How is she not stabbing people?

March 22nd, 2010 // 159 Comments

And the love affair with gas stations is back.

Here’s Britney Spears stopping for a Fanta over the weekend while brandishing probably the hardest nipples I’ve ever seen on her. Seriously, it’s a goddamn miracle no one lost an eye and I almost started screaming “SHE’LL PUNCTURE A LUNG!” at the woman stupid enough to snap a picture three inches from Britney’s face. Had that lady been holding a burrito, it would’ve been the equivalent of waving a raw steak at a lion clutching a spear in each paw. You don’t even fuck with that.

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  1. gotmilk?

    at least her tits are somewhat pointing in the same direction this time.

    she really does look like shit though. not surprising really.

  2. me

    Want a Fanta, Don’t you want-a?

  3. Mr. Nice Guy

    11. sandra: cut-off shorts, bright red lipstick, no bra, greasy looking hair…trashy!
    This is a Great Look. This is what Men Want their Women to look like!
    24. Natalie:
    Q – Am I the only one who thinks her boobs are gross?
    A – Yes
    They point downward. It’s what REAL Big Tits do, we like it, looks real good when I am on my back and a Women is riding me.
    39. Alli – Whats up wit men? U lot wud bang any fucking thing!!!!!!
    Not True, we won’t FUCK YOU!

  4. Giorgio!

    At least her body is looking good!

  5. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Mr Nice Guy is the new Randal

  6. sdf


  7. SDF


  8. chaos

    look @ her face in the first pic … she looks so ugly i can’t even enjoy the tits!

  9. gen

    She’s looking pretty good. Of course her face looks a bit haggard as usual… I wonder if that will ever really get better…

    Btw, Nurse Jackie tonight! I’m like that show’s one fan, so I’m happy so see those ads up on this site!!

  10. Mr. Clean

    I wish she’d shave her head again. She really looks cleaner when she is bald.

  11. Rofl, aww, I love me some crazy Britney.
    I just wish she’d take a shower.
    I also would have laughed if she would have thrown her coffee in that stalker bitches face. No wonder she’s lost it. I couldn’t go through shit like that everyday for 10 years.

  12. Fanta of the Opera Orange You Glad

    Britney annoys me for her recent chipmunk style singing and the lip syncing deluxe approach, but picture index #11 is the best one ever of her. She looks mighty fine, stupendously sexxaayyy.

  13. Er

    She has very large pencil eraser type nipples.
    Love her boobs.

  14. AnnaDraconida

    She will never be sexy ever again.

  15. jose

    Actually, i gotta say. She doesnt look too good. Maybe it was a bad makeup day or i dunno. She just looks like she needs a inner cleanse of toxins. Like a better diet and tons of water. She looks 45 in these pics with a body of a pretty hot 30 year old. I guess she has her trashy moments that make me feel sorry for her more so than turned on. But never am i insulting and vicious like alot of you. Some people just need an outlet for all their hate i guess.

  16. Fatty Fatterson

    She has cankles, from her neck to her face. Sick.

  17. ripdash

    Jebus, she looks like a young(ish) Brett Butler. And she’s not even 30 yet! This will not end well.

  18. nannou

    Those legs could kill somebody… scary

  19. jake_ryan

    Is it me, or does she look like a chubby Courtney Love? I wanna know who the cougar with the camera is. I’d crush those brittle old hips.

  20. herringtown

    Isn’t there some sort of nipple migration surgery she could do to get those pepperonis back into headlight mode? Anyone?

  21. Strarzzenberry

    Me thinks shes getting ready to shave her head again… she’s got that look about her.

  22. enuff already

    Fish — it is time to lay off Britt. The attacks aren’t funny anymore. Find someone else, this stuff is played out.

  23. @18 and @32….lol

    But really – Brit has MAKEUP on in this set! Yeeeow! If she has to borrow lipstick from an old lady at the gas station, so be it!
    And, she isn’t a coffee freak, that’s vodka, and she chases it with the orange soda! Now, what ISN’T sophisticated about that??
    She continues to amaze all with her style, whether you realize it or not!


  24. Gueibor

    Madame Du Traillier-Parque.

  25. Gueibor

    Avec du feu!
    Sorry, I almost forgot.

  26. Gueibor

    All things said, I’d still sort of, you know… [COUGH!]hit It[COUGH!].

    …what? I ain’t say nothin’.

  27. Mr. Nice Guy

    No, Doc Schweinstrudel I am Mr. Nice Guy, don’t know Randal, hope he is a nice Guy.
    You however will always be Doc Schweinstrudel and it does not get worse than that.

  28. @75 what the CRAP

    FISH please allow us to enjoy comments w/o having to scroll through garbage ad posts…

  29. Superbiggerevil

    Too bad a fucking gasoline tanker failed to run the white trash cunt over! I’m sick of this attention whore.

  30. I don’t know what is going wrong with britney as she is doing that scary makeup and wearing that crazy T-shirt which is exposing her body in very bad manner . Day by day britney is loosing her mental stability and she is the example of how one can spoil the life because of overdose of fame and prestige .

  31. blackout501st


    LOL at the chick with the creepy as fuck smile snapping a picture 3 inches from her face.

  32. She looks like total trailer-trash. Tons of better looking broads walking on the stree..

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  36. Blah

    Her pussy stink would take care of you before the nipples close enough. Ugg boots in the warm weather, ass, pussy…. dam.. want a better definition of STANK?!?

  37. Is there some secret manual for white trash girls that says “Once you have a boob-job, you never have to wear a bra again!”

  38. fonzeyfu

    I’m afraid she’s gonna lose that left nipple soon – it’s heading to the underside.

  39. shakze


  40. Nice titties. She looks a little on the heavy side though.

  41. ishi-san

    @ 79: What is so horrible about 75′s comment? I don’t think you got it. I actually agree, and find that a much more pleasant comment than ‘ uh I have a boner’ or ‘I want to hit that’ like 80% here……

  42. ishi-san

    @ 70: Definitely!!!!! *haha*

  43. Burt

    She’s clearly getting back in shape. Look at the muscles in those legs.

  44. captain america

    Why want her nipples always KISS the ground?

  45. Flurk

    The Fanta was in the waaaaaaaaaaaaay back of the refrigerator.

  46. Lee

    Anyone who has the audacity to say she has good legs, needs some serious help. Her legs are GROSS. Women are not supposed to be masculine.
    There is a difference between toned legs and manly legs. Britney has manly legs.
    Cindy Crawford, Cameron Diaz and Heidi Klum have good legs, long and toned. Britney however has short, stump, chunky linebacker legs. She also has a mans neck and back, not to mention her ugly haggaed face. she looks about 50.

  47. Jon

    OLD LADY nipples are back with a vengance. Aren’t professional dancers (as opposed to singers) supposed to have nice body and boobs?

    The nipple on the left is about 35 years old, the nipple on the right is about 60. The grandma next door with her cats has perkier tits.

  48. Jon

    To the people who said she got implants, it’s quite obvious that she hasn’t got implants. If she did have surgery, it’d be the first thing the doctor would fix. They would be TOO perky, pointing to the sky, and overly inflated and like water balloons. Instead, they are saggy, lopsided and point towards her toes.

    Aniston is an example of perfect boobs. She is in her 40′s, doesn’t dance for her career, and yet she’s got some of the best tits in Hollywood. All natural and no sagging. It’s called looking after yourself. When Aniston is 50 she’ll still have better tits then Britney does, when she is in her TWENTIES.

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