How is she not stabbing people?

March 22nd, 2010 // 159 Comments

And the love affair with gas stations is back.

Here’s Britney Spears stopping for a Fanta over the weekend while brandishing probably the hardest nipples I’ve ever seen on her. Seriously, it’s a goddamn miracle no one lost an eye and I almost started screaming “SHE’LL PUNCTURE A LUNG!” at the woman stupid enough to snap a picture three inches from Britney’s face. Had that lady been holding a burrito, it would’ve been the equivalent of waving a raw steak at a lion clutching a spear in each paw. You don’t even fuck with that.

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  1. bonaventurebassett


  2. ms. manbutter


  3. bonaventurebassett


  4. Tara

    At least she is wearing shoes this time. But seriously? Are those real nipples? I think they are fake. ;)

  5. fans

    Fans are a real pain, when you look at that lady.. ridiculous behaviour.

  6. Hogan

    Despite all the perfect 10s we see. Theres still soemthing about seeing Britneys nipples thats gives me an extra boner coefficient.

  7. The Listener

    Dang! I’m getting hard just looking at those tits. I love ‘em!

  8. G

    I can’t figure out what she has against bras?

  9. jessica phillips

    are those her nips or piercings?

  10. It would be fun to watch Britney hit that lady…

  11. sandra

    cut-off shorts, bright red lipstick, no bra, greasy looking hair…trashy! how can someone with so much darn money always look so homely? buy a bra!

  12. Jesus of Nazereth

    What a gross fuckin bitch!

  13. Deacon Jones

    Man, I dont know what it is, but she still does it for me

  14. Slut Mary

    “Fans are a real pain, when you look at that lady.. ridiculous behaviour. ”

    Hey stoopid! What about the pap taking the same photo?

  15. Ain't nothing wrong with a little Rough pride.

    Well don’t over look Brit Brit if you’re looking for a knee-cap supermodel?

  16. abby

    She is my favorite. I think she is great.

    Tip: bras also absorb sweat

  17. Oh Yeah!

    Yes! Yes!

    There’re the headlights I love to see.

    Keep ‘em coming. More Britney!

  18. Bennie

    Don’t worry, they’re not a threat to anyones eye sight….she has them aimed at the ground. Remember safety first!

  19. Mal Gusto

    The BOOTS!!!!!!!!!! Theerree Baaaaccck!


  21. matt

    dammit, i’d love to be stabbed by those


    I LOVE HER!!…….CRAZY or NOT!!!…….she’s SUPER’SEXY!


    I WANT HER!!!!!!!……she’s SUPER’SEXY!!!

  24. Natalie

    Am I the only one who thinks her boobs are gross? They point downward. They shouldn’t look like that until you’re about 50. She has a pretty face and nice body, but her boobs are gross.

  25. bar room hero

    She looks like total trailer-trash. Tons of better looking broads walking on the street.

    I’ll still stoke her though…

  26. HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

  27. Tha Shiz Nizzle

    Id run across the room with my wenis out and then jab it in between those boobies and pole vault straight out the damn window woooooosh!

  28. jose miguel

    Nipples of national geografic

  29. Those things could cut diamonds.

  30. Ballsy

    It would be kind of sexy with out the sweat lakes under her boobs.

  31. Crusty

    In Southeast Louisiana, that passes for high fashion.

    Tell ya what though, chick has some nice looking legs.

  32. Sardonic

    You might be a mentally unstable celebrity if:

    8. You wear ugg boots when it’s 80 degrees.
    7. You gnaw your fingernails down to the cuticles
    6. You buy your food at gas stations
    5. You have no problem being photgraphed in public while wearing a trashy
    4. You refuse to wear a bra
    3. Your diet consists of Fanta and coffee
    2. You wear makeup and lipstick that magnify your instability
    1. You are completely oblivious to the inappropriateness of all of this.

  33. Ryan

    She’s not as hot as she once was, but damn, I’d still fuck the shit out of her. I got a huge boner out of these pictures. If you would have asked me a year or so ago, I would have said it’s impossible to get a boner because of Britney Spears anymore.

  34. Darth

    Is it due to the weather? or is she just happy to see me?

  35. Rich

    She is perfect
    Looking at her with that shirt and shorts she is driving me crazy

  36. Tek

    God she looks like absolute crap. Still though, I’d hit it just to say I banged Britney.

  37. Aka


  38. Jays

    WTF is up with Pic 9?
    Her tits are weird! One in the past and one in the future…they’re all over the place!

  39. Alli

    Whats up wit men? U lot wud bang any fucking thing!!!!!!

  40. LilOlly

    @ No37: Haha “WONK BOOB”!

  41. Tek

    Haha, c’mon Alli! I could probably get a Ferrari out of her, just like K-Fed did! XD

  42. Alli

    #41…Ahhh, I see wotz goin on. uve opened my eyes!

  43. PtC

    Holy boob sweat

  44. jose

    oo lala.. how id love to suckle the teet. Still incredibly bangable britney baby. Not just cuz you have a great pair of tits and go braless and what not, but because you still sexy as hell and still dont give a shit what people think. You go on with your sexy-milf-self and enjoy your millions. But man what i wouldnt give to see a naked vid or pics to surface from your hottest girl inthe world days. You still pretty close but ya just cant help age can you. Hottest babe of all time is what u are though Britney. I know these words will never reach you, because the last thing youd do is come to a scathing festival of overcritical assholes like this place. But im just bored at the moment n pretending :P

  45. Beebaby

    Dude, whatever. I LOVE my crazy Britney. She’s so much more interesting than her dumb old bumblegum pop persona.

  46. That bitch in the brown should be smacked upside her head. How rude. Of course the same goes for the paparazzi. They make me SICK too. But this bitch isn’t even getting paid…she’s just obnoxious and rude.

  47. Mike Nike

    The cause of her mental illness is in both her hands. I’m surprised she hasn’t dug her head out of ass and figured it out yet.

  48. The Original Shawn

    I’d play with the hell out of those titties if offered the opportunity, but how sad is it that the random lady buying gas is actually hotter than Britney freakin’ Spears?

  49. Sport

    Nothing at all attractive about her – nothing. Fingers chewed to the nub, face always look frightening, clothing (nevermind), scary Oompa Loomba body proportions. Just not an attractive person INSIDE or OUT.

  50. Doc Schweinstrudel


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