Hugh Grant arrested for bean attack

April 26th, 2007 // 63 Comments

Hugh Grant was arrested last night after a photographer accused him of attacking him with a container of baked beans. The photographer says Grant kicked him and verbally abused him on Tuesday morning before throwing the beans at him.

The Metropolitan Police don’t identify suspects who haven’t been charged, but said a 46-year-old man was arrested Wednesday night on suspicion of assault and released on bail. No charges have been filed, police said.

That’s not an attack. An attack is getting punched in the throat by some crazy guy wielding nunchucks. No, this guy got free beans. Last I checked, an offering of free beans meant peace. See that expression on Hugh Grant’s face? It says: “Here, have some free beans. Let’s be friends.” They probably held hands afterwards and sang around a camp fire while taking turns farting.



  1. fergernauster

    He likes the sex kinky. Perhaps he’s into stuffing handfulls of baked beans into his and/or his partner’s sphincter.

  2. LadyJane

    jrz, dunno why, but that was really gross. Teeth. Gak.

  3. FRIST!!!

    Yeah, well they gotta eat too

  4. Yune

    Huge Grunt has always been such an inspiration to me. I’m going to start throwing beans at people who piss me off now, but not necessarily packaged beans.

  5. GooniesNeverSayDie

    Police also reported that Sean Penn came to see Hugh while in jail to make sure he was okay.

  6. How does he still make the news!

  7. wedgeone

    #18 – the British call it “getting a beaner.” As long as the beans aren’t too soft, it can be a lot of fun – it’s amazing how many beans can fit up there. Just don’t let yourself get talked into “frank and beans” because you’ll be shitting beanmash alfredo for the next two days.

  8. fergernauster

    #24… Hee heeeeeeeeeeeee!

    That’s gross. I like it.

  9. DrPhowstus

    … free beans… finally! The new Fish dude made me laugh.

    On the plus side, he has a future selling peanuts at ballgames.

  10. schack

    get out of L.A., you twitchy faced, sleazy-dapper, dipstick fuck!

  11. lambman

    If somebody follows you around, and you don’t want them to, you should totally be allowed to attack them. Also, how does Hugh get arrested for that, but Pete Dourghty doesn’t get arrested for giving pot to zoo animals?

    ps how do nunchucks wield guns?

  12. wedgeone

    #11 – Yes, that stand up act was probably the funniest I’ve ever seen. The animated face as she says in his fake British accent “Gobble the Weee-nah!?

    I’m sorry that my troll has soured you about me. I’m actually a nice person. Except to DamYell.

  13. whitegold

    This is a really funny story!!! I actually like Hugh Grant so much more now. Throwing a can of beans at the pap, how friggin funny is that!!!

  14. This is a great picture.

  15. monkeyrotica

    You folks have obviously never read Splosh Magazine. He was probably visiting an escort who specializes in “legume humiliation” and lost his cool. Happens all the time.

  16. jrzmommy♠

    Tossing Beans….

  17. itspat

    must have been quite a scene. Hugh throwing the container about 2 feet, with his arm and wrist flapping out to the side like a girl, just barely winging the photographer, who falls to the ground screaming and crying.

  18. NCDave

    He looks like he’s got a great arm and form. The Dolphins could probably use him next season.

  19. Ruby

    @ 24 – is that the British equivalent of “gerbling”? It’s Heinz for behinds!

  20. woodhorse

    #8 I can’t believe you beat me to repeating that childish lame rhyme. OK. You the Man.

    And Fish, you were superb. LMAO. It does seem friendly. I would hate to be the photog trying to find a prosecuting attorney to take THAT one….

  21. woodhorse

    #15 very funny and how astute of you! I am jealous.

  22. I love hugh Grant, he is soo hot!

  23. Now THIS is the type of story I’m paying to read!!!!!!

    Oh wait……I’m not paying.

    Still funny as shit.

  24. diarrhea riot

    He was aiming at Mischa Barton’s gunt.

  25. whitegold

    #8 – That’s a different variation, I’ve never heard it that way, but still just as enjoyable. But I always new the tune to go:

    Beans, beans, the musical fruit;
    The more you eat, the more you toot;
    The more you toot, the better you feel;
    So eat your beans at every meal!

  26. HughJorganthethird

    #32 Thank you. I never knew there was a term for what I do on thursday nights. But “legume humiliation” will do quite nicely. Thanks again.

  27. AJ

    Geez, you missed out the best part of this story. “Verbal abuse” is actually Hugh Grant telling the photographer “I hope your children get cancer”…

  28. veggi

    I don’t care. I love him. I want him. And his beans.

  29. KoRneY

    His movies are gay as fuck, but I dig that he attacks photographers… with bare knuckles or beans.

  30. Plastic Sturgeon

    One word: Beano.

  31. bribear__x3


  32. cm

    ROFL! Maybe he thought the photographer looked hungry ;) Even if he throws like a girl, HG is still hot.

  33. #42 whitegold- Either way, it’s equally funny.

  34. Truthseeker013

    Can I pay Hugh’s bail? IMO, he did the world a *favor*…if only the baked beans had had a cake of C-4 attached.

  35. Truthseeker013

    And, now that I think about it, he did the man a favor. He *could’ve thrown a tin or *recycled* beans at him, if you take my meaning…

  36. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Yes, bean chucking is more effective when said beans are left in the can. BTW, where’s Jay & Duke?!

  37. #53- Jay took Duke to the pound to have him gassed for giving out the secret.

  38. Toonkinstein

    …and having said all that…amen…

    or a witch…so mote it be….

    or a scientologist…TCLTC

  39. Toonkinstein

    #18…. I love the word ‘sphincter”’s a good word…and what beans does it one’s sphincter…’s sphincter-licious

  40. sumnersgal

    He shouldn’t have thrown the beans but I’d still screw ‘em!

  41. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    LMFAO 54 That’s horrible! Shame on me for laughing!!

  42. Ok, isn’t this that asshole that was blowing a transexual in the car while he was engaged to Hurley! He is so f’d up.

  43. Yourfairytale

    Um, #7, I think you meant he BEAMED someone in the head…although in Hugh’s case he really did BEAN the person.

    Why do women consider him hot? I certainly don’t. He’s an asshole, but even before I knew that I didn’t think he was cute. He looks like Mr. Ed for crying out loud. And obviously, the diet he has will only make him gassy as well. Ugly and farty, not a good combo.

  44. This bastard is one UglY mofo!!!

  45. Is that really a crime?

  46. StudsyMcSex

    Hugh Grant could have only been cooler to me if after he had thrown the pack of beans he had forced the photographer down to the ground and began bitch-slapping him with a pack of franks.

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