Hot Links Courtesy of Margot Robbie’s Décolletage Window

Paps caught Margot Robbie wearing one of those black dresses with a sheer cleavage window today and let’s just say you don’t need a lot of Windex to see what she’s working with underneath. Is it weird that we’re objectifying this young, attractive star in the midst of an ongoing sexual harassment inquisition, yea… I’ll admit it feels pretty icky, but it’s not like I’m hitting the lock button on my rape door and showing her my peen like Matt Lauer.


One of Justin Bieber’s bodyguards was involved in a DUI crash with a bunch of cops. Yes, he’s boned. [Celebuzz!]

Turns out we have Jerry Seinfeld to thank for convincing Hugh Jackman to stop doing Wolverine movies. Thanks a lot, buddy. [Pajiba]

Jay-Z finally admitted to cheating on Beyoncé. [HHMW]

Nick Carter’s rape accuser is going on TV to talk about it. [PageSix]

Listening to paparazzi ask DMX to “sing the Christmas song” might be the most cringeworthy thing I’ve seen all day. [TMZ]

The guy who momentarily deleted Trump’s Twitter account finally did an interview. [Dlisted]

Selena Gomez is full of shit about her relationship with The Weeknd post-breakup. [LaineyGossip]

Shitty Christmas gift ideas for shitty people you know. [WarpedSpeed]

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