Hugh Jackman might work out a little

November 15th, 2008 // 131 Comments

Fun Fact: Hugh Jackman and I are identical twins separated at birth. Which is why folks call me “Man Hughjack.” Ladies?


  1. qtpie

    Mmmmm… got three words for him!!!…. FUCK MEEEE SENSELESS!!

  2. qtpie

    & I’m Canadian… he he he! That ‘xplains that lol! All the pretty boy Zac’s & Chance’s can stuff it… Hugh can stuff me! lol!

  3. sss

    go here:

  4. Hot for Hugh

    I would let this man violate me in any way he wanted.

    This is the kind of guy I think about when I engage in auto-erotic behavior.

    He looks like a real man, unlike all these pussified (is that a word?) metrosexual men that I know.

    Here is a guy with body hair, muscles, and lots of testosterone. He looks like he can kick some serious ass. This is called a real man.

    Unfortunately, real men are few and far between in American society. Most men are now too busy getting waxed, going shopping, meeting their friends for coffee. etc. In other words, they are too busy acting like women.

  5. WD

    you can barely see his nipples!!

  6. Master of The Obvious

    Wouldn’t it be funny if his name was Huge Jassman instead?

  7. Mutton Chop

    Wouldn’t it be funny if his name was Hugh Jassman instead?

  8. Master of The Obvious


  9. bubble boobs

    I wish his pants would fall off.

  10. =)

    I agree with bubble boobs!

  11. NY Ted

    He has arm veins that heroin junkies can only dream about…!

  12. shokroklove

    this is what men are supposed to look like.

  13. missywissy

    Okay, I’m a chick and even to me it’s obvious he’s on roids.

    However, with that said, it’s nice to see some guys on this site instead of these fake women I know nothing about (Katie Price, Heidi Whatever, Paris Hilton)

  14. missywissy

    @96- remember the vows you made before God. Put them before your own “needs”.

  15. spaghetti

    Numerous visible veins tells you his bodyfat % is low, it does NOT mean he’s on steroids. Natural progression means that yes, in most cases veins will not show up everywhere – namely chest, abs, thighs and back. Steroids dilate the size of the veins to allow more blood flow, you’ll see this on Ronnie Coleman, his veins are quite large aswell as abundant. Stallone takes HGH, not roids. Telltale signs that someone is on HGH is a somewhat bloated stomach.

    Hugh has started training in the gym for his role as Wolverine since the first X-Men movie. It seems perfectly reasonable that he could attain this body within 8 years. He is also a movie star, and last time I checked they are wealthier than your average Joe. You don’t think he may have hired a personal trainer and a nutritionist to help him achieve maximum gains over a short peroid? Hell, with the latter 2, you could achieve that body in 5 months if you knew what you were doing.

    I do not mean to sound cocky and grandiose but I spend a lot of time in the gym and a lot of time reading about bodybuilding. I know what a steroid user looks like. Hugh Jackman is clean.

  16. Dandi <>

    Very hot, i would die to have those pecs!!!!

    Needs to shave that chest though, no one likes licking a rug….well maybe straight but hey…..thats fked up.

  17. Dandi <>

    Very hot, i would die to have those pecs!!!!

    Needs to shave that chest though, no one likes licking a rug….well maybe straight guys but hey…..thats fked up.

  18. When I watched his great computer scene in Swordfish, I thought “He MUST be the sexiest man alive”. Now People magazine has confirmed my choice. Way to go, Hugh.

  19. Yesiu

    Yummy! The things I would do…( *wipes drool).

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  21. Marquise

    I’ve never seen a guy look so hot.
    … Except Tim Curry in RHPS. Mmm.
    But, still, mega drool.
    I’ve got a puddle forming on my keyboard now. Gotta go; short circuit.

  22. hohoho, I saw his profile on the famous seeking affairs site “` “ last week. It said he is interested in seeking an extramarital relationship there! what a fool man!

  23. Julie Swenson

    Gay, straight….who cares? HE’S SMOKINGLY HOT!!

  24. he is such a bankable actor. i liked him ever since i saw him in X-men.

  25. bop

    LOL to number 104

  26. lollipalooza

    Apparently I don’t get it. I’ve seen interviews and while he seems like a nice enough gentleman, he just doesn’t do it 4 me. Now the guy on Chuck, you know, the one who plays Chuck(bad with names) He is smokin hot. And so it the dude who plays Christines brother on The New Adventures of Old Christine. Hint Hint Fish…………..

  27. britboysarehot

    He’s hot for 40. Yowsah!

  28. Well thats what I call : show off.
    Ladies and gentlemen, that man knows perfectly that he looks hot, he is in good shape , does have flat stomach and so on. At least he is not shaving his chest and under armpits so I cant agree with the people that called him “gay”
    That is Hollywood , guys – also he knowed that the photographers was filming and taking shots. Well if Mr. Jackman had bigger shape below the stomach he could make sure to show it too – as the other Hollywood male stars did.
    “Stolen” videos, “Accidental” shots, Ooops videos and so on. They know what the crowd need, and they are giving it to us. I could also say that I like the fact he is not doing like Madonna do – he is making jogging on his own, without army of bodyguyards, who are jostling the people around, just because Madonna is going to pass. All I can add to my comment here is that Im looking similar to him in body for the moment – Got flat stomach, nice biceps and well Im handsom guy … and Im modest. But mr. Jackman is famous – he is rich and Im here and talking rubbish :) It looks Im jealous.

  29. Hugh Jackman Shirtless Beach
    Commented on this photo:

    What a man!

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