Howard Stern is not “very gay”

howard-stern-plastic.jpgNope. But he did get a nose job and had fat sucked out of his face. Very gay? No. Very vain? Well…

American shock jock Howard Stern has admitted having a nose job and liposuction in the first of a series of on-air revelations designed to promote his new Satellite radio show.

The 52-year-old star confessed yesterday to surgery to remove a bump from his nose, and fat-reduction procedures to shrink his double chin. But the funnyman has hidden his cosmetic surgery secret until now fearing people would think him “very gay.”

I think it’s very presumptuous to question someone’s sexuality over them getting plastic surgey. If they own a pair of capri pants, yeah. If they bought every solo album by Cowboy from The Village People, ok maybe. If they are the co-star of “Booty Bandit 3,” dress up in women’s underwear, wear bright red lipstick and Lee press on nails, probably not. Because a lot of people do that.