How Gigi Hadid Stays Skinny Without Using Kardashian Colon-Blow

In a recent TMZ accosting video, Gigi Hadid was asked about her ‘secret’ to keeping her supermodel figure (a dimwittedly loaded question for someone as skinny as her). In the video she’s asked if she uses the Flat Tummy Tea products that Kourtney Kardashian endorses, to which she responded with a subtle “fuk dat shit” because she’s a 21-year-old model and the laws of gravitational aging don’t apply to her yet.

That being said, whenever I see someone on Instagram sticking their ass out in yoga pants and holding some laxatives that are packaged like gluten-free Whole Foods pretzels, I get kind of grossed out by the implications.

These “teatox” endorsements can net Instagram celebs anywhere from $3,000 to $250,000 for telling the world about their favorite brand of colon-blow. Look, I’m all about hustling your image, especially if you don’t have any actual talents other than having a huge ass and working out a lot *cough* Jen Selter *cough*, but does anyone else find it gross when they see the comments on these posts from Argentinian guys asking them to sit on their face? Has everyone just lost sight of context? Are we all doomed? I’d say so…