Howard Stern gets people spit on

April 3rd, 2006 // 94 Comments

stern-beth-spit-on.jpgA deranged fan approached Howard Stern and his girlfriend Beth Ostrosky on Saturday, threatening both of them and spitting on Ostrosky’s face. Stern called the police and when they arrived, he jumped into an unmarked police car with some cops and scoured the area until they found the guy and arrested him.

I can understand threatening somebody’s life, but spitting on their super hot girlfriend totally crosses the line. If you’re going to spit on somebody, at least aim for the ugly guy in sunglasses with the crazy hair. Or just learn not to spit on people. It’s a habit people will thank you for in the future.



  1. LRonHubbaHubba

    First to say….who the fuck cares.

  2. AsIWasSaying

    Why the long face??

  3. ob1

    That bitch deserves to be spit on. Have you seen that lame ass Master Card commercial?

  4. Merebear

    People with very yellow hair are automatically NOT hot. And people with super-ugly freaky boyfriends are really not hot. Perhaps the spit is automatically drawn to skank.

  5. PapaHotNuts

    He will now have the deranged man on his show, where the man admits that he too, fucked Lindsey Lohan. Then Howard will have him make out with a porn star, hit a lesbian in the vagina with a fish, and then measure his penis while farting and getting vomited on.

  6. imabeeatch

    The stupid biatch must have mucous instead of brain matter floating around in her head to be with that fugly ass bastard. She needs to be slapped upside her f@cking head instead of just spit on.

  7. Ramooooneeeee… Get that horse faced CUNT a tissue.

  8. Manderoni

    #’s 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 – go die in a fire please!!

    You should not talk shit about people such as Howard and Beth – They rule….so you can suck a fart out of my ass!!

  9. CheekyChops

    Nice to see the NYPD has nothing better to do with their time but hunt down guys that spit on ugly people. Eff the murderers and rapists that scour the city on a nightly basis.

  10. Manderoni

    Howard said he wanted to talk about the front-page story in today

  11. LRonHubbaHubba

    Stern is a washed up wanker. His bit was funny the first 20 million fucking times he did it. His bimbette must see his “inner beauty”, because he looks like the business end of a horse in heat.

  12. imabeeatch

    I think Manderoni is really the “crazed fan” the news was talking about. You really are following Howard f@ckface Stern a little too closely.

  13. LRonHubbaHubba

    #10…you are a wanker groupie!

  14. Manderoni

    Whatever man…I don’t care….yeah I’m a fan and I follow them closely. But you guys are stupid, you have to make fun of everything and everyone – even when they are actually talented and funny people. You guys aren’t funny, you’re a bunch of nobody’s….me too. But Howard’s cool and his show is amazing and if some homeless guy spit in your face, you know for dam sure you’d want the cops to do something about it.

  15. HughJorganthethird

    No more Stern posts please. The last thing this site needs is Howard’s wanker-groupies fouling the collective air with thier retarded musings.

    And the word is Fuck people, not F@ck or F@ckface. We’re all grown up’s here (sort of), I think we can handle the occassional f-bomb right? Fucking A.

  16. imabeeatch

    Manderoni and NewGuy should hook up. They sound like they’d make a great couple.

  17. Manderoni

    It’s geographically impossible for me to be a wanker as I’m not a fuckin’ limey little idiot…wanker???? Oh please, keep that one in the UK!! HOWARD RULES, you all suck ASS!!!!

  18. bloodyvictim

    #14… Stern is as talented as a pile of saturday night chach vomit… I bet he smells similar too actually… with a hint of gruyere I bet. Seriously, fuck that douchebag and his gold-digging bimbo. His show makes me want to rip off my ears own ears and shove them in his mouth just to shut him the fuck up.

  19. angelatbone

    Stern can lick my balls. What the hell makes this guy so popular. Man, you know who is cool: Michael Flatley. Thaks right, the lord of the dance. he is a true Pimp.

    Check out the PIMP OF THE WEEK at this new website, THE VELVET HOT TUB. Obviously all the pimps are lame, but it is pretty funny. for instance matlock was a pimp.

  20. LRonHubbaHubba

    Manicotti- would you rather be called a douchebag instead of a wanker.

    Ok douchebag!

