Hugh Jackman will publicize your face off

April 16th, 2009 // 40 Comments

Here’s Hugh Jackman rappelling down the side of The Sun newspaper building in London while promoting the upcoming release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Jesus, didn’t this guy just jump out of a helicopter? I mean, could you imagine if he died during one of these stunts? His poor wife Deborra and their kids:

DEBORRA: Children, I have some bad news about your father. He died this morning climbing down a building.
KIDS: Why was he climbing down a building, mother?
DEBORRA: To promote a movie about a man who has claws that come of his hands.
KIDS: …. That’s fucking retarded.
DEBORRA: I said the same thing! But then he took his shirt off, things got kind of woozy and, well, long story short, who’s ready for a new baby brother?
KIDS: Hurray!

Frighteningly accurate. I know.


  1. pointandlaugh

    jackman!!!!! wooooo!!!1

  2. havoc

    I’m really surprised the studio/ insurers allow him to do this shit.



  3. mike

    He’s the toughest gay action star I’ve ever seen.

  4. amanda

    he only does it for me if hes dressed like wolverine
    otherwise hes eh

  5. Jrz

    What’s his name? Huge Jackass?

  6. Don’t fall and hurt that HUGE Head of yours!

    CLICK ON MY NAME, huge discount sales from: rocca wear, baby phat, ecko and more!!!!

  7. adi

    it was for the “help for heroes” charity, several people participated not just jackman. that’s why you also see a marine in that picture..

  8. #5 best comment of the day!! I LOLed

  9. Nero

    When he dies the good news is;the movie becomes a blockbuster!

  10. Jrz– don’t be dogging Wolverine, or I’ll get out my sword of ACW and beat your ass down.

    **rolle dice** LOOK!! a pure twenty!!

  11. Iambananas

    That is one good looking man.

  12. Anon

    It was for a charity for servicemen wounded in conflicts Britain are involved in around the world.

  13. Jrz

    I just gave ACW your email address, Guy. Have fun. :)

  14. @13 hahahahaha……………………wait, are you serious? Cause that aint funny.

  15. Jrz

    Oh, yeah, I’m serious. Her kid just got diagnosed with ADD….she’ll tell you all about it and all of the 85 brazillion doctors appts she needs to take time off of work for.

  16. green_eyes

    considering his wife is 54, i don’t think we need to worry about any mini-hughs. even the kids they already have are adopted. kinda said, cuz he’s hot =( no cubs for wolverine

  17. Gabyy

    i dont understand how he had sex with his wife after he died climbing down the building..?

  18. Lanzie

    i think he had sex with his wife before climbing down a building…regardless, he is one of THE SEXIEST middle aged men alive. George clooney aint got nothin on Hugh jackman

  19. Lanzie

    i think he had sex with his wife before climbing down a building…regardless, he is one of THE SEXIEST middle aged men alive. George clooney aint got nothin on Hugh jackman

  20. Derek

    While he is rappelling down the face of the building, he has a second rope attached to him that someone else is holding.
    So, it’s not really that risky.

  21. Rome

    So. Fucking. Hot.

    I have no words. Except, please, Fish, keep reporting on whatever ridiculous thing this stud does next. Or just post the pictures. That should be fine.

  22. Amy

    nom nom nom nom….

  23. me

    Anyone posting after me likes to go Down Under Hugh Jackoff’s pants and suck the Kiwi fruits of his loins

  24. Anon

    No I don’t!

    You can’t prove it!

  25. Pavlovian Hippie

    Love his Chuck shoes.

  26. SoTe

    He’s da man!! So hot and he can do ANYTHING!
    Look at that butt… look at him! u guys would have to be born again in order to look half as good, an not even! He is freaking perfect and so fucking charming. We love you hugh! U sexy piece of meat!

  27. SoTe

    and 24… I soooo would.. yes sir!

  28. ding dong

    nice butt…really nice butt

  29. Well he’s gay and their kids are adopted, so I doubt that was *actually* the conversation that happened…

  30. He really “FEELS” himself: SPECIAL?
    (in america they call this: MIRACLE!!)

  31. dew

    #5 & 27 – THIS!!

    Too bad he’s wearing clothes that cover too much of his body.

    Hugh Jackman is the SEXIEST male celeb on earth! And much sexier than any of the puny former contenders by far! And it’s not just his excellent beefcake body, but his demeanor and natural ruggedness, swooning, mmmmm!

  32. KB

    I did the abseil yesterday too – it was hilarious seeing all the girls around squeaking (me too, but silently) as the Hot Jackman walked past. Woof!

  33. Phil

    Top Man doing his bit for British servicemen, so if you’re trying to take the piss, off you fuck.

  34. He’s promoting this too much. That usually means it’s awful. Trying to blind you with hype.

    Good if it’s for charity though.

  35. BonnieBell

    First: Thanks for the laugh….and post every picture you can get of this stud.

    Second: I have to agree with #32. This man is so hot….but why does he have so many clothes on???????

  36. Em

    Damn….that is a sexy man

  37. Hufflepuffle

    They have adopted children and they can’t concieve. :s

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