Hugh Jackman’s shirtless workout

December 14th, 2009 // 74 Comments

These are either shots of Hugh Jackman working out on the beach, or accidentally jogging in front of a Lane Bryant in the Sahara Desert. I don’t even know how you tell the difference, but after typing that last part, I need to vomit until I no longer speak the English language. *horf-horf-horf-horf*


Photos: Fame

  1. joe

    Who’s going to photoshop these with the Matthew McConnaughey beach workout pictures? Get cracking.

  2. Lulú

    The translation for “did it worked?” would be “¿funcionó? And yes it did =D

  3. It's Me Fuckers

    *drools* This man is so very yummy! There are too many men who don’t have body hair… all bald and icky. (I do love a bald head though)

    Men need fur in their chests! *drools* I’d love to have a piece of that! :D:D

  4. It's Me Fuckers

    Now if we could get to see some COCK on here!!

  5. @5

    why that would be a smashing idea.

    Please sir may we have some cock?

  6. Me Likey


  7. YUMMY!!!!

    finally something I like!!!

  8. amgormatik the turk

    in superficial’s facebook he shared this and said ‘And now to see just how many women and gay men read the site. ATTACK!’. the problem is there have been like thousand bimbos on his facebook but this is the one i came to this site from facebook. i’m definetely not gay. i’ve been workin out myself and wanted to see how he is doin. yayks.



  10. Amber

    thanks fish!

  11. Ray

    wow nice form! I’d hit that until my penis fell off!

  12. James

    now this is what I am talking about fukaz!! More of this PLEASE!!!

  13. Gays Read Superficial


  14. andi72

    just jizzed in my pants….

  15. Suzie

    I want to have his baby…like right now

  16. da man

    ahhh much better then tiger whores!! finally some good shit on here…

  17. sarah

    wait, is the lane bryant line in reference to his wife? because i’m pretty sure she’s a beard…

  18. Gays Read Superficial

    I would let him do horrible things to my taint.

  19. BonnieBell


    This post made my day………sexiest man ever….
    I agree with #4, real men need some body hair.

  20. BonnieBell


    This post made my day………sexiest man ever….
    I agree with #4, real men need some body hair.

  21. Yogi

    His downward dog is kinda gay…

  22. Mary

    FINALLY somehting for the ladies on this site…SInce it IS a pink, gilrly, gossip site the author needs to re-evaluate his methods….This was a step in the right s=direction! HOT!

  23. hard boiled pegg

    To all those faggots on here – Why drool over a straight man? He doesn’t like men, he likes pussy… get it? You don’t see me wanking while watching the The Ellen DeGeneres Show do you? NO! I guess you’re all already fucked in the head… why not?

  24. MrBlonde

    Do you happen to be native Spanish speaker or something? C’mon, you even put the question mark in the beginning!

    Just curiosity, I’m Spanish.

  25. dfv

    Ewan Mcgregor shirtless please.

  26. ds

    “The Ellen DeGeneres Show do you? NO! I guess you’re all already fucked in the head… why not”

    HAHAH WOW what an Idiot. So you’ve never “wanked” it to lesbian porn? Let the guys appreciate this hot man.

    And let the ladies too ;)

  27. Laura

    THIS MAN COULD DO WHATEVER HE WANTED TO ME! SO FUCKING YUMMY!!!!!! Im all tingly after those pics……..gonna go masturbate before the husband gets home….. <3

  28. Richport's Ghost

    @28 – Don’t wait up for him to get home. You sound like the kind of chick that gets cheated on all the time.

    At least you didn’t say “hubby”, then the chances would go to 100%.

  29. hard boiled pegg

    #27 – If you think girls who do lesbian porn a real lesbians, YOU’RE the idiot! Those backwards, crack-whore slappers doin porn will do anything for cash.

    #28 – Make sure you wash your hands before preparing your cheating ‘hubbys’ dinner…. loser

  30. niv

    Love him! he is so perfect! We need more pics of hot men!

  31. niv

    Love him! he is so perfect! We need more pics of hot men!

  32. niv

    Love him! he is so perfect! We need more pics of hot men!

  33. sunshine

    Mrs. Jackman is the luckiest woman on the planet.

  34. Laurie

    He’s wearing THOSE goggles, and I still want to do things that’d make dogs ashamed and mothers cover the eyes of their children. The dude is Wolverine!

  35. Helena Handbasket

    That dude hardboils my eggs.

  36. billy

    @24 shut the fuck up, not even other lesbians like ellen degeneres

  37. dfv

    @36: good lord…

  38. um

    Why is 28 getting all that abuse. I can’t believe Richport’s Ghost is back. He’s such a fucking asshole.

  39. lulu

    agree with everyone else! DAMN he’s sexy..yum!

  40. bree

    Yeah but why does lesbian porn turn you on? It doesn’t involve you or a male of any kind (i dont care what the porn stars actually are, im talking about a concept). So why shouldn’t gay guys be able to fantasize about a hot, straight celeb male? It’s not like they’re ever gonna get a chance to be with him, (much like you and the “lesbians”), But it’s just something hot to look at.

  41. Hugh Jackman good man!

  42. :)

    iz niiiice.

  43. Horny Pig

    I’d do all the chicks in this thread just to shut them up.

  44. jesus christ

    Can the Superficial writer ever post some actually hot guys? Ever?

    Seriously, first we got that kid who knocked up Palin’s daughter, who at 19, manages to look at least 35 and is somehow thin and covered by a layer of blubber at the same time.

    This guy is like 45 and not at all good-looking. Like, he’s obviously got a team of make-up artists, lighting people and editors making him look good in movies and magazines. Check out his face in these shots. The problem with gyms is now every uggo can lift some weights and strut around like he’s hot shit.

    Is it too much to ask that some YOUNG, actually GOOD LOOKING guys get posted on here every so often? And the writer’s ‘I know I post a lot of bikini photos so he’s some random ugly dude to make up for that YOU’RE WELCOME LADIEZ’ bullshit is really tedious.

  45. Bree

    LMAO. 10 bucks says “jesus christ” wants some Ugly Robert Patty pictures up here to satisfy their “hot guy” need.

    This man IS hot. Im 19, and I don’t care how old he is. It’s not like i’m gonna do him anyway. He is a great, in shape, manly man. Just how I (and many other women) LOVE!

    My favorite is Viggo mortensen….. ::melts::

  46. Ahhh… very nice!! I agree though, the only thing that could make these better is if Daniel Craig decided to join him on the beach for a workout.

  47. sexygirl2012

    haven’t had A perfect date!!

    ===== =====

    Thousands of single members with real photos are here waiting for you. If you want- know more sexy single fri-ends, even l-over, please have a try. you will be ple surprised after you join it. ;)

  48. Dani

    @#47 I’m 20 and I’d do Hugh Jackman and Viggo Mortensen is just wooow. Not only would I do him but I’d have his babies!

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