Hugh Jackman & Daniel Craig interrupted by cell phone. Pissiness ensues.

The Superficial | September 28, 2009 - 1:42 pm

Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig had their performances interrupted in the Broadway play “A Steady Rain” last week when a theatergoer’s cell phone went off in the front row. The generally unflappable Hugh actually stops the play and asks the person “Are you gonna get that?” James Bond gets in on the act and this is exactly why I don’t go to plays anymore: The actors always try to kick my ass. Listen, I wouldn’t take off my shirt and flex in front of the stage if you actually said something interesting. “Wah, being a salesman suck. Let’s talk about it for two hours.” < My naked torso. Don't fight the science.

Video: TMZ


  1. Hefe

    Wolverine should have grabbed that fucknut’s phone & shoved it straight up his ass.

    I can’t stand these stupid fucking morons who need to have their cell phones ON during movies & Broadway shows/random plays. I mean have some goddamn consideration for these people on stage trying to entertain you.


  2. soahc

    This reminds me of why I hate the theater.

  3. steve

    Dunno…it’s the theater, after all. A cell phone going off is completely unacceptable. An alarm telling somebody to take their AIDS meds, well, that’s pretty much understood as part of “the life”.

  4. She's a little sextoy

    He handled that pretty well…

  5. hello

    How unprofessional
    actors are egotistical asses
    someone forgot to turn off their cell phone
    instead of ignoring it, and allowing the person, who was probably mortified, quickly turn off their phone, the ‘stars’ have to call attention to it
    so then, the person is so embarrassed that they freeze, and no one wants to admit that they are the cell phone owner whose phone is ringing
    i’m sure it must be distracting, but, lighten the hell up
    everyone makes mistakes
    the world won’t come to an end because your little play had a distracting noise
    hugh needs to be pimp slapped

  6. Twat

    25, you’re a fucking scumbag and I bet you’re one of the people that blames everyone else for your own fuck ups. There’s no fucking excuse to not turn your cellphone off in a place like that, and if you can’t manage that, you deserve to be ridiculed.

  7. hello

    twat brain
    stop a moment
    if this was your mother who made the mistake
    it’s all good for her to be ridiculed?
    didn’t think so

  8. aaaaa

    anyone who has actually ever been to play (apparently not many here) KNOWS that they ALWAYS tell you before hand to turn your fucking phones off. Whoever it was is a fucking dumb ass with NO excuse. Never mind all that, some asshole has the nerve to actually film the play with his cell phone, which is an absolutely forbidden activity in EVERY play. What is wrong wrong with people these days. Look, we know you are proud of you new shiny iPhones, gaylords, but fucking leave them at home and stop filming everything ’cause it pisses other people off, especially the performers.

  9. metoo

    I’m tired of going to concerts and such and having people film the entire thing. It totally kills the mood and puts all other people there on edge. Leave your cameras at home people.

  10. bonhomey

    While they were waiting for the phone to stop ringing, their concentrations broken, do you think Jackman and Craig were thinking about Vesper Lynd and Storm, or maybe Camille Montes and Jean Grey? ‘Cause I am, and do, whenever I see either of these guys. Is there a play that stars any or all of those women? That would be awesome. Like Les Mis, but with tits.

  11. Skinn

    25&27. You’re a douchenozzle. If my mother had forgotten to turn her phone off she should have to suffer the indignity of being ridiculed. You fuckin people and your fuckin cell phones. Are you really that important that you need to be available 24/7. Fuck off and die already.

  12. Hefe

    #25 you stupid moron how many times do they tell you before a show like this to CHECK & MAKE SURE YOUR PHONE IS OFF!!!?!?!?

    Damn I’m sure you’re the exact type of imbecile who does shit like this.

  13. alexis

    Yeah, really. Unless you are a doctor of some sort, you’re not that important that you have to leave your phone on.

  14. alexis

    Yeah, really. Unless you are a doctor of some sort, you’re not that important that you have to leave your phone on.

  15. Ticker symbol FCX made me a LOT of money.

    metoo, stop buying bootleg dvds then

  16. Hal

    Oh man, if only Russel Crowe head leapt in and whipped a phone at that person this would have been the best damn Australian actor team up ever.

  17. The Rough report

    Yeah Hugh making a big production because he forgot his lines….not excusing the phone!

  18. Rhialto

    That must have been one of Daniel Craig’s many bodyguards who got called.

  19. Darth

    He probably got a ‘clear’ call from the FBI.

  20. carrie

    am i the one to think it’s rude and the actors don’t seem good?

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