Hugh Hefner putting an end to parties at Playboy Mansion (Pauly Shore’s schedule now wide open)

Sad news today. Hollywood is about to lose one of its trademark staples: Parties at the Playboy Mansion. Talk about the end of an era. Of course, some say that era ended the last time Hugh Hefner had an erection (See: Reagan Administration), but let’s show a little respect for a man whose dedication to breasts is dwarfed only by that of my own. True story. FOX News reports:

After decades and decades of wild nights, we hear Hef is calling it a day and that Playboy Enterprises has decided that this party and the upcoming annual Halloween party will be the last that the magazine mogul personally throws as a means to cut costs.
A rep from the men’s mag kept mum on the murmurs, saying: “Who knows what will happen in a year from now?”

Allow me to take a stab: Boner pill-related myocardial infarction. I win!