  21. M@ce

    Throw Sarah Jessica Parker and Mr. Ed in with those two and you could stage a mighty fine production of “My Pretty Pony: The Musical.”

    “Why the long face” indeed.

    Pa pa pony, pa pa pony…

  22. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Pumkin did it.

  23. Grphdesi23

    #19 -

    Whaaaa? Paris Hilton is dead?

    Say it ain’t so. This is JUST like christmas.

    Haha. April Fools.

  24. Italian Stallion

    I’m a Howard fan also, but give me a break dude, this is the Super. I’m not gonna cry like a little bitch when people bust on Howard or Beth, because they are both funny looking.

    “But you guys are stupid, you have to make fun of everything and everyone – even when they are actually talented and funny people”.

    I’ll bet any amount of money, that if he heard you take up for him on a site where we make fun of that kind of shit, he would call you a dumbass. Which is what I’m trying to say in so many words.

    I can hear Artie in the backround going WAHHHH WAHHH!!!!!

  25. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    You know what I’m talking about…

  26. Regan

    I don’t care who you are, nobody deservs getting spit in their face. It’s disgusting and one of the rudest things you can do. I hope that guy gets thrown in jail and ass raped by a very horny and angry cellmate.

  27. Tracie

    Howard and crew make me laugh way more than this site ever has. I’m guaranteed a daily fit of laughter with Howard, where I sometimes only get a chuckle or two here. The way Howard can interview or talk about a celebrity is purely masterful. Robin’s news always points out the ridiculousness of this world. That being said, I’ll still come to The Superficial for the comments, pictures, and video clips.
    Personally, however, I do feel sorry for Beth. Just as I would feel badly if anyone who makes my day a little brighter has crap like that happen to them.
    But Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Tom Cruise, Paris Hilton, and the rest? I say go ahead and bring on the nasal mucus, baby!

  28. clarkehead

    Hey, if you spit in someone’s face, you deserve your fucking teeth kicked in. That’s bullshit. I’m no Stern fan, but I’m glad they got that little scumbag punk.

  29. Samson

    Would you rather take the 10 seconds to read about stern, or “Paris Hilton Proves She’s a Dumb Slut, Again!”
    Seriously, make your comments about how funny looking he is, or how only stupid girls spit…but not “why is this even news”

    but i guess it doesn’t compete w/ the front page power of “Russel Crow breaks smoking laws”

  30. BEAM

    Stern is a pussy. He should have punched the guy in the face.

  31. Kelly

    Man that is a bitch thing to do. My girlfriend got spat on because I am an asshole and I am going to snitch about it. Ironic this is the type of shit that he makes fun of in his show but when it happens to hin he becomes such a little biach. I would have loved to heard what he had to say about Tom Cruise getting squirted by a water mike. Bet they had sound tracks of water being skirted. The only thing that would have been funnier would have been gargaling noises while he told his story.

  32. krisdylee

    It still boggles my mind that people have to be so defensive on these posts. “Howard Stern rules”, “I love Paris” “Whitney can’t help it if she’s a crack-ho” If you can’t stomach the sarcasm, get the fuck off this blog. And if someone spit at me, and my husband didn’t beat the shit out of him, I would be really pissed off. Be a man, Stern, you ugly fuck-face.

  33. Binky

    I saw Howard on Letterman lately and I think he is probably a good guy deep down.
    But when you’re making $ 500 million plus and many of your core listeners work at 7-11 – I think there may a bit of ‘disconnect’ with the audience.
    Probably lots more spit on the way Howard. Comes with the job when you’re the ‘King of all Media.’ They don’t always throw cake.

  34. whodatiz

    neeeeeiiiiggghhhhh! Sure she’s blonde, but DAMN that’s one horseface if I ever saw one!

    Spitting on horses isn’t illegal. Was it necessary for Stern to call the cops out on that?

  35. Vichus Smith

    Are you really a “fan” if you spit on your idol? I don’t think this dude was into Howard at all.

  36. Craig & "em"

    I’m sorry, but isn’t that a picture of the same horse that paralyzed Christopher Reeves?

    Someone should really put er down…
    or spit on er…
    either or!

  37. ESQ

    In response to #5 – all the while riding the Sybian!

    Beth did not deserve to be spit on by all means. However, this girl is so far in Howards shadow and should just stay there. She needs to realize what side her bread is buttered and just sit back and enjoy what she has.

