Hugh Jackman’s Wife Says He’s Not Gay

“Alright, Hugh, I look like Jack Nicholson. Can we make love now?”
“I’m thinkin’ about it.”

In a move that will surely put this issue to rest, Deborra-Lee Furness is shooting down rumors that Hugh Jackman is gay by talking about how she married him because he does the dishes. Via RadarOnline:

“The line I heard was, ‘Wolverine? Who would have thought?'” Furness, 56, told the New York Post’s Page Six Magazine. “Hugh and I don’t pay much heed [to the rumors].”
Jackman’s wife of 15 years said she can only shake her head at the voracious Hollywood rumor mill, calling it “kind of tragic that these people have nothing better to do than to gossip about people they don’t know.”
She also addressed the 13-year age difference between the couple and the criticism she receives for her weight, claiming: “Hugh is much more mature than me, so we balance each other out. And heaven forbid I have a human experience and carry a little weight.”
Furness shares that she and Jackman met in Melbourne in 1991, where she was a well known actress at the time. She also shares that she took him home for dinner and after he did the dishes without being asked, her mother said, “marry him!”

I want to point out that both of their children are adopted and therefore not the product of sexual intercourse, but that would be kind of a dick move considering a.) Deborra-Lee Furness might have actually had several miscarriages and b.) she talks very sincerely about the importance of making sure every child has a good home. So let’s just all silently nod our heads at each other in acknowledgment of the non-biological children, and that way we can still pretend to be decent human beings with actual hearts and souls. Wink.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Fame, Flynet, Splash News