Hugh Jackman’s shirtless workout

December 14th, 2009 // 74 Comments

These are either shots of Hugh Jackman working out on the beach, or accidentally jogging in front of a Lane Bryant in the Sahara Desert. I don’t even know how you tell the difference, but after typing that last part, I need to vomit until I no longer speak the English language. *horf-horf-horf-horf*


Photos: Fame

  1. ME

    I just want to have sex with him once…maybe twice and I will be happy. PLEASE GOD!!!
    I hate his wife! Lucky bitch.

  2. Rupert

    It’s a guy. Who cares?

  3. Yogini

    His downward dog shows that he’s holding a lot of tension in his upper back and shoulders.

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  5. I’ll give those a try!

  6. oh,stronge man!!!!! i really wanna become that, and now i’m doing physical training following the rule here i think i will be stronge like Jackman

  7. 100 Pct Straight

    All this plus money, and a *fantastic* personality.

    But… he’s married. Sorry, ladies. It doesn’t appear as if Hugh is a Tiger wannabe.

  8. Yes Virginia there is a Rough daddy!

    Free headline for the admirers of this post…”Hugh Jacks a man shirtless during workout”

  9. meow

    such a nice round tushy he has

  10. Valerie

    Nice Downward Dog, H.J.!

  11. 1derwoman

    Thanks Fish! He is one of the hottest men alive, face AND body! Take note guys, if you looked like this, you’d get more attention from us women. It probably wouldn’t last long though, as most of you here most likely act as juvenile and retarded as your posts.

  12. Ice

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  13. Krusticle

    Well, it’s about fucking time, Superficial. More hot men. And the suggestion of a cock slip mentioned above would not go unappreciated by us lonely hearts females.

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  15. r4i

    is the lane bryant line in reference to his wife? because i’m pretty sure she’s a beard…

  16. g_girl

    holy fuck!!

  17. Amy


  18. Jackie

    Hes such a hottie.. Check him out in this interview.. Hes is so cute!

  19. I am tired of this dude

  20. Hugh Jackman is so awesome, especially in Wolverines, I don’t think nobody can top that performance.

  21. Hugh Jackman is so awesome, especially in Wolverines, I don’t think nobody can top that performance.

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