is so incredibly sexy.

    He looks like the kind of guy who would throw a woman over his shoulders, throw her on the bed and have his way with her.

    All men should aspire to be like him.

  44. Kndza

    I would fuck him dumb ….. He would have to be dressed like wolverine though!

  45. Kndza

    I would fuck him dumb ….. He would have to be dressed like wolverine though!

  46. damnstraight

    The battle for supremecy is on:

    The Clooney vs Jacked Hugeman

  47. Heather

    Finally! Some people with eyes are on here. I’m not saying he is ugly, but sexiest man alive?!?! Are you freakin’ kidding me? If he weren’t a movie star and the magazine was trying to come up with sexiest man alive who is an average person, he wouldn’t make the finalist list. I mean, he is ok, average at best. I haven’t followed his career, so I can’t speak as to how that might have influenced the votes. But if it is a superficial title based on looks, then they should pick someone who actually looks amazing, and he does not fit the bill at all. I guess some people might be attracted by the accent, though I am not. British accents, yes, but not Aussie ones. No, it isn’t a big deal, but I am just shocked at how wrong People Mag got it this year. With so many drop dead gorgeous celebs out there, why pick him?

  48. Wise

    Hugh jackman is Ok but why is he carting around the old lady everywhere & having her in all his interviews ..or referring to her …leave her at home with a hot water bottle ..the ole dear.

  49. WTF are you guys kidding me? This guy is soooooooooooooooo hot. He’s the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. He deserved this TITLE.

  50. sheila

    I love you!

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