Hugh Hefner wants spinoffs for all the Girls Next Door

September 17th, 2008 // 44 Comments

Kendra Wilkinson is moving out of the Playboy Mansion and starring in her own reality show. (FYI, Holly Madison did not leave the Mansion for Criss Angel. His people are believed to be behind the rumor because he’s a douche.) But Hugh Hefner tells E! Online that the other girls may be getting spinoffs too:

While he won’t confirm anything about Wilkinson, Hefner says, “I think all three girls are likely to get spinoffs. I think they will be interconnected to the main show, and we will all appear on both.”
For now, however, Hef, Wilkinson and his two other girlfriends, Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt, have other things to think about, like the Oct. 5 premiere of season five of GND.
Even Hefner is amazed at how successful the show has become. “It’s amazing. We’re about to launch season five,” he said, adding, “We thought it would be a one-season wonder.”

HUGH: Ladies, I haven’t had an erection since 1987 and to make it up to you I want you all to have your own reality show.
HUGH: Ha ha. Here we go again. Whee!

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  1. FACE

    This half dead motherfucker needs to jsut stop

  2. fail | fail . do you think television will ever return back to a state of non reality tv ?

  3. Liz

    So, do you wash the paint off before you fuck them or after? Or is that what the back door is for?

    …I’m so confused.

  4. Deacon Jones

    Ahhh, let all the feminist rage begin…

    Nice piece of ass in Pic 3. I wonder if Heff sells his girls, like cattle…I’ll keep one chained to the radiator in my basement

  5. Money Mike

    Why does it look like she has a little penis is pick number 2?

  6. can i get a hoot hoot

    I think it’s funny how those whores have to slobber all over him as if they were attracted to an old prune. Whores selling their bodies and souls for 15 minutes of fame and a little bit of money. Women tell us they shouldn’t be viewed as sex objects?

  7. dude

    dem girls be ho’s.

    Sad ho’s at that.

  8. havoc

    Get rid of Holly (goldigger) and Kendra (low class).

    Bridget is still doable….


  9. X

    Those hags have BUTTAFACES!

    Ugly faces that should have paper bags over them. Its ironic they waste money on implants, but their faces just kill it.

  10. ali

    @ 9. not all women are willing to do what playmates do…some women actually have talent. Heidi Montag, for example…

  11. Hoot hoot

    At Hefner’s side during the next pitch meeting for the new show will be his three main squeezes and his seven casual girlfriends – Stephanie, Tiffany, Regina, Cathy, Kimberly, Buffy and, of course, Tina. Because wherever two or more whores are gathered, there’s always a Tina.

    Now, when I first saw these women, I thought the same thing we all did — what has happened to affirmative action in this country? Hefner’s dating ten blonde, white women — not a blonde pubic hair among them, might I add. Not a pubic hair among them. Come on, though — seven blondes? There’s not a hot Asian woman you can throw in there? A light-skinned black woman? A deaf brunette? Something? Where’s the diversity? When are we going to have a Hefner harem that looks like America? Am I really to believe that these women, each of them, offers you something unique?


  12. Tracie Anderson

    Imagine being the child of one of these whores living in the mansion. What a great way to grow up….your mom’s upstairs praying for the Viagra to wear off so she can get you to the orthodontist on time. Fantastic.

  13. tracy

    Imagine being the child of one of these whores living in the mansion. What a great way to grow up….your mom’s upstairs praying for the Viagra to wear off so she can get you to the orthodontist on time. Fantastic.

  14. HP

    @14 you forgot the middle easterns such as the lebeneze and so on including ethnicities in eastern europe.

    His bitches have ugly ass faces. Come on, on the main pic the bitch on the left has a double chin and the other has horse teeth.

  15. soup

    Actually, it’s not that each girlfriend offers him something unique…

    I think he can’t get anything out of them intellectually or emotionally, so why not have a whole herd of vapid helium-filled lightweights to make you feel better about your saggy pancake butt!
    I’ll bet the guy’s afraid to face himself alone.

  16. pretty

    Isn’t it ironic you see non white men in the background? Hugh is older than dirt and should fucking die already.

  17. dude_on

    Who gets to paint the whores? I want that person to have their own reality show.

  18. scooby

    fucking lucky jew.

  19. Slut


    Has anyone ever wondered what kind of STD’s are floating around in that Grotto?

  20. ph7

    That lucky bastard has seen more pussy than a Purina product tester.

  21. Pam Anderson

    I f’d Matt Damon in the Grotto

  22. hendero

    These are the women featured on “Girls Next Door”? I thought the whole point was to show women who might actually live next door to you. These don’t – unless you moved in next to a blimp painting factory.

  23. Ugh

    What an ugly bunch of people.

  24. tight lipped smiler

    Isn’t that John & Cindy McCain with their Secret Service guy in pic 2?

  25. sunshine

    #23~ ph7

    hahaha, you are funny, that is a great line and why I love to read this site. There are some very witty and clever folks out there. Thanks for the laugh today.

  26. @27 –

    Yes, it was. and Barack Osama is in the kitchen doing the dishes while his wife is doing the valet parking. They are such great “community organizers”. They help train all the other future little monkey dishwashers.

  27. KKKennedy

    #29 that’s a flat out lie. they’ve never put in a hard days work in their lives and never will

  28. Luke Skywalker

    He’s starting to look like Yoda

  29. Larry the Satellite Dish Guy

    Please no more pictures of that old troll. The plastic barbies I can handle, but not the creepy old man pawing at 20 yr-old bimbos.

  30. Blondes ARE more fun

    All you blacks and hispanics and jews and mediteraneans and asians still know that it’s the northern european women all men crave. FACT.

  31. The Bisexual

    Wow. All the men out there that are jealous of Hugh just need to shove it…sure, he’s older, but the man is a legend and he has built a legacy. Give him a break. If women are still willing to buddy up to him, all the better. I mean holy crap people!

  32. Bigo

    Does he ever wash those pyjamas?

  33. You guys are fucking idiots.


    To do what he has done all for the love of WOMEN,
    to still be getting all the putang he desires,
    to be throwing Phat, celebrity-filled parties,
    to be making$$$ of TITTIES,
    etc, etc, etc

    C’mon man, get real. We’d trade in our lives for his 70 year old, saggy-balls, shoes and Pimp robe any day of the week.

  34. Supahfly

    I know it been said before but dem bitches be some golddiggas!

  35. fred

    This old cocksuckers got a special cell in hell with his name on it. Live it up buddy boy cause times closing in quick. And to those cunts i bet your parents are proud that theyre little daughters grew up to be high class harlots. Fuck off

  36. the troof

    Does the geezer have any normal clothes or does he always wear those tacky silk jammys?

  37. Mama Pinkus

    to the troof: Hef is known for always being in his silk pajamas. The bunnies are known for whoring for a rich corpse in silk pajamas.

  38. I guess you all wonder why this man is still “ALIVE AND KICKING” and your grandpa isn’t?
    Because women in general: THICK/THIN, YOUNG/OLD, BEAUTIFUL/UGLY AS HELL, HORNY/PRUDISH, name it.
    They all give you the energy to give live the boost it needs folks!!

  39. Tawny

    I love the iPod on her bra – nice touch

  40. moobs


  41. mabael

    Heidi Montag should audition to be Heff’s next girl next door.

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