How The Hell Did This Happen?

The Superficial | August 30, 2010 - 2:41 pm

Because reality TV has become the moron feedbox of the future, Kate Gosselin was invited to the 62nd Annual Emmy Awards last night where she apparently performed a sketch with host Jimmy Fallon (Eh?) that I can only assume was some sort of Illuminati plot to discredit the entire ceremony. Or steal your Medicare, I go back and forth. Anyway, I heard after the show Jon Hamm threw his statue into the Pacific Ocean in disgust only to hit a Gosselin child trying to ride a sea turtle to freedom. “Don’t make me go back home to mother, mister. I’ll drive your car using blocks on my feet and even burn you with a torch if crazy witch-doctors hypnotize you in the Temple of Doom. Honest, I will!”

Photos: Splash News