  38. I actually was on his show years ago (no nudity, no fish slapping, farting, or Fred’s Money) and off air, Howard really is a down-to-earth guy who “gets it” that its a show, and is grateful to his guests who come on their own time.

    Having said that, I stopped listening when he went to uh-uh-uh…oh yeah, Sirius. Sorry, payin’ for that show is not worth the 20 years I listened to it for free. Time to grow up and move on, as Howard did.

  39. sweetcheeks

    You know you’re a real man when a hobo can spit on your girlfriend while you’re running away. Seriously, he’s already admitted to having a ridiculously small penis; he has (what some would deem) a “hatchet face,” … and also, he has the physique of an anoxeric Quasimodo. But he’s rich. So there.

  40. Sheva

    Stern: Hello 911?

    911: “State the nature of your emergency.”

    Stern: “About a half-hour ago, someone spit on my pet in a cab.

    911: “Your pedicab? That’s not an emergency”

    Stern: “But I’m a celebrity?”

    911: “Yeah, who the fuck isn’t. I know you. Bang any lesbians lately.”

    Emergency my ass. What a dick.

  41. sweetcheeks

    rocknrope — what did you do on Stern’s show? I’m going to go out on a limb and guess something with vomit, feces and/or professional whores. What about “Lube Guy?” Who got that coveted position? Or “recorded-fart-button-pusher?” ‘Cause nothing is funnier than a fart played 57 times during a single broadcast. CLEVER. It was probably like working with Max Planck on the discovery of atomic fission.

  42. Manderoni, shhhh, it’s okay bubeleh. I know you think Howard is reading this, and he will marvel at your loyalty, invite you to be a part of his morning crew, give you shout outs when he’s doing interviews (“Manderoni, das’ my boy! He defended me on The Superficial!”), loan you Beth when he’s bored playing with her tiddlywinks, and everything happily ever after. But it was all just a dream.

    Now go back to sleep.

  43. TG

    manderoni, i heard howard’s explanation too and i thought there was something fishy about it. he sez he told beth to get into the cab and he’d stay outside, but the news reports said they were both in the cab. i think when he recounted it, he was trying to make himself sound like the big hero, when the truth was that he put beth in between himself and the attacker. (it’s not the first time he’s had beth do his dirty work for him.) it was only AFTERwards, when he had a battalion of cops backing him up, that he got heroic. under the pretext of not wanting it to happen to anyone else, when he was really trying to prove to beth he wasn’t a big pussy. but if you listen to howard, you already know: he’s a big pussy.

  44. HughJorganthethird

    While police searched frantically for the Phantom Stern Spitter 4 nuns were sodomized in a crack house in Brooklyn. Good work boys.

  45. Binky

    Actually I did have this version of GTA for a while -’Spit City’. On the whole I thought the so-called ‘action’ sucked, and I could never get my main bad guy to do much more than dribble.

  46. QOTD

    Manderoni is clearly in retard mode! This is the SUPERFICIAL, you damn idiot!

    It’s hilarious when we get these physco wierdo’s to defend celebrity douche’s. They don’t fucking realize they can’t win against us. Touche pussycat…

  47. derekd

    I love Howard too but this is The Superficial baby! The small price of fame is that WE GET TO TALK SHIT ABOUT YA!!!!

  48. derekd


  49. Jayne

    Cool it with the caps.
    Just.. calm the hell down.

    I don’t get the big deal with spitting on people. It’s apparently “low” and “uncalled” for by most people’s standards.
    I’m thinking… you’re ok with being called a dumbfuck and trashy whore but when some chick spits on you, you go ballastic?


    .. that’s my minor rant.

  50. aura

    Why are they calling this guy a “deranged fan”? The media holds celebs to such an elevated status, that even people who hate them enough to spit on their innocent gf’s are still “fans” lol.

    I think Howard is a pussy for not punching this guy in the face, and instead calling the police. This may have been rational behavior, but Howard is on my bad side today since he called his fans “cheap” for not following him to Sirius radio. Sorry, Howard, you were a lot funnier when you were free. Money is tight for those of us who are not millionaires and living on a budget. Pedicures (and just about everything else I can think of) will always come 1st. It’s not about being cheap, Stern. It’s about priorities.

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