Hugh Jackman will publicize your face off

Here’s Hugh Jackman rappelling down the side of The Sun newspaper building in London while promoting the upcoming release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Jesus, didn’t this guy just jump out of a helicopter? I mean, could you imagine if he died during one of these stunts? His poor wife Deborra and their kids:

DEBORRA: Children, I have some bad news about your father. He died this morning climbing down a building.
KIDS: Why was he climbing down a building, mother?
DEBORRA: To promote a movie about a man who has claws that come of his hands.
KIDS: …. That’s fucking retarded.
DEBORRA: I said the same thing! But then he took his shirt off, things got kind of woozy and, well, long story short, who’s ready for a new baby brother?
KIDS: Hurray!

Frighteningly accurate. I know.