Hugh Grant drunkenly strikes out with model

A shitfaced Hugh Grant reportedly struck out with Project Runway contestant Matar Cohen Saturday night, and despite his well-documented hatred for cameras, he allowed himself to be photographed the entire time presumably in an attempt to land some model-ly poon. Celebslam reports:

“Here’s some pics I took of Hugh Grant and Matar Cohen (Israeli model from Project Runway) from Halloween at the Standard Hotel in New York. He was drunk as hell and hitting on her like crazy. He kept taking pictures of her and said he liked the way she looked, but Matar didn’t go home with him because he was ‘too old’ (she’s 23).”

How depressed must Hugh Grant be? Back in the day, this was the kind of scenario he probably had nightmares about. “NOOOO! Oh God, Elizabeth, dahling, hold me. I dreamt an entire generation of models had no clue about my bloody star power and wouldn’t accept my advances. Could you imagine such a thing? Positively dreadful. Now shall we shag or should I solicit the streetwalker again? Too late, I’m already in the taxi. Hugh Grant waits for no vagina!”

Photo: Celebslam
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