Hugh Jackman: Our most precious treasure

April 22nd, 2009 // 57 Comments

Hugh Jackman Month continues to plow ahead, this time with a hand and footprint ceremony outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater yesterday in Hollywood. Might I suggest an inscription for this momentous occasion?:

“Lest we remember the thespian who played Sideburns McKnifeHands, we will be forever lost as a nation. — Also, do you think he’s gay? – The Superficial Writer, 2009 April.

I miss him already.

Photos: WENN

  1. Fish dude, they are in West Hollywood, what do you think?

  2. Monday Haversham

    Good things happen to good people! Way to go Hugh Jackman!

  3. Miss California

    Speaking of gays who are married…

  4. Superfish hearts Hugh

  5. Perez Hilton's latest set of infected anal fissures

    I WILL CHERISH the pictures of Hugh down on all fours!!!!!!!!!

    Get the poppers and the lube! I’m in heaven! Let’s get married!

  6. lol “Hugh Down” does he still work for 20/20 ?

  7. lazy troll


  8. Why does this site always try to give me a virus? I mean, I could understand it if it were a Paris Hilton post..

  9. groan

    This “Hugh Down” works for 69/69.

  10. Grauman

    I’d stick my eggroll in him.

  11. Valerie

    “Sideburns McKnifeHands”–hahahahahaha! I love it! and H.J. is da bomb. For a 40 year old, he ain’t fucking bad. Not bad at all.

  12. BonnieBell


    My day was just made 1000x better. Thanks Fish!
    I love looking at this man. It doesn’t matter what stupid thing he’s doing, he looks so dratted good doing it!

  13. calllieee

    I want him to pump me so hard and release himself all over my boobs. Sigh.

  14. rachel

    i love Hugh Jackman…he is so hott

    why does Fish make fun of him so much? jealous maybe? i dunno as long as i get to see pictures of Hugh i don’t care!

  15. mamamiasweetpeaches

    oh make fun of Hugh Jackman all you want. The dude is a real Renasaince Man, acting singing dancing. At least he does stuff to deserve “celebrity status”, unlike the Paris and Kims and other vacant bathing beuties you plaster on this site ad nausea.

    I dont know if Hugh is gay or not (and is it just me or is “Hugh Jackman” a great Porn name? “Hugh” sounds like “huge” and “Jackman” sounds like he should be “jackin’” somethin’) all i know is he is boo-tee-full and there isnt an inch o him I wouldnt put my hands, mouth or anything else on!

  16. fuck you

    fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me



  17. Ed

    With all due respect (so: none), it makes difference to a lot of folks if this is the true completion: “The dude is a real Renasaince Man, acting singing dancing sucking cock taking it in the ass”

  18. Galtacticus

    I bet he works out like a freak. What’s considered to be gay.

  19. Galtacticus

    Well,my body starts to show some edgy curves as well. . . The diet is the most hardest part for me.

  20. Stan

    “Mom! Hugh Jackson won’t come out of the closet!”

  21. Rhialto

    @19 Since when are you working out too?

  22. Galtacticus

    #21 I’m making use of your private gym.I thought it was allright with you.

  23. salawhite

    Recently I found a hot club — SeekingTall . c o m — just for sexy tall gals and guys to find their cupid. Come on, tall singles. Don’t miss your love.

  24. Marj

    I saw him at the Tonight Show taping last night…. he’s just as yummy in person! [just had to brag]

  25. yawn

    amazing post, superficial writer =)

  26. Poker Queen

    Hugh Jackman, gay??


    Now go say 10 “Hail Paris’” to the FSM in penance.

  27. soahc

    This guy is starting to remind me of Thomas Mapother Cruise.

  28. Vince Lombardi

    Hugh Jackman should get down on his knees and blow Len Wein and Roy Thomas every goddamn day for creating the character Wolverine in Marvel Comics, for had that event not happened, no one would know he’s anything other than a Broadway dancer.

  29. iwantyouhugh

    ok this is sad but his wife looks like his mother it won’t be too long before this couple sign divorce papers.

  30. SoTe

    dammit!! Look as his wife What r u doing Hugh???! That woman is so freaking old and dried up, I’m guessing u have to use tons of lube to get something going down there. Geez… Hugh, I get wet just by looking at ur pics!!!! Dump her ass already!
    This man is sooo freaking hot!!!

  31. Ronan

    I like Hugh Jackman, he just looks like he’s someones dad, albeit a very muscled good looking someones dad. But he just looks like a nice guy. Like Gerry Adams but without the murder.

  32. Me

    Gay or not- He’s really hot… damnit! I don’t want to agree with the rest of America!

  33. Em

    Eww…those veins in his arms are gross….but other than that, he’s still hot

  34. James

    #27: Yeah, only Hugh Jackman is insanely fucking hot…and Tom Cruise is, uh, not. Jackman–has there ever been a better surname?

  35. James

    And #31: I totally agree with you that Hugh Jackman just looks like someone’s dad…that I’d like to FUCK. Does that make him a DILF? Or a FILF? (Seriously though, he does look like a dad.)

  36. Hugh Jackman. Like an ordinary Ackman, except really big.
    Yes, he’s a good looking guy and thats the problem – Wolvie is a short ugly muscular Canadian, not a tall handsome lanky Australian. Wrong body, wrong face, wrong colony, wrong everything.

  37. Lou Ann

    He has it all: he can act, he can do sing & dance & he’s a heart throb with a family he adores. I want one!

  38. (faggots like this way of talking)

  39. kitkat3000

    He wasn’t gay in the dream I had the other night!

  40. LesDR

    Hugh Jackman takes the cake! Love him!

  41. Fabrizio

    ojala fuese gayyyyy le haria de TODO, no puede estar tan bueno …..

  42. Andreea

    Ohhhhh…………You make me tremble…I would kiss your body all day long;and I am 21…but who cares…you would look good with me on top you.
    You are a very attractive man,Hugh and I rarely say that.;-)

  43. Kate

    BEN D*over!
    I believe he is totally straight and he pumps a woman like a mad dog but if he likes it in the ass too,no problem,I would buy a strap-on to give it to him where he likes..lick,ride,kiss him all and ride him again…anything for mister Jackman :|

  44. We can only hope he’s gay. Hell you heteros don’t want him..the gays will take him

  45. scott

    Yeah HJ’s pretty cool, just another awesome Australian that we’ve donated to the yanks.

    though you can keep nicole kidman and probably russell crowe too… you’ve already killed Heath ledger which is a shame.

  46. I have started reading this book and love it so far!
    I just couldn’t wait for it to go in to paper back.

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  48. no puede estar tan bueno …..

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