Hugh Hefner Died

If it weren’t for Hugh Hefner women would still be dressing like Eleanor Roosevelt, men would still be wearing hats everywhere, weed would still kill you, and black people wouldn’t be sitting next to you on the bus. I’m not saying he single handedly slam dunked the civil rights movement, but in the ’50s and ’60s he was one of the only white guys out there who saw through all the bullshit. He published eloquent, sophisticated, and thought-provoking content that attacked the misguided taboos of an overwhelmingly tight-ass American culture. He spread the butthole of America and entered… gently, lovingly, and generously. He got people talking about sex, race, drugs, and ultimately… progress.

Sure… Hef was infamous for bedding hundreds of his playmates, rebranding the notion of masculinity as a sophisticated pussyhound who knows how to talk about jazz and martinis, but he wasn’t douchey about it like Dan Bilzerian. Hugh Hefner was actually a huge geek who respected the shit out of women, kind of like James Bond… a character that Ian Flemming developed in direct correlation with Playboy’s mission statement and cultural force.

Hefner befriended and fostered the careers of some of the 20th century’s greatest artists and writers, including Shel Silverstein, Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, Roald Dahl, and hundreds more.

Love it or hate it, Playboy has literally saved lives. A friend of mine is a psychiatrist who deals with veterans adapting to life at home, and he told me this story about one of his patients who refused to give up his guns, despite having suicidal/homicidal thoughts. He insisted that his kids had no idea where he hid his many guns throughout the house and my friend asked him… “When you were a kid, did you know where your dad kept his Playboys?”

“Of course,” he laughed.

“Well what makes you think your young kids don’t know where you hide your guns?”

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RIP Hugh Hefner

**Fun fact: Hugh Hefner bought the crypt to the left of Marilyn Monroe and will be laid to rest next to his 1st centerfold model.**