Hugh Hefner Has Two Girlfriends Now

“And no crust! Hurts my gums. Now someone turn up the phonograph, I’m feeble.”

Hugh Hefner can’t seem to get enough of us kids and our newfangled Twitter-ma-tron and spent yesterday sending emoticons to his second girlfriend Shera Bechard (above) because apparently powdering him has become a two bimbo job again. “You promised me efficiency, Depends!” is probably something that was said:

Shera is both our November 2011 Playmate & my new girlfriend, Sarah.RT @princessfox @hughhefner is Shera a new girlfriend or playmate

I like how the Shannon twins moved back in, yet Hugh remembered not to make them girlfriends again which is amazing considering he still thinks Eisenhower is the president. “What’s that? A colored fella? I don’t like funny business. Now, make these hussies dress like rabbits while I wear a sailor’s hat.”

Photo: Fame, Getty, Playboy