Hugh Hefner: ‘No Kate Gosselin in Playboy’

April 8th, 2010 // 68 Comments

Hugh Hefner apparently does have his shit together and has no interest in letting Kate Gosselin pose for Playboy, according to E!’s Marc Malkin:

“No! No!” Hef said when I asked him about the possibility of the controversial reality-television mom posing in the pages of the legendary men’s magazine.
In fact, Hefner doesn’t understand why Gosselin is even on Dancing With the Stars…
“I don’t think she’s a celebrity,” he said.

While I enjoy a good Hugh Hefner burn as much as the next man, I can’t help but feel a tad disappointed because I kind of wanted to see ‘em. It’s been almost a year since the Gosselin explosion erupted, and frankly, I think I earned it. Sure, I’ll probably claw my eyes out and contemplate man-ass for a few moments, but I didn’t take this job just to sit around on the Internet ogling hot breasts all day. Wait.

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  1. blabla


  2. Bb

    What a stupid, lying fucking cunt!

  3. Kim

    She’s gross. Putting her in Playboy is like putting Carrie Prejean in the “Greatest Thinkers of the 21st Century”.

  4. Poptart

    She’s a disgusting baby machine, someone should weld that gash together before she breeds again!

  5. No thanks!

    If i wanted to see a naked mother of 8 I’d just head on down to my local taqueria or roach coach.

  6. small asian penis

    She wouldn’t do it anyway… But if she did it would have to be some S&M shit.

  7. chupacabracia

    what a fucking ugly trashy harpie. Did she call the paparazzi to photo her going INTO and coming OUT of the nail salon.

    tell me, witch, did you just get your nails did?

  8. JR

    I very rarely get to say this unironically, but THINK OF THR CHILDREN!!

  9. Beeotch

    Kate and Octomom and duke it out over their spot in Playboy….may the biggest stretch mark win!

  10. whatinthe

    Looks like the old bag o bones is still wearing his thinking cap. Good call Hef!

  11. who dat

    “”I don’t think she’s a celebrity,” Exactly Hef. Maybe you’re not senile after all. I don’t care for this woman in the least. Her and that tard of a sperm donor ex husband have screwed those kids up for life.

    btw- jon is soo transparent. He is suing for spousal support, not custody. Both of these people are unfit parents.

  12. bar room hero

    I remember her bikini pics…barf..

  13. DJS

    Too bad, it would have been the only copy of Playboy I ever bought. Shes nota celbrity, but either is Hef, at least for the last 40 years or so.

  14. Kangaroo

    She needs to do a sex tape with Dennis Rodman.

  15. dude!

    Just who is this Hugh Hefner dude? Oh, that’s right. Someone who has become rich by exploiting young women. Got it. Now tell me why he thinks he should have an opinion again?

  16. TekMoney

    Well at least we know that Hugh hasn’t lost his sanity because no one wants to see that (other than Fish, but he’s a weirdo like that.)

  17. Poor Kate, the media’s being so hard on her. This blog is great!! You can also check out my blog for the lastest gossip by clicking on my name.

  18. Sport

    MegaBitch is walking among us common folk – WITHOUT her bodyguard?

    Does she even know how to smile unless its scripted? I never see this had smiling and when she is with her kids is always a photo-op, wearing heels and fancy clothes. Who plays with their kids around the house wearing designer shit and heels?

    Die in a fire Kate.

  19. drenk

    i say her and octomom spread in hustler, eating each others sagging c*nts

  20. Seriously though, Octocunt has been offered a chance to get naked for money, and I’d honestly rather see Kate’s goods than hers.

  21. HackSaw

    I’d hit it. If she did not talk.

  22. havoc

    Hef for win…..


  23. shittin condoms

    haha damn girl is ugly as fuck yo

  24. Mcfeely Smackup

    ” 11. who dat – April 8, 2010 1:29 PM

    btw- jon is soo transparent. He is suing for spousal support, not custody. Both of these people are unfit parents.”

    jesus christ dude, at least bother to read the news before commenting. Jon is suing for CUSTODY and a reduction in his CHILD SUPPORT payments, not spousal support.

    Kate has money rolling in from working 100 different projects (except for actually mothering her litter of rugrats), Jon has nothing. He SHOULD sue for spousal support, but for whatever reason he’s not doing it, he’s just asking that the courts place the financial burden on the correct parent.

  25. bitch PLEASE

    WHO in the fuck wants to see this bitch clothed let alone NAKED. I wish her AND her tribe of children would just buy their own island and fucking disappear…

  26. blindkangaroo

    She’s not the type for playboy, it’s too classy. But I do think she’d have a successful career in porn with themed movies like “Stop your bitchin or I’ll choke you with my cock”

  27. rex

    hmm. cool decision. i thought hef lost his shit when he let barbie montag pose non-nude in his mag.

  28. ___

    #’s 13 and 15. What a couple of complete idiots…

  29. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    I have no interest in looking at her melons or her pink taco. Way to go Hef!

  30. Beetlejuice

    Yeah because that old fuck wouldn’t want to actually sell any issues of his dying magazine/brand.

    I hate the cunt, but Hefner is being an even bigger cunt by focusing on cookie cutter rubber tits with blonde wigs.

  31. mike

    one of the girls next door Holly was on dancing with the stars
    if she is considered a celebrity then Kate is defenitly one too

  32. You're nobody till somebody Rough you

    Look likes Hef took enough Viagra; blood flow had no choice but to venture into the forebrain. What he stated was right on the money…

  33. i don’t know…apparently i am the only one who was looking forward to the issue/photos. obviously, they could have airbrushed out any stretch-marks. she has an attractive face. you must be blind if you disagree.

  34. I hate all of you

    Hefner is a fucking pervert anyway.
    Kate is a worthless whore.
    I on the other hand am the best person on this site.

  35. Landon "Reaper" Armstrong

    Geez, what a disappointment! I would have liked to get a gander at those milk duds and what may be (or may NOT be) a decent ass. Hey — maybe she would actually show something (unlike a couple of other women who have appeared in the mag over the last several months).

    C’mon, Hef…show us some of the forbidden meat of Hollyweird! If anyone can talk them outta their duds, you can. Just throw a shitload of money at them.

  36. GORGAN

    I never appreciated Hef’s obsession with putting flotsam like Roseanne, Carnie Wilson, an elderly Joey Heatherton, etc. in his mag, or marginal celebs from reality shows like Survivor, etc. I guess he figures any publicity is good publicity. He probably can’t afford Kate at this point though, lol.

    I wonder if Playgirl wants her Downs Syndrome ex to pose……

  37. Seriously though, Octocunt has been offered a chance to get naked for money, and I’d honestly rather see Kate’s goods than hers.

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  39. This statement has made the most news out of anything he’s ever said in his career. Don’t know how to react on it…..

  40. captain america

    he doesn’t like the idea of “BANKRUPTCY”.

  41. Cantilever

    Hugh Hefner is an idiot. He went from nice wholesome girls next door to the latest bimbo with implants. And now he won’t showcase Kate Gosselin, who is a gorgeously natural woman in my opinion. He’s blind as he is old.
    Playboy has really gone down hill in the last 20 years. I don’t see it lasting much longer.

  42. name withheld

    Hugh Hefner is the man I would want to be , if I was a man, and liked to fuck plastic bobble head American girls.

    He was ahead of his time, his robes, were magnificent, the well tucked ascot, exhuded confidence.. In between my bites of crumpets and sips of tea, I wonder if underneath that robe lay a throbbing 9 inch piece of meathammer, pulsating to the beat of “Lionel Richie’s, Running with the Night”

    Now, he’s just a rickety old fart, like anybody’s dad..drooling, farting and shitting his pantaloons…oh .the robe.let’s not forget the robe.

  43. InXanadu2

    This from the magazine that did a spread with Darva Who-Wants-To -Marry-A-Millionaire Conger? Oh yeah, what high standards.

  44. Bob Gooch

    Hit it, quit it, deny I ever did it…

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  46. s attention to her breasts playboy

  47. you eatt…ing

    Welll DONE… ;)

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