Hugh Jackman gets his balls handed to him

For anyone hoping for a director’s cut of Wolverine featuring some Hugh Jackman wang, get ready to cry. Turns out footage of the actor’s man parts is now kept securely in a sack, according to OK! Magazine:

“It’s easy to jump off a waterfall naked, but for a PG-13 movie?! It took a lot of choreography!” he tells Entertainment Tonight.
Hugh will be the only one from now on to see those racy scenes, as he reveals what he calls, “the greatest wrap present” he’s “ever gotten.”
“Our director gave me a small little bag and inside it where about 8 bits of film, all cut. I said that’s interesting, then I held it up to the light and I said, ‘Ok, now I know why that’s in a bag!’ Now it’s in my safe somewhere. My privates in a bag!”

If someone gave me footage of my testicles, do you know what I’d say to them? “Thank you.” Because I’m polite, courteous and a serial re-gifter.

Photo: WENN