Hugh Jackman Almost Dies for Oprah

December 14th, 2010 // 48 Comments

“I have found your blood offering acceptable, Australia. Kia Sorentos for everyone!”

Hugh Jackman almost lost his life for Oprah while filming a segment at the Sydney Opera House this morning. He was supposed to make a heroic zip-line entrance to the stage, but instead decided to crash directly into the lighting rig to prove how straight he is. I honestly can’t say I wouldn’t do the same. Via Popeater:

“That was so much fun, until the end,” joked Jackman, according to a Reuters UK report. He told Oprah the excitement made him hit the brakes a bit late.
“I came down waving to everyone, looking over Sydney Harbour, saw my dad, the kids and you [Winfrey], went to pull the brake and then boing,” he said.

Awesome. So basically Oprah’s trying to kill celebrities for sport now by making it look like a tragic accident handing out free iPads. Well, we knew this day would come. Someone get Entenmann’s on the line. Tell them “Chocolate Godzilla wants people danish now.” They’ll know what to do. They’ll know what to do…

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  1. gogo

    and no comment I have to read the post first

  2. jojo

    “Chocolate Godzilla”, that is a fucking triumph!

  3. Lmao!! Poor thing, ran directly into that shit. Lol. Hope he was ok. Geez even the news cast was laughing

  4. GravyLeg

    What a strange picture… Usually Oprah just makes men bleed from the anus…

  5. nonminti

    that’s cruel! but I thought he was Wolverine and he would survive anyway…!

  6. nonminti

    I won’t come back to this post, looking at him makes me find a first aid kit and run for help :(

  7. jill

    “chocolate godzilla wants people danish now…” beautiful. Just beautiful. (wipes tear from eye)

    Fatass jungle bitch.

  8. First

    Damn, Oprah is lookin toyyyt. She must know The Secret.

  9. Hugh Jackman Oprah Injury
    Commented on this photo:

    The hell is with that outfit? When did Oprah start making wine with her feet for a living?

  10. Deacon Jones

    “How big a hoagie should I get for lunch?! How big?! YEAHHHH. WOMEN POWERRRRR!”

  11. Ted

    Big fat lying closeted black lesbians are known to generate distortion fields. Somebody should have warned the closeted action star.

  12. S'up Bitches

    Seriously, this guy is such a closet case douche bag. He also hangs out with Rupurt Murdock, which really lowers his stock. I wish he would have broken his neck.

  13. adolf hitler

    hugh jackman getting hurt isnt that funny, because i dont hate him. he will heal rapidly. it is no problem. hes got that x factor.

  14. Seriously look at Hugh Jackman’s face. Totally owned by a lighting rig.LOL. And Oprah’s saying “And Hugh missed the LIGHT by this much! HaHaHaHaHa, Sucker!”

  15. saltydog

    damn, look at his eye….guess he doesn’t have any healing super powers afterall….THE MOVIES LIED TO US ALL

  16. Cock Dr

    That was close. Could have been fatal. That would have seriously impacted Oprah’s approval rating down under. It’s not good business to take your show on the road & in the process nearly kill a country’s most popular male movie star.
    Hugh Jackman is goofy cute, has a great body, loves to sing & dance, and appears to have a nice sense of humor. All this evidence sadly leads me to conclude that he is deep in the closet.
    Too bad; he was a contender for my own personal “sexiest man alive” listing.

  17. SynchG

    nice front pic change, SF writer guy

  18. McFeely Smackup

    All I got from this is Oprah is fat again.

    • Mary Exmass

      And dressing like Mammy. WTF – she has a bajillion fucking dollars and she’s wearing grammaw’s housedress.

  19. FooManChu

    You get a retina transplant!!! And you get a retina transplant! And you get a retina transplant!

  20. Hugh Jackman Oprah Injury
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    “And then I ate a corn dog that was THIS BIG”
    Anyone else notice that Oprah is big & fat (again)?

  21. Psyche Psycho

    Oprah: The Adventures of the World’s Richest Shaved Gorilla.

  22. Rough! Rough! like a dungeon dragon

    That’ll learn em! For trying to top Tom Cruise in the stunt department…

  23. Mortimer Duke

    LMAO @ people danish. Too much!

  24. Black

    As a young teen, I am dead serious when I say that I thought Opera House was where Oprah hosted her show. I would always see it and think that she was inside filming an episode. Granted I did not really know the location, just the building. Years later I learned that they were two completely unrelated things….. Until today.

  25. Hugh Jackman Oprah Injury
    Commented on this photo:

    I love how he looks like hes pissed and going to cry at the same time.

  26. tally

    chocolate godzilla
    racist and to the point. i like that

  27. Hugh Jackman Oprah Injury
    ctrl tab
    Commented on this photo:

    My fellow Australians, ask not what Oprah can do for you. Ask what you can do for Oprah.

  28. Hugh Jackman Oprah Injury
    Commented on this photo:

    What’s O signaling ? The size of the ham sandwich she wants ?

  29. Ryan

    All she has to do is send him over to her friend John Of God the Faith Healer and he can fix him up good as new.

  30. athom

    Hugh will be ok, after all its not the first time he’s had something hard hit him in the face.

  31. gigi

    doesn’t this woman have a team of trainers or something? my g-d…..

    • Don’t blame them. The last trainer who tried to wrestle a fork loaded with mac ‘n’ cheese out of Oprah’s fist now looks like Roy Horn after the tiger attacked him.

  32. nouu

    if he was doing something for oprah then he prolly shoulda died.

  33. Hugh Jackman Oprah Injury
    Oprah is always fat
    Commented on this photo:

    oprah has always been fat

  34. Hugh Jackman Oprah Injury
    Commented on this photo:

    I didn’t know Oprah still wore her costume from “The Color Purple”.